Shhh! It’s a secret!

From The Plum Line:

A rather intriguing reaction from one of John Ensign’s Senate GOP colleagues to the news of Ensign’s extramarital affair:

“I think he will be welcomed back by his colleagues and go back to being a good senator,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said Ensign shouldn’t have resigned his leadership spot.

Graham downplayed the political impact this would have on the GOP, saying, “Most Americans look at this as a personal situation.”

Graham let out a laugh and said: “I’ve got plenty of sins that I’m not going to share with anyone else.”

Sins? Well, kids, you know that your intrepid reporter (that would be me) cannot let that go without an investigation. Through my sources, I was able to obtain a photograph of what goes on when the Senate Republican are not voting no or making speeches about why they voted no.

Original movie poster.
(With a little bit of help from this poster)

Don’t worry if you don’t recognize everyone, kids. I’ve supplied the key:

As you can see, Dick Cheney still thinks he has a deciding vote in the Senate.  I don’t think he was invited, and that’s what the disguise is for.  I think the gun is a dead giveaway, though.

(Note: I’m not sure who the guy in the cloak is with his back to the camera, facing Judd Gregg and Jon Kyl, but I suspect it’s either Joe McLiebercain checking up on what Captain Underpants and Lindseypoo are up to, or it’s Larry Craig, showing his ex-compadres how to party.)


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24 responses to “Shhh! It’s a secret!

  1. OMG….how long did it take you to come up with this one?? LMAO!!

    • forever! i was looking for something else, and i happened upon this movie poster. i simply had to use it! at first, i thought it would be pretty easy, but then i realized there weren’t enough characters, so i had to add them where i could. then i had to remember who was who. if nobody shows up to look at it, i’m gonna be pissed, because it took me so many hours, my ass is still sore from sitting so long! 😉

  2. Jenn/jlms qkw

    it’s spectacular! the whole gang!

    thanks bunches nonnie! it might as well be some of the maroons screwing up health ins and care reform.

    • thanks jenn! 😀
      i was hoping to find you tonight, as i know you love the movies with large casts, and this is about as large as it gets!

  3. Great poster, but your link to the original leads to The Meaning of Life, not the Secret Policemen’s Other Ball. Then again, I can’t find a poster for the latter that matches what you have there.

  4. ***Chuckle***

    After photoshopping all these dirty men, I hope you used your hand sanitizer generously!!!

    I’ll never envision the Senate chambers in quite the same way.

    • no worries, fran. when i was doing the photoshopping, i wore rubber gloves, hip boots, a raincoat, a gas mask, and several condoms (though they kept falling off, as i am not equipped for them). afterwards, i showered, disinfected, and then boiled myself. then i rolled in purell. 😉

  5. Arrrgh. Lindsey Graham’s sins ? Do they cover the lust in his heart for that big tough POW he pines for ? Great how the ones who wanted Clinton’s head on a platter are all smiles and forgiveness when it comes to their poster boy for Promise Sweepers. More of the same ransom craziness from the people who are making crazy a political brand name. Poster is amazing as always.

    • i think the top of lindseypoo’s sin hit parade is his coveting of cindy lou mccain’s hubby. as much as the thought of what his other sins might be turns my stomach, i would love for them all to come out (no pun intended). i hate these sanctimonious hypocrites.

  6. jeb

    Lindsey and the rethugs are so tolerant and forgiving except when they’re not.

    Did you really create the poster? I thought you had a hidden camera.

    • jeb,
      did i say that i made the poster? 😯 i meant that i processed the photograph from my hidden camera in my own darkroom. yeah, that’s the ticket! 😉

  7. That’s just disgusting. Is there any way you can just flush the whole damned ball down the shitter? When you get’m all together outside of their alternate universe, they look like a bunch of old white dipsticks, and not a one of them deserves the sweet photochop mojo it took to put’m together.

    • hey mh!
      i was going to try flushing them, but i was afraid the toilet would get backed up, and hundreds more rethuglicans would come flowing out of the bowl. i can’t think of a worst nightmare than pulling out the plunger and having it stuck on boohoo boehner’s head. 😯

  8. I think the not so secret senator’s other ball was simply where the first ball was: engorged in someone it shouldn’t have been.

  9. Aussie Blue Sky

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever …

    • hello aussie blue sky,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i don’t know how much beauty there is in that pic, but i like your sentiment. 😉

      hope you’ll stop by again soon.