The Shtickado

With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan. To the tune of The Mikado‘s Tit Willow:

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On a late-night talk show, Let-ter-man made a joke,
About Bristol, not Willow, not Willow!
Sarah acted so mad, you’d think she’d have a stroke,
The silliness be-gan to billow.
I have to ask, Sarah, why oh why do you rave?
Is it simply to get the attention you crave?
If it is, don’t continue attacking poor Dave,
It’s about you, not Bristol, or Willow!

Original image.

I’m sorry to tell you, your daughter’s fair game,
I mean Bristol, not Piper, or Willow,
Ever since she told Candies they could use her name,
From Seattle down to Amarillo,
They want her to speak of her abstinence views,
(As they try every day to sell ‘come-fuck-me-shoes‘)
After boinking with Levi (that’s no longer news)
When she should have been hugging her pillow.

Original image.

I’m thinking this whole thing might be a big ruse,
It’s not about Dave’s peccadillo,
But controlling debate with the help of Fox News,
With Sarah their so willing shill. Oh,
Sarah, we’re really so sick of your games,
You pimp out your kids (with their fercockteh names),
You’re phony, and one day will go down in flames,
Just like Seany, and Glenn Beck, and Bill-O.


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24 responses to “The Shtickado

  1. Funny thing is how many of us were all ready over this ? Why does Sarah palin’s news cycle last longer than Iran’s ? Is she going through the change ? Letterman has all but closed the lid on this lame episode so the least Palin and her idiot snowmobile chauffeur Toodles can do is STFU and go back to being hated by half of Alaska. I love how Todd has to call it “jokes about raping my daughter.” If anyone did she’d have to pay for her own rape kit up in Wasilla as per Mommy’s orders, you know the Gov. who speaks for all those young women out there ? …. pathetic psychobitch anyway.

    • it’s all about controlling what gets talked about and what doesn’t. too bad for princess that the ensign story pushed her nonsense to the back burner. this was never about rape or teenage pregnancy. it was feigned indignation to keep princess in the spotlight and to stop the focus on health care.

      • We must see that REAL journalism (in print) survives.
        The MSM should never let the news cycles be set by idiots like Rush and Palin.

        “He said, she said” sound bytes and ‘media’ stories are a bullshit distraction from the real action behind closed doors on K street.

        • hello sekanblogger!
          welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

          very well said. real journalism must survive. it seems like everything has to be turned into infotainment. it’s all about sponsors and corporate masters and not at all about what is really happening. how ironic that i just read that walter cronkite is gravely ill. it’s almost a metaphor.

  2. Wow… Excellent work nonnie… If those three assholes weren’t such assholes, your Mikado poster would be a fabulous collector’s item! (If you like cross-dressing assholes.)
    And then there are the three daughter’s names which are not much better that Flailin’s:
    YUM-YUMβ€” Bristol?
    PITTI-SINGβ€” Willow?
    PEEP-BOβ€” Piper?

    • thanks mh!
      i was just going to have thumbnails of the principal players, but i saw a couple of pics of the mikado characters, and i couldn’t help myself. photoshop almost opened by itself! πŸ™‚

      i really know nothing about the mikado (i know the tit-willow song only because of the allan sherman version), so i appreciate the education i’m getting about the character names. you are the second person to enlighten me about the 3 little maids from school. you’re right that their names are pretty much a match for the palin girls! πŸ˜† sardonyx emailed me (i don’t think he’ll mind me mentioning this) possible names for the second set of maids–the faux news ones: Yuck-Yuck, Peeping-Tom, and Pity-Stink.

      • sardonyx

        Don’t mind at all, nonnie. Just as long as I don’t have to listen to that trio: talk about flat. *And* falsetto — a true losing combination.

        BTW, I listed the three maids in voice order, from high to low, but Pitti-Sing (alto) gets much more action than Peep-Bo (soprano II), so she sometimes is listed second.

        • thanks, sar, i didn’t think you would mind. πŸ˜€

          i have the smartest and most well-informed people commenting here. i don’t know what i’ve done to be so blessed.

          no worries, sar, nobody will force you to listen to any of those little maids sing. they only hit sour notes.

  3. On a related note David Sedaris has a sketch where he’s Mike Tyson’s lover and Tyson has a cat he calls Pitty Ting. About as realistic yet hilarious as the rest of this non-news.

  4. She’s actually quite big in the Congo. Female gorillas like her hairdos.

  5. It really was Willow up on stage in NYC with the shorts cut offs.
    She was paraded up on stage…

    See Willow @ 1:19

  6. Thank ya fer havin us’ an gawd bless ameeeeerika!

    • if she was sincere about raising funds for and awareness of autism, then why didn’t she use all that face time she had on tv talking about it, instead of her faux outrage at letterman?

  7. Nonnie, you’ve outdone yourself. Incredibly clever, funny, GREAT lyrics, missy! Geez. Thanks for the invite, I’ve been uber-distracted by life in general. You must manage your time incredibly well to do such imaginative, awesome works like this so often! I’m jealous!!! WHaaaa!

    Re: the Palins, what a car-wreck. She’s been whoring out her daughters for tv & the gawker rags since day 1. The second anyone takes the bait, she plays the victim. Must be a fun little game for her. That is, until it no longer works. Maybe we should send Ensign a thank-you note for knocking that asshole out of the headline news.

    • thanks helen!
      if i knew it would take an opera to make you resurface, i would have written one a while ago! πŸ˜‰ glad you enjoyed the raisin’s musical interlude.

      isn’t it hilarious that ensign make everyone forget about princess and her bullshit? πŸ˜† too bad it didn’t turn out that ensign was having an affair with her (or todd!). that really would have been fun!

  8. this whole letterman thing reminds of when dan quayle had a fight with Murphy Brown – and how ridiculous that was.\

    palin will DO anything to remain in the limelight – including trashing her daughter

    • dcAp! perfect comparison! dan quayle had no shot at winning that ridiculous feud, just as princess has no shot of winning this one. quayle looked like an idiot, and so does princess. there are a few very vocal idiots who get attention defending princess, just as there were those defending quayle.

  9. PALIN AS PRESIDENT…must see this funny shit!

    Move your mouse around the office and click to see Sarah’s presidential duties…be sure to run the paper shredder!