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Randall Terry: George Tiller Reaped What He Sowed… Now Let’s Go Have Some Hot Wings And Beer

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People for the American Way have posted some incredible footage of anti-choice activist Randall Terry who, at the National Press Club earlier today, doubled down on his suggestion that Tiller got what was coming to him.

“The point that must be emphasized over, and over, and over again: pro-life leaders and the pro-life movement are not responsible for George Tiller’s death. George Tiller was a mass-murderer and, horrifically, he reaped what he sowed.”


“Thank you for coming, unless there’s any other questions. And I truly am sorry that we had to meet under these circumstances. I like Guinness for those of you who want to have a beer somewhere. I prefer my chicken wings really hot and a little crispy.”

(Videos available at link above)

From The Brad Blog:

After years of demonizing Kansas physician Dr. George Tiller who was assassinated in his Wichita church on Sunday, Fox “News” host Bill O’Reilly toned back his inflammatory rhetoric on his first show back since yesterday’s murder.

Where he had previously, and repeatedly, described Tiller as “Tiller the Baby Killer”, equated him with Nazis and al-Qaeda, described him repeatedly as “executing babies” and “operating a death mill”, tonight O’Reilly characterized himself as the victim of a “left-wing” cabal of “Fox News haters” trying to “exploit” the tragedy to “shut guys like me down”. Notably, however, he did not use the same strident rhetoric that had characterized his “reportage” of Tiller in the past…


In response to a Huffington Post editorial which claimed O’Reilly would “back-peddle” on tonight’s show following the murder, he told viewers “No back-paddling here…Every single thing we said about Tiller was true.”

He then went on to back-peddle on largely everything, at least the most outrageous allegations, that he’d previously reported.

“We based on our analysis on the facts,” O’Reilly said in his own defense tonight. Though his previously “analysis” including the repeated allegation that Tiller was a mass-murderer was nowhere to be heard this evening. He did not use the term “murder” to describe what Tiller did, as he had so frequently in the past. He used carefully selected, non-libelous phrases such as “destroyed fetuses” instead.

And where he had previously charged Tiller with “operating a death mill”, the closest he came to that tonight was the carefully worded use of “this mill” when he admitted that Tiller hadn’t been found guilty of breaking any laws.


In a later segment, he alleged that pro-life groups have been very respectful since the tragedy, but that his critics were “exploiting Tiller’s family”. He did not note any of the dozens of blog comments from rightwingers applauding and celebrating the death of Tiller […]. Neither did he report on the statement on Tiller’s death by Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, a frequent guest on Fox “News”, which began: “George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God.”


In the toning back of his own rhetoric, Bill O’Reilly acknowledges the irresponsibility of his own previous behavior.


It’s a shame he hadn’t taken a similar tack over the 4 years, and at least 29 episodes in which he’d irresponsibly accused Tiller of committing crimes that he hadn’t.

Everything O’Reilly said was not true, despite his claims to the contrary tonight. A man is dead in Kansas, in no small part, thanks to the type of irresponsible “reporting” and incessant, outrageous hatred, that O’Reilly helped to inflame.

(Lot of videos available at The Brad Blog link above)

Here are some facts about Randall Terry compiled from different sources on the internets:

Founded Operation Rescue 1987, led it until 1991. (Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman says Terry does not speak for the organization, and the members deplore the actions of Scott Roeder, Dr. Tiller’s assassin)

Married to Cindy Dean in the early 1980’s.

1985–met a women who was planning an abortion. Terry talked her out of it, and she gave birth to a daughter named Tila.

1987–the Terry’s daughter, Faith born.

1988–Terrys took in Tila and her siblings, Jamiel, 8, and Ebony, 12. The children are all biracial.

1994–Terrys adopted Tila and Jamiel.

1991–Ebony, then 16, left the Terry home. She got pregnant and went on to have 2 children out of wedlock. She later became a Muslim.

1998–Terry ran for Congress. Jamiel defended him against charges of racism.

2000–Terry and Jamiel worked on Steven Forbes’ campaign for the Republican nomination for President. They campaigned against gay marriage in Vermont. Terry divorced Cindy, married Andrea Sue Kollmorgen, 17 years his junior. She was his former assistant and an anti-abortion activist. His church censured him:

“in preparation to divorce, annul or otherwise dissolve their Christian marriage and for his unwillingness to repent of sin….” It also accuses him of a “pattern of repeated and sinful relationships and conversations with both single and married women.”

circa 2003–Tila got pregnant out of wedlock twice, and Terry threw her out of his house. Terry founds the Society for Truth and Justice. His first order of business was campaigning against a Supreme Court ruling that struck down anti-sodomy laws. He didn’t get enough attention for that, so he jumped right into the middle of the Terry Schiavo case, acting as an advisor, media coordinator, and arranging a meeting with then-Governor Jeb Bush.

2004–Jamiel announced he is gay and wrote an article for a magazine about it. Terry disowned Jamiel and wrote an essay, “My prodigal son, the homosexual.” Jamiel was disowned, and Ebony and Tila were not mentioned as his children, only Faith from his first marriage and his 2 sons with his second wife.

2006–Terry converted to Roman Catholicism and disavowed his first marriage. In the National Catholic Register, he describes his family as his 3, soon to be 4 sons.

2008–Andrea Terry is arrested for trespassing in St. Petersburg, Fl, while leafleting cars bearing Rudy Giuliani bumper stickers in a Roman Catholic church’s parking lot. The leaflets were for a fictitious candiate promoting slavery for African-Americans.

