All the Preznit’s Men


WASHINGTON — Many Democratic candidates are planning to run against two Republicans in the next election — their GOP opponent and former president George W. Bush.

When former U.S. attorney Chris Christie, a Bush appointee, won the Republican nomination for governor of New Jersey last week, Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine welcomed him to the race by attacking his former boss.

“I’m not about to put my trust in the same people who gave us George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or John Ashcroft,” Corzine said, throwing in Bush’s vice president and first attorney general for good measure.

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(from lower left, clockwise: Rob Simmons, Chris Christie, Chimpy, Rob Portman, Roy Blunt)

Other Democratic candidates will likely bash Bush throughout the 2010 election season, predicts Stuart Rothenberg, publisher of a non-partisan political newsletter.


Possible Democratic targets with Bush ties include:

• Former budget director Rob Portman of Ohio, who is seeking a U.S. Senate seat.

• Republican Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, a key Bush ally in legislative battles, also running for the Senate.

• Former Republican congressman Rob Simmons, who is challenging Sen. Chris Dodd in Connecticut.

Simmons says he is not worried about being linked to Bush: “That’s not only yesterday’s news, that’s history.” Simmons contends that Bush-era deficits are projected to explode on Obama’s watch. “People are worried about the future,” he says.


Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says her candidates should make the Bush administration an issue because voters still blame it for economic and foreign policy problems.


Democratic Party spokesman Hari Sevugan says Bush’s continued prominence reflects a “vacuum of leadership” in the Republican Party, one that is filled by Bush-era Cheney and talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

There’s just one problem with the anti-Bush strategy, GOP pollster Whit Ayres says. It is Obama’s agenda that will serve as a referendum for the 2009 and 2010 elections


Bush’s popularity remains low nationwide. The former president had a 35% favorable rating in an April survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press; 60% gave him an unfavorable review. Moving forward, Republican candidates need to help create a new image for their party “or they risk being defined as the party of the Bush years,” says Michael Dimock, associate director at Pew.

Independent political analyst Jennifer Duffy says running against Bush could well work for Democrats in the short term by rallying Democrats and wooing independents.


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14 responses to “All the Preznit’s Men

  1. People have already forgotten Bush. It’s now the Obama recession we’re in. Afghanistan is Obama’s war.
    Look, I think it’s ridiculous how fickle the American voter is, but things look awfully bleak for democrats right now.

    • hello p of v,
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i respectively disagree with you. people realize that obama is cleaning up chimpy’s mess. how can they forget when deadeye dick and his snarling daughter, lizzie, is constantly reminding us? it’s not just chimpy, though. why would anyone want to vote for a party led by the likes of michael steele, princess sarah, or newtie, or those in congress who are afraid to open their mouths for fear of pissing off their true leader, king rushbo. they may play well with the wingnuts, but moderates are leaving the party in droves.

      that doesn’t mean the dems can be complacent. they had better grow a pair and get some stuff done. hopefully, all the pols have learned not to get too comfy in their seats.

  2. There is a precedent for this. The Democrats were campaigning against Herbert Hoover well into the 1960s. May Chimpy last so long as a symbol of GOP failure!

    • the column cites elizabeth dole and richard burr defeating erskine bowles by mentioning that he worked for bill clinton.

      • There have been two two-term presidents during my adult lifetime–Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. I never voted for either of them. In retrospect, my not voting for Reagan while I was a member of the GOP has become a source of perverse pride as time has proved me more right all along. On the other hand, my not voting for the Big Dog is starting to become a source of shame. I really wish I had voted for him at least once!

        • i share your shame neon vincent. i voted for st. ronnie. 😯 i didn’t know any better. however, i redeemed myself by voting for the big dog both times. 🙂

  3. jeb

    ‘Simmons says he is not worried about being linked to Bush: “That’s not only yesterday’s news, that’s history.” Simmons contends that Bush-era deficits are projected to explode on Obama’s watch. “People are worried about the future,” he says.’

    And this sums up the Rethugs in a thumbnail. Forget that they screwed everything up and blame it on the Democrat. Just like Carter was solely to blame for the recession and double digit inflation of the late 70s. Couldn’t have anything to do with the economic policies of the previous eight year. It happened while he was President and so he screwed it up.

    • even their lame excuses expose their hypocrisy! 🙄 he says that chimpy’s screw-ups are all part of the past, and everyone should just get over it. however, when they want to get their base motivated, what do they bring up over and over and over again? st. ronnie! maybe that’s because they can spew their revisionist version of what he did without anyone calling them on it. the press seems to be scared to death to correct the record and tell people that st. ronnie was a crappy president. recent history is to be scoffed at, but bring on the revised ancient history.

  4. As the economy starts turning around and showing Americans that Obama’s strategy is actually working, the harder it will be for the GOP to hold onto their fear-mongering tactics. Yea, they’ll continue to cling onto that future debt for our children issue like it was the Dems fault, but their days are numbered if they don’t let go of the Bush era.

    • yorkie,
      anytime something good happens, the rethugs will say it would have happened anyway, and anything bad will be obama’s and the dems’ fault. they have nothing else.

  5. Dusty

    As long as the rightwingers worked for Bush43 thats a good defense I guess..but it can’t dug up for every Rethug. I was thinking along the lines of Who’s Your Daddy for a title. 😉

    • there are other things to go after the rethugs with, dusty. for example, chris christie, when he was a us attorney, gave no-bid contracts to some of his buddies, such as john ashcroft, his former boss, and some law firms which have now given him lots of campaign cash. another no-bid contract went to david kelley, former us attorney who was working on a stock fraud case in ny. 20 traders were involved. 15 were indicted, 5 were not. one of the ones not indicted was one of the c0-ceos. by the way, that guy was named todd christie, chris christie’s brother. 😯

      there’s plenty more where that came from.

  6. i really think that bush will be a gift that keeps on giving……. and so will cheney

    • it will mostly be cheney, but chimpy will be the symbol. cheney keeps talking and throwing chimpy under the bus. how is that going to win anything for the rethugs?