A Fairy Tale

From The New York Times:

“THE Princess and the Frog” does not open nationwide until December, but the buzz is already breathless: For the first time in Walt Disney animation history, the fairest of them all is black.

Princess Tiana, a hand-drawn throwback to classic Disney characters like Cinderella and Snow White, has a dazzling green gown, a classy upsweep hairdo and a diamond tiara.


(Image from Walt Disney Pictures, larger version at link above)

There are those who are thrilled with the idea, and there are detractors. However, I’m not going to get into all that. Instead, there’s something much more important to discuss. Namely, what will this mean for “an average, every-day white guy” like Senator Lindsey Graham? He seems rather frightened of women, especially women of color.

From 44 at The Washington Post:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he remained concerned about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s 2001 remark that a “wise Latina” might make a better judge than a white male, even after meeting her for more than 30 minutes this afternoon.

“My criticism about her comment and the speech that she gave wasn’t that I think this lady is a racist,” Graham said, later continuing: “There is no evidence of that, but this statement is troubling and I did tell her this, ‘If I said it, it would be over for me. No matter how well-intentioned I was and no matter how much I tried to put it in context, that would be it.’ And you all know that.”

He added, “being an average, every-day white guy … that does not exactly make me feel good hearing a sitting judge say that.”

Don’t go getting the vapors, Lindseypoo! Your friend, nonnie9999, has got you covered! You won’t be just an average every-day white guy! Nope, I’ll make sure you’re an average every-day Snow White guy!

lindseygrahamOriginal image.

We’re all counting on you to fight the evil queen who has been thrust upon us!

soniasotomayorevilqueenOriginal image.

Don’t worry, Lindseypoo, you won’t have to go it alone.  Old friends like Joe McLiebercain will be there for you when it’s politically advantageous .

lindseygrahamjoeliebermanOriginal image.

You can always count on the average every-day white Rethug guys on the Senate Judiciary Committe, and the boss, Mitch McConnell, will be watching over all of you!

judiciarycommitteeOriginal image.

(top row:  John Cornyn, Jon Kyl, Jeff Sessions, Lindseypoo, Mitch McConnell;  middle row:  Orrin Hatch, Tom Coburn;  bottom:  Chuck Grassley)

Just keep on keeping on, Lindseypoo, and one day, your prince will come…


Original image.

Oh, Lindseypoo, you’ll always be a princess to me!


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31 responses to “A Fairy Tale

  1. What a McGuffin! Too bad you aren’t really talking about Princess Tiana, although I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities once the film comes out.

    As for Lindsey Graham, is it just me, or am I getting the impression that you think that Lindsey-Poo would get along better with Charlie Crist than Lindsey-Poo would care to admit in public?

    • how did you know that tiana’s last name is mcguffin?! 😮

      i was looking for something entirely different when i happened upon the tiana story. i hadn’t heard about the movie. before that, i heard and read about lindseypoo making that remark about his being an average every-day white guy. you know me! while i never, ever make judgments about lindseypoo 😉 , i try to never miss an opportunity to let people know what he’s up to, and, for some reason, both stories came together in my addled brain!

      • lindseypoo making that remark about his being an average every-day white guy.

        Really? In that case, I have a song for him.

        • just trying to picture lindseypoo singing that (with joe mcliebercain and capt underpants singing backup) has caused me to fall off my chair laughing! 😆

  2. Nonnie, remember when I first started visiting your site and loved it so much I proposed?
    Well, after this masterpiece, let me put that offer back on the table.

    • 😆 i thought you were looking for ms fix-it, karen!

      so glad you liked it, zippy. i love working on stuff like this, and you know how i really love dressing up lindseypoo!

  3. Friend of the court

    Hi-ho, Hi-ho
    these white guys really blow…..

    yjoo7 sorry, I spilled coffee in my keyboard yesterday. It is just like a spiteful little bitch, for Lindsey to say he would vote against Sotomayor because Obama voted against Alito and Roberts. What a pea brain.

    • they really are bunch of hos, aren’t they? it’s amusing to watch the rethugs. i think they sit in back rooms and try to think up the most stupid things to say, if only to insure that they get a spot on tv or quoted in the papers.

  4. Ahhh but since we are in the midst of Fairy Tales & Disney characters ~ let’s employ a *time machine*… and see what other Justice Nominees (currently seated on the bench of the Supremes) had to say…..
    (waves of time machine going back in time )

    Flash fast forward to here & now…..
    Lindsey poo sez: “being an average, every-day white guy … that does not exactly make me feel good hearing a sitting judge say that.”

    So is he REALLY saying he does not like Justice Alito??? Those immigrants are on the GOP
    “S ” list…. right???
    A Supreme court justice prejudiced against non immigrants!!! Quick! Call Rush & Dick— call Faux snooze!!!

  5. I’ll be damned! The embed code is apparently not working. Hrumph!

    How about a link??


  6. One last attempt

    • you tried, fran. that’s what’s important! 😀 maybe dkos vids won’t work in wordpress.

      it’s not a matter of what any dem nominee said, it’s a matter that a dem nominee said it. you can take any innocuous statement and twist it into something entirely different. maybe sotomayor should have her mother sitting behind her in the confirmation hearings, bawling her eyes out like alito’s beard…i mean, wife did.

      • Just sayin’ once upon a time, there was a judge who went through the confirmation process who said his immigrant parents would effect his judicial decision making. That kind of comment only causes mushroom cloud/head explosions of the bloviators (Rush & Dick) when it comes from the lips of Dems. Otherwise it is compassionate & patriotic music should be cued.
        If you are a Shrek fan, remember Princess Fiona hitting that high note that causes a little bluebird of happiness to explode?
        Maybe Sotomayor can go
        soprano & do the same?

  7. Love it! I wonder if he has any thoughts on Alyssa Stanton. Those women of color are just getting too big for their britches!!

    If you haven’t heard about her, this is great! I truly admire her for her dedication and accomplishments!


  8. jeb

    Someone give me Lindseypoos email address or telephone number. I’m a white guy and I thought I understood what Sonia said. I now understand that I’m supposed to be upset. For the life of me I can’t understand why though so I need someone to explain it to me.

    • jeb,
      it looks like i’m going to have to sing you’ve got to be carefully taught from south pacific to you. be back after i do my vocal warm-up.

  9. Why is an influential senator trying to play the aww shucks card on us again calling himself an avergae every day white guy. First of all why doesn’t he admit he’s a closeted gay man and get that out in front before we read about him playing bathroom stall hackeysack like Larry Craig ? Secondly, is the concept of a wise Latina oxymoronic to his cracker sensibilities ? And here in B-Lo we have a policeman’s group for Hibernian Americans, an afro American police group, the same with firefighters so WTF is the huge problem with La Raza except that idiots like Glen Beck translate their credo to mean stuff like “A mojado in every pot, death to blancitos” or thereabouts. Nonnie, the beatdown on Lindsey in princess gear is breathtaking, I am glad we’re friends….

    • rastamick,
      i wonder how many of those senators and talking heads are members of white-only country clubs and/or live in exclusively white neighborhoods. i’m sure they have no problem with people who do.

      i love to out lindseypoo… 😳 i mean, i love to take lindseypoo out and dress him up. he’s my own personal barbie doll.