2009–Terry was arrested for trespassing at Notre Dame University when he was protesting President Obama’s commencement speech.


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28 responses to “Pro-Hate

  1. WOW…yet another nutcase!

    It never ceases to amaze me that people can oppose abortion so vehemently but seem to be fine with murdering adults.

  2. There is so much unfunny to go around. At least three editorials on Huffington Post called the shooting domestic terrorism.

    • i don’t know if the shooting itself was the work of a domestic terrorist or just some deeply disturbed individual. however, i believe that the people who run some of the anti-abortion groups are domestic terrorists. scott roeder was the dynamite, but the groups he was associated with supplied the fuse and then lit it. yesterday, i was thinking of charlie manson. he didn’t go to sharon tate’s house, but he twisted the minds of psychologically disturbed, impressionable people and manipulated them so that the murders were inevitable.

  3. Vladislaw

    nut cases seem to flock to the fundies like moths to a flame.

    • hey vladislaw! 😀
      i’m very surprised no fundies have shown up here yet. they usually look for a few buzz words, show up to dump their propaganda, and then send their friends. maybe they’re lying low. the operation rescue site was shut down last night. i didn’t check today.

  4. these people are not normal, they are nuts — and watch this get even worse if Maria goes to the supreme court

    • the shooters are not normal. a lot of the agitators like randall terry are despicable, but they’re sane. they know that they are riling up passions in some very unbalanced people, and they encourage the crazies knowing that it means more attention for themselves.

  5. O’Reilly lacks the integrity to defend anything he’s ever done. He loves to use inflammatory language, then say that he didn’t when he’s called on it. I used to enjoy listening to him say, “I never said …” and then hearing someone play the clip of him saying it.

    Randall Terry is a self-righteous reprobate who apparently missed that passage from Jesus about removing the plank from your own eye before going after specks in others’ eyes.

    For my own part, I’d like to see the pro-life side of the world watch ourselves. I disapprove of what Dr. Tiller did, but I disapprove of what a lot of people do — none of them should be killed for it. It’s one reason why I don’t throw around terms like “Nazi” casually.

    It’s fair to call Roeder a domestic terrorist, of the right-wing sort that Homeland Security was talking about last month or so. He’s a member of the Freemen, I think, and maybe a group called the American Life Army, which is in no real way pro-life, as they do tolerate murder.

    • wickle,
      i read what you had to say about this over at your blog as well as the comment you left here. if only other anti-abortion advocates (as well as some people on the pro-choice side) were as thoughtful and respectful as you are, this would be a better world.

  6. jeb

    O’Biley loves to point out that people need to take responsibility for what they do or say. It does not apply to him though. Not only does he not bear any responsibility for his own shameless pandering for ratings, he denies it when called on it. He’s pathological.

    Even people who agree with Randall Terry can’t stand him. He’s another shameless self-promoter. I have no problems with people having strong views but I think Terry and O’Reilly’s real cause are Terry and O’Reilly.

    In the end a man is dead. Gunned down in the sanctity of the place where he worshiped and in front of his family. Anyone who says “but” or uses any other qualifier needs to examine their own morals and stop preaching to everyone else.
    who m

    • jeb,
      it seems to be a running theme with rethugs and their supporters. they talk shit and then deny it, completely ignoring the fact that we are living in the information age, and everything is recorded and accessible somewhere.

      i don’t believe for a moment that billO or terry have any true convictions. it’s all about money or fame or both. they know what will get them the most attention, and they exploit it and anyone and everyone around them. neither one of them had the class to simply say that they were saddened that a man was assassinated.

    • “Anyone who says “but” or uses any other qualifier needs to examine their own morals and stop preaching to everyone else.”

      Brilliantly said.

      • that’s why i allow jeb to hang around here, wickle! 😉

        • jeb

          Well there’s that and the rent you charge me.

          • that reminds me, jeb. your check is late.

            • jeb

              Um yeah about that. The other day I was walking down the street and was approached by a man who introduced himself as “Mr. Steel.” Now I don’t like to spend time conversing with strangers on the street but he implored me to listen to his tail of woe.

              Seems his family or group was in serious trouble. Until recently they had been on top of the world just trying to do good. However, some very mean people had spent the last few years undermining them and now had driven them out of polite society and were actively
              impoverishing them. They were really falling into hard times and the bad ones were kicking them and laughing and calling them names. One of his dear ones, Johnny, had even taken to crying outbursts. Their patriarch had been ridiculed and driven into a Senatorial Siberia and things were getting worse.

              Now you know me, I’m compassionate but I’m not stupid. I said no thank you and briskly walked away. It was only when I arrived at my destination and reached for my wallet to purchase my refreshing hot caffeinated beverage that I realized I’d been fleeced. I guess his name was really Mr. Steal. I knew some of those characters lurking around the area looked shifty.

              So give me an extension in sympathy to my plight of being a victim of a neo-con con.

              • jeb!
                make sure to count your fingers!!! 😯

                i’m dropping the late fee this month since you went through such a horrifying experience. please make sure the checks are on time from now on.

  7. The emperor’s got no balls.

    • any man who can so easily disown his children and then tries to preach to others what is right or wrong is garbage. he should be put on the curb with the rest of the trash.

      • Even Dick Cheney didn’t disown his daughter when she came out as a lesbian. In this respect, at least, that puts Randall Terry as sub-Cheney on the humanity scale. ‘Nuff said.