California Reaming

This week, California’s Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed eliminating cash assistance for the poorest families.  The proposal to end the program, called CalWORKs, was a shock to legislators and just about everyone else.

If the proposal goes through, California would be the only state to reject Temporary Assistance to Needy Families block grants, a federal program.  The program pays states as long as they put limitations on job requirements of recipients.

Assemblyman Jim Beall, D-San Jose, said the draconian measure would result in “a lot of little kids begging on the streets.”

Even Maria is shocked!

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(NOTE:  This post was edited to delete any traces of a story from the San Jose Mercury News.  The reason can be found here.)

From the Los Angeles Times:

A broad array of Californians would be touched in fundamental ways by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest proposal to balance the state budget: senior citizens who attend day-care centers, voters seeking absentee ballots, children who ride the bus to school, parents seeking enforcement of custody orders.

These services could go by the wayside in a plan the governor unveiled Friday to slice $2.8 billion more from state spending. The announcement was the closing act of a two-week drama during which Schwarzenegger proposed dismantling many of government’s functions.


Schools would be hit by $680 million in new cuts to classrooms and by $315 million in cuts for transportation. The state’s social safety net would lose $1 billion more in funding for the poor, disabled and aged. Cities and counties would lose an additional $242 million in transportation funding.

“These are no longer cuts,” said Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California, a nonprofit advocacy group. “These are amputations, and the question is, which limb are we cutting off today?”


Schwarzenegger would save $100 million by suspending laws requiring the state to pay for a variety of local government services, including offering absentee ballots before elections, resolving child custody problems, investigating deaths at mental hospitals, posting safety signs on beaches, collecting DNA samples from bodies, caring for abandoned pets and many more.

Local governments would have to pay for the services or stop providing them.


State workers, already under orders to take two unpaid days off each month, would also receive a 5% wage cut, saving the state an additional $470 million, as part of Schwarzenegger’s new plan.

Mirroring that proposal, the University of California, long besieged by controversy over its high executive salaries, announced 5% pay cuts for about 30 top administrators in the wake of the governor’s plans to slash higher education funding. Many of them earn more than $300,000 a year.


California Controller John Chiang urged the governor and legislative leaders in a letter Friday to come up with a plan to fix the budget by June 15. If they do not, he said, it will be difficult to arrange loans before the state runs short of cash two weeks later.

Underscoring his point, Fitch Ratings, a Wall Street agency that evaluates the state’s creditworthiness, changed its outlook on California’s debt Friday from stable to negative.


Administration officials said that for the most part, they did not have the luxury of considering the consequences — financial or human — of the plans they were making.

In an earlier proposal, they had suggested saving money by reducing fraud in the state’s adult day-care program, which provides services at centers across the state to help the frail and elderly continue living in their homes rather than more expensive nursing homes.

Under the new plan, cracking down on fraud would no longer be necessary, said Ana Matosantos, chief deputy budget director, “because now we’re looking at eliminating the program in its entirety.”


Also eliminated would be a $10.5-million caregiver program that helps the severely disabled, including people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and traumatic brain injuries.

The state would reduce payments to counties by $550 million for foster care, welfare and other services. It would cut $230 million by ending home care for all but the neediest, such as those who can’t breathe without machinery or move their limbs, officials said.

Schwarzenegger’s fellow Republicans were generally supportive of his plans.

“State government needs to tighten its belt,” said Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), “just like every hard-working family in California is doing right now.”


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20 responses to “California Reaming

  1. itzalie

    Total recall… I’m tellin’ ya, it’s more than just a feeling…

    • hello itzalie,
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i think terminator is more fitting. how many people will die for lack of medical care or food?

      • itzalie

        True… but I can’t conjure up a whole lot of sympathy when people actually vote this stuff into office. Add on top of that a legislature that has its collective head so far up its own arse and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

        And it ain’t just California, either… I think we need to fire every politician that’s currently in office and start over. They’re all like pigs at the proverbial trough – they promise everything the sheeple want to hear to get that almight ballot, but once they get their snout in the feed, their inner-swine is simply too much to restrain. I’m bettin’ that none of those politicians are gonna go hungry. As such, none of them will care.

        Such is life, right?

        • well said, itzalie. i wonder when people are going to wake up and realize that they have all the power. it’s time to get rid of the pigs at the trough and elect people who really care about the really important stuff and not what will line their own pockets.

  2. California jumped the shark when they stopped electing Governors like Jerry Brown (substance) and started electing actors like Reagan and this idiot (style).
    Vote a Republican into office? Then don’t whine when they fuck you, I say.

    • it amazes me that californians actually thought this guy was qualified to be governor. they need to put down their national enquirers and stop getting their political news from extra and inside edition.

      just think–the rethugs wanted to amend the constitution so this asshole could be elected presidentinator!

  3. Friend of the court

    This won’t end well.

  4. nevada & arizona….watch out you might be receiving some guests and they won’t be leaving!

  5. Dusty

    As a native Californian and current resident..I hope to hell the voters learned a lesson from electing this fuckwit.

    Cali has had money/budget problems for years..even a decade or more..but only Ahnold wants to cut programs helping the elderly and poor.

    • you’d think people would have learned their lesson, but it appears they never do. what made californians think that ahhnold was anything other than a steroid-infused bodybuilder and crappy actor, i will never understand. when will people realize that compassionate conservative is an oxymoron?

      • Dusty

        The voters recalled Gray Davis for Ahnold. And all Gray wanted to do was drive up the vehicle registration tax..I would take that over killing all the programs Ahnold is trying to kill.

        Gray now looks like Mother Teresa compared to Ahnold the idiot.

        • i remember the recall. it was idiotic. people don’t want to realize that sometimes, the poison you have is not as bad as the poison you’re gonna get. i think it was a rethug hit job. i hope california elects someone decent this time around.

  6. you get what you elect — people want a celebrity for governor, well they got it (just like our shitty actor president from 81-89 – and well all know how well that worked out 20 years later)

  7. Joe

    It’s a 12 minute speech, and I didn’t hear any of the crap you’re talking about. Personally, I agree with itzalie and think we ought to fire all of the bastards, the governor included. But there’s enough pork to go around and our circumstances are bad enough. Let’s be a part of the solution instead of just bitching about the problems we’ve created for ourselves.
    Just two cents worth from an average Joe.

    The Governor’s Speech to the Legislature

    • joe,
      if you have a problem with “the crap” i was talking about, i suggest you take it up with the newspapers i cited. i didn’t put any words in ahhnold’s mouth. he delivered the speech you reference today. the articles i cited were from several days ago. i’ve never been to california, and it’s not my job to be part of the solution, nor did i create the problem. that task and the fault fall to the governator and the legislature.

  8. Joe

    My most sincere apologies. I meant no offense. I’m just tired of too many folks loving the shovel without considering the hole they’re digging. The “crap” I was referring to was the news media, who tend to serve the purpose of throwing gasoline on the fire, when water is what is truly needed.
    Again, I’m sorry for any offense.


    • no worries, joe! 😀 i’m sure it’s a very frustrating situation for most people in california, as the economy is for a lot of people in other states. it is important for the media to explain what the problems are, but it would be nice if they sought out people who might have some constructive solutions to the problems.

      by the way, welcome to the raisin! 😀 stop by anytime.