Too much coffee makes your eyes squint

From cnjonline:

It’s blissful that the worst thing that’s happened to me on recent shifts is getting home just in time to miss “The Daily Show,” and having to wait for reruns on the latest tit-for-tat.

In one corner is “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who mocked MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” news program for its uncomfortable tie-ins to the Starbucks coffee franchise. They landed the first show, with video edited together of in-show praising of Starbucks beverages.

Original DVD cover.

Scarborough punched back a few days later, of course, saying the product placement was “sarcasm” and intimated Stewart and his writing staff were too dumb to pick it up.

So I guess that means Scarborough sarcastically drank coffee. I should have also picked up that he sarcastically interviewed Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz by not asking about the company’s financial troubles. And for the next few years, parent company GE will sarcastically cash $10 million in endorsement checks.

In Scarborough’s honor, I think I’ll go to a restaurant I don’t really like, eat their food and pay my bill — but I’ll later say I chewed sarcastically. Stewart wins in a knockout.


Here’s a great media feud for your Wednesday in June! In one corner, MSNBC’s Starbucks-sponsored glee club, Morning Joe, and in the other corner, place-where-the-kids-get-their-news-these-days The Daily Show. See, it goes like this: Jon Stewart, as is his wont, made fun of the recent Morning Joe/Starbucks co-branding. And then Joe Scarborough got mad, because obviously their big show of Starbucks-loving was an over-the-top joke, of epic Del Closian dimensions, and surely there was someone at The Daily Show who could discern this. But Stewart and his writers chose to make sarcastic fun of Morning Joe again. It’s almost as if the lesson here is that maybe if you go out of your way to set up jokes for professional comedy writers, they will hand you your ass, with humor!

Anyway, Joe Scarborough was on the air today “speaking out” on this again, because he’s angry at Jon Stewart.


Joe Scarborough [called] Jon Stewart a “very, very, angry guy” with a “Napoleonic complex.” Because he’s short! Like Napoleon! The joke just works on so many levels. Truly, this is an evenly matched battle of wits.

(HuffPo has the video at the above link.)

I don’t usually watch Morning Joe. However, I did catch it once or twice, and I can’t understand what Jon Stewart’s beef is…

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21 responses to “Too much coffee makes your eyes squint

  1. I can’t drink that rot gut Joe…. I need high test 40 weight grade of the quality java.

  2. The geeky girls at fandom_lounge on JournalFen are having a grand time with this.

    • some funny comments over there. i can’t believe squinty joe is this stupid. first of all, i don’t think that anyone got his show’s little joke. second, his is supposed to be somewhat of a serious news/opinion show. the daily show’s mission is to find stupid things that news/opinion shows do and say and exploit them. apparently, squinty joe is too stupid to realize that you don’t poke the bear.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the comments–they’re a bunch of fun snarkers. BTW, if you think those were good, you should read what they have to say about Twilight and Harry Potter. ZING!

        Speaking of which, have you ever put up a Harry Potter or Twilight photoshop?

  3. Nonnie, hilarious and brilliant as always!!

    I love the line about sarcastically chewing… good stuff.

    I haven’t seen it yet but a friend said on last night’s Daily Show, Stewart dressed up as Napoleon?

    OMG, I love him!!!

    • helen! 😀
      we don’t see you often enough lately! jon stewart is having a helluva good time with this. i hope the feud continues. i wonder how long it will take for squinty joe to realize that he already lost this duel.

  4. Nice info, useful for me… thanks a lot… 🙂

  5. Stewart will pown this fool if he wants to get froggy. He should probably train a little first before trying to go head to head. On a coffee note Eff starbucks now that I know they’re fueling this clown’s rants go here instead :

    it’s organic it’s one of Uncle Bob’s kids and it funds soccer programs in rural areas of Jah-maica !! Peace

    • if they are relying on the comedic talents of squinty, mika, and wee willie, they’re dead in the water. starbucks has never gotten a dime of my money. i’m not a coffee drinker.

  6. Shame on Jon Stewart— engaging in a
    battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!

  7. there was a line at the NBC store today – to get your book signed by Mr. Dead-Girl-In-Office

    if i didnt work there i would ask him about it

  8. If you have DSL or any other high speed internet service instead of dial up, you can watch the Daily Show any time you please. Comedy Central has a web site, and they offer full episodes online.

    This is a gift for us, since we don’t do TV here at the house. Only shows we ever watch, an occasional Colbert Report aside.

    • lulu maude,
      i have never missed an episode of the daily show from the very beginning, when craig kilborn was host. i’m a tv junkie. i watch everything!