Party of Sinners? Party On, Sinners!


A clearly emotional Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina Sunday invoked former President Clinton as a defense for why embattled Gov. Mark Sanford, also of South Carolina, should potentially be allowed to finish his term.

Senator Graham is the godfather of Governor Sanford’s fourth and youngest son, and he fielded questions about Sanford’s admitted infidelity with difficulty on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” In a contrite moment, he called the GOP “a party of sinners” – apparently referring to his own religious convictions, because he added that the same was true of “every other group in America.”

Of course, Lindseypoo still hasn’t spilled about his own sins, but one of them is wearing that dress. It makes his hips look big.

Original DVD cover.

Asked if Sanford should now step down as governor, Graham said Sanford should be given the chance to set things right, so long as he can reconcile with his wife, Jenny.

In a curious example, Graham noted that former president Clinton was discovered to have had an affair while in office, yet his approval rating remained high among Americans because of his job performance, Graham noted.

“Bill Clinton had his problems. People looked at his job performance, they looked at his personal failings and they said, ‘You know what, we’re going to put one over here and the other over there,’ ” Graham said.

Graham voted to impeach Clinton, though he said Sunday that vote was based on his perceptions that Clinton had obstructed justice – not because he had had an affair.

Okay, let’s run that up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes…

Graham also mentioned a surprising antidote to the current spate of politicians behaving badly: President Obama. Going so far as to call him a role model as a good parent, Graham added: “Obama has done a lot of good in the area of family.”

Good role models are exactly what politics needs, said former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also appearing on “Meet the Press.” Though he said he was not commenting specifically on the Sanford situation, he said: “You have to recognize that people that are in public life ought to be held to a higher standard,” he said. “We expect [these] people to live by a higher standard, because what they do is going to be magnified.”

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) of Minnesota said Sanford was guilty of serious political mistakes. He “should not have left the state and not allowed people to know how to contact him in case something happened,” said Governor Pawlenty.

I don’t think this is just about Marky Mark’s getting his dinky stinky anymore. This is about the lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, taking over should Marky Mark step down. That would give Bauer the advantage of running as the incumbent , and there are people who don’t want that to happen. This isn’t about compassion or outrage. It’s just political posturing and positioning.


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25 responses to “Party of Sinners? Party On, Sinners!

  1. Well, if they have to judge Marky Mark as Governor first in order to decide if they want to keep him, then they best be letting him go, I think he has failed.

    Not even taking his stunt of leaving the state in a lurch for a week while he was off in SA playing with his Wise Latina, there is the fact his state is in dire straits. High unemployment, education is about the lowest in the US, poverty is about the highest in the US, and he is really doing nothing to help it.

    So, I would say he has failed and needs to just step down.

    • i’ll say it again–i think this is all being orchestrated by jenny sanford. i have to wonder why marky mark ran for public office in the first place. he doesn’t seem to like public life. however, jenny seems to have jumped right in, running his campaign and being the power behind the scenes in the governor’s mansion. i’ll bet she has lots of politician friends, and they are helping set her up for a run for office. poor little jenny’s hubby screwed around behind her back, and now she has to raise her 4 boys with only a few million in the bank. i can barely hold back my tears! 😥 she’s such a martyr! different people have different motives for wanting him to stay in office. those who want to run for governor don’t want bauer running as the incumbent (i don’t believe for a minute he’ll only serve until the end of marky mark’s term and then not run, unless he has plans to run for the senate). jenny wouldn’t want him to resign, because then he’d be out of the news for the most part, and so would she. this is not about what’s good for the people of south carolina or about what they want. it’s all political maneuvering.

      • If Jenny’s the chef behind this, then she’s doing her best to make lemonade out of lemons.

        • how do we know there are lemons? for all we know, she’s always known about the affair and didn’t care. we have no idea what their life was like behind doors. instead of the martyr she’s being painted as, maybe we’re talking about lady macbeth.

          • You’ve thought there was more than meets the eye about this affair from the very start. Is your intution tingling?

            • neon vincent,
              my bsdar (i just made that up) is tingling aplenty! i’m telling ya, she was the source of the original leak, whether directly or through her political allies.

              • I am with you nonnie, I have said all along there was going to be a lot more come out about this and now it is happening.. there have been more women, he saw his Wise Latina more than he first admitted, well what next?
                As you said, Jenny is the power behind that throne, I have the feeling she is really the governor, he is just the face out there.
                I am just waiting to see how much longer she lets it go before she files for divorce.

                • she’ll string this out as long as possible. she needs the attention to prop up her chances, and if he’s gone, then she’s out of the spotlight. ironically, she still needs him!

  2. Oh, it’s about posturing, all right: Lindsey Graham, Belle of the Balls

  3. Will politics ever be for the good of the people?

  4. jeb

    Whoever has whatever motive (and there are enough for a daytime soap) notwithstanding, the sheer hypocrisy of Lindseypoo (voted for impeachment) invoking Clinton finishing his term as a reason Marky (sanctimoniously voted for and gave interviews on why for impeachment) is breathