The Great White Hype

From Leonard Pitts, Jr. at The Miami Herald:

So Newt Gingrich now says Sonia Sotomayor is not a ”racist” after all. She must be trembling with relief.

Gingrich’s backpedaling came last week in an article on It leaves just two high-profile Republicans, former Rep. Tom Tancredo and radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh, still clinging to that absurd allegation.

Original poster.

As you know unless you are just back from Antarctica, this sudden spasm of righteous Republican rage is because of a speech Sotomayor gave in 2001 about the role gender, ethnicity and other characteristics play in a judge’s judgment. ”I would hope,” she said, “that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

It is, yes, a wince-inducing statement. You might even call it a tone deaf and culturally chauvinistic one. But does it support comparisons to the Ku Klux Klan such as Tancredo and Gingrich have made? Not in a million years.

The attempt to paint Sotomayor as such represents more than political overreach. No, this is part and parcel of a campaign by conservatives to arrogate unto themselves and/or neutralize the language of social grievance.


Having no record of their own of responding compassionately to social grievance (ask them what they did during the civil rights movement and they grow very quiet) conservatives have chosen instead to co-opt the language of that grievance. And if what they did to the language of women’s rights and progressivism took some gall, what they are seeking to do to the language of race suggests a testicular circumference of bovine proportions. There is something surreal about hearing those who have historically been the enemies of racial progress define racial progress as looking out for the poor white brother.


We are, after all, talking about a man (Tancredo) who once called majority Hispanic Miami ”a third world” country, and another man (Limbaugh) who advised a black caller to ”take that bone out of your nose.” These are fighters against racism?


But they are in earnest, and there is a pattern here: The forces of intolerance seeking to redefine the parameters of a debate they can win in no other way.


There is to it a breathtaking cynicism and a willingness to manipulate for political gain one of the rawest places in the psyche of a nation. The goal is not to persuade. It is to muddy the water, confuse the debate. Because when you can’t win the argument, confusing it works almost as well.


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18 responses to “The Great White Hype

  1. “…a testicular circumference of bovine proportions”
    Ha! More like the circumference of a cannonball. “Moron Show” indeed. But the “forces of intolerance” aren’t going to win this debate by lying obfuscation, or any other way. They’re going to lose it because they have no genuine moral values of their own; “values” are simply talking points and weapons wherewith they bludgeon their political foes.
    So the more they exaggerate and distort reality, the more insane they appear to every sane person in the real world, and the irrelevant they become. Good luck with that, Morons.

    • isn’t that the best phrase? leonard pitts is one of the few good things about the miami herald. when you can turn big balls into that phrase, you deserve some kind of bullshitter’s award.

      i think you’re 100%. the more they talk, the more they alienate the majority of americans. it’s just crazy talk, and most people see right through it. they come off as alternately desperate and ruthless. neither one will win favor.

  2. Friend of the court

    Newt Unibrow. LOL

    Those crabby old guys were my favorite part of the Muppet show.

    • hey! maybe that can be newtie’s new nickname–newt unibrow!

      i loved statler and waldorf (i always want to call him hilton), and it hurt my heart a little to stick those ugly mugs over theirs.

  3. The closing line says it all.

  4. I love, love, love how the GOP has all the has-beens on the bench doing the guttersniping while the ones in office are scared shitless to disparage Sotomayor lest they lose Hispanic votes.
    If they had any sense, they’d all join together and rave about how much they adore Sotomayor so Obama’s base would become suspicious of her.
    And they could also brag about how bipartisan they’re being by embracing her.
    But, no.
    She’s a shoo-in and the GOP once again will end up looking like the obstructionist a-holes they are.
    Whatever the Democrats are paying Michael Steele and other GOP strategists is not enough.

    • i wish reporters would dog every rethug in washington, asking them if they agree with the things being said by the outliars–i mean, outliers. let them either defend or refute what newtie and king rushbo and princess sarah and chuckleberry and the rest have been saying. it seems like they’re all in hiding. have you noticed we haven’t heard anything lately from eric cantor? before, you couldn’t shut the little weasel up!

  5. Part of me is beginning to think, let them continue on with their BS. In fact, push the envelope even further so we can all watch them implode and take down whatever is left of their pathetic party. That way, the birth of a new, viable party could hopefully emerge.

    • hey yorkie!
      the rethug party as it is now doesn’t deserve to survive. it needs to either be whittled down to the wingnuts as a fringe party or scrapped completely to allow a new and more moderate party to emerge. i think that’s happening already as a lot of rethugs are changing their party affiliation to independent. that said, the dems had better tread softly as well. they need to do their own housecleaning.

  6. Agreed. L. Pitts brings some serious game. I have always appreciated his input and he’s nailed it again with these idiots. They’re like the band who’s no good but hopes to be good and loud instead. Nonnie I couldn’t get that Colgan Air link if you can send it to my yahoo Please !!

    • just sent you a couple of links to the story about colgan air. hope at least one of them works.

      pitts is definitely not the pitts. he’s nailed it on many occasions.

  7. The real Statler and Waldorf say these imposters suck.

  8. tancredo is a (excuse my french) fucking asshole. watching him makes my skin crawl – worse than newt or rush. he is a rude, condescending, racist boor who if he isnt a grand wizard at the KKK, it is only because they couldnt stand his constant farting

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