Hello? Hello? Is this Microphone On?


Fox New is denying claims that Doug Hampton — whose wife Cynthia is the other woman in Senator John Ensign’s sex scandal — sent the network a letter pleading for help exposing the affair five days before the Senator announced it in a press conference and that Ensign came forward with the affair because he knew Fox was working on the story.

The Las Vegas Sun reported Friday that Hampton sent Fox News’ Megyn Kelly a two-page, single-spaced letter dated June 11 detailing the affair and asking for help in exposing the Senator. The Senator came forward with the affair on June 16 — in part, a spokesman told the Sun, because his office had learned that Hampton approached “a major television news channel.”

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Tom Lowell, senior producer of “America’s Newsroom,” hosted by Kelly and Bill Hemmer, says no one at Fox News ever received a printed letter, but that a booker on the show received an email from Hampton with the letter attached on June 15 — the day before the Senator’s press conference.

“We never received any letter from Mr. Hampton,” Lowell told the Huffington Post. “He might have sent it, but we never received it. He did reach out to us about 24 hours before the news conference, and he sent an e-mail to a booker on my staff.”

Lowell said that a member of his editorial staff followed up with Hampton that day.

“We followed up with him, but he seemed evasive and not credible, thus we didn’t pursue it,” he said.


“I know there are people asking if we alerted the senator,” Lowell said. “Definitely no one on our editorial team called anyone in Senator Ensign’s office prior to the announcement. We just hadn’t gotten to that point of confirming the story yet. Somehow, somebody told the Senator something and I don’t know how that happened. But I categorically deny that we ever reached out to the senator in any way shape or form prior to him making his announcement.”

Once again, your intrepid reporter (that would be me) has the proof. As you can see by this picture I have obtained (don’t ask me how, I won’t reveal my sources), Doug Hampton certainly tried to tell Fox News all about it, but you can see that neither Megyn Kelly nor Bill Hemmer were paying any attention. As for Greta Van Susteren, she was too busy fantasizing about Todd Palin to listen to Doug or anyone else.


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10 responses to “Hello? Hello? Is this Microphone On?

  1. Next time someone on the right tries to out a GOP politician for sleazy behavior, they should contact the true crime people on MSNBC. It would improve the channel’s weekend programming!

    • how bright can the guy be if he thought that faux news would run with his story? 😆 i wonder if he’ll soon make the rounds at msnbc, because faux will probably make him out to be a blackmailer. in fact, i’ll bet he forced his wife’s onto the poor trusting senator.

  2. The truth comes out. It always does.

  3. there is something so sleazy about this whole thing. more than meets the eye. cant someone come up with the goods on Kyl already — he creeps me out the most

    as for ensign – i hope his wife takes him to the cleaners

    • there are plenty of others who creep me out more than kyl does. off the top of my head–mcconnell, inhofe, lindseypoo, capt underpants, cornyn, sessions, brownback, demint. i’d love to see all of them gone. oh, and diaper dave, too. how could i forget him?

  4. I used to like Bill H. when he was on CNN. I always wondered what happened there.

    • i remember when he was on cnn. i didn’t even know he was on faux until a few months ago. i guess he was served the same koolaid as greta when she went over to the dark side.