Don’t Count on Us!


Next year, the 2010 Census will be sent to every American household, as required by the U.S. Constitution. The far right has issued dire warnings of the Census; on a May 29th episode of Bill Bennett’s radio show, RNC Chairman Michael Steele intoned, “Certainly the collection of this information is going to be part of an ongoing political campaign by this administration.”

Oh no!!! The evil census! 😯 It’s a Democratic trick, so leave us out, and just…

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In an interview with the Washington Time’s [sic] right-wing radio show this morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) declared that she would break the law and refuse to answer the Census questions, beyond noting the number of people in her household []


Bachmann explained that her fears over the Census were in large part due to the fact that her Number-One Enemy, ACORN, could possibly be involved. (The group might help recruit some of the 1.4 million people needed to go door-to-door to count every American.) She insinuated that former senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) had lost his reelection bid because of “fraudulent votes” perpetrated by ACORN:

    BACHMANN: This is what ACORN will do. They will get multiple fraudulent voter registration forms, stuff the registrar’s office with them, in hopes that maybe not all fraudulent registrations will find people at the polls voting. But there may be some people who get through. And sometimes you don’t often need many in order to sway an election one way or another. I come from Minnesota. We’re still in a recount with our U.S. Senate race between Sen. Norm Coleman and the challenger Al Franken. Sen. Coleman won the race on election day, but that was challenged repeatedly, over and over, with what we feel may be fraudulent vote [sic], and we’re very concerned about what comes forward.

(Listen to the audio of Batshit Bachmann at the link above)


Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told the Washington Times that she and her family will not be fully filling out the 2010 census forms.

Bachmann, a Republican, said her family will only be indicating the number of people in the household, because “the Constitution doesn’t require any information beyond that.”

Bachmann believes the upcoming census to be “very intricate” and “very personal” and expresses concerns about ACORN’s involvement in the data collection.


“I think what the threat of ACORN would be deluding the ballot box and the effectiveness of our vote,” she said. “They will be in charge of going door to door and collecting data from the American public, this is very concerning.”

How exactly do you delude a ballot box? 😕

“ACORN has received $53 million from 1994 to today, but now, since President Obama has come into office, he is making available $8.5 billion – with a ‘b’ – to ACORN, an organization that is repeatedly under indictment for voter fraud in multiple states across the country,” Bachmann said.


Bachmann has claimed the $8.5 billion available multiple times, but it should be noted that the St. Petersburg Times’ affiliated fact check Web site,, disputes its accuracy.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Bachmann may be in trouble if she fails to fill out the entire census. Spokeswoman Shelly Lowe told the Washington Times that anyone over the age of 18 must fill out all the questions and any such person who refuses to answer “any of the questions” faces a $5,000 fine.

They should fine her and her family members and then give the money to ACORN. It’ll be fun watching her head explode and all the bats flying out.


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24 responses to “Don’t Count on Us!

  1. the woman is beyond dillusional 🙄

    • i wish she were beyond the point where we can hear her. i can’t understand how the people in her district aren’t embarrassed on a daily basis that this is who they picked to represent them.

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  3. jeb

    Oh well, I hold out no hope that Michelle will ever come to her census.

  4. Besides, we don’t want people really knowing how many down & out, living in poverty people we might really have in the USA post Bush era.

    After all Bush proved this theory:

    The economy, if you ignore it, it WILL go away.

    The GOP would rather Doctor up the Census info & delete all bad info by putting a giant smiley face stamp over all relevant information.

  5. * Relevant information= How the top 1% oober wealthy are doing.

    • i doubt batshit bachmann understands what the census is or what it’s used for. i hope she does what she said she would and winds up with a nice $5k fine.

  6. As someone who worked for the Census Bureau in 2000, I am offended by Madam Bachmann’s comments impugning the Census. Then again, I’m always offended by Bachmann!

  7. I decided another comment was due. In response to the title of this post…..”Don’t worry, we don’t!” 😆

  8. Ha ha ha ha!! My gawd, just when you think Bachmann can’t possibly get any more delusional and idiotic, the pie-hole opens and something even more vapid comes pouring out.

    But if she’s going to be the new Katherine Harris, she better spackle on about 1/2 inch more make-up. It’s still not *quite* right yet.

    The rethuglicans are just still bitter about the appointment/resignation of Gregg as Commerce Sec. Remember the reaction when they found out they wouldn’t have complete control of the Census?

    • i never think that batshit bachmann can’t get more delusional and idiotic. i used to, but i’ve learned my lesson. she’s a bottomless pit of delusion and idiocy! 😕 i don’t think she needs more makeup. she makes up for the 2-inch-think layer of foundation and eyeshadow with that crazed look in her slightly crossed eyes and a smile that the joker would covet.

  9. one day america will wake up and realize what we doing by electing assholes like bachmann

    • what’s taking them so long? actually, i know what’s taking them so long. they can’t hear what imbeciles like batshit bachmann are saying over their bible-thumping. i read the comments that followed a story about ensign’s affair at one of the nevada newspapers. the idiot wrote that she voted for ensign, because he’s a christian, and because he spoke at one of her husband’s promise keepers’ meetings. these idiots vote against their own interests only because someone claims to be of the same religion as them.

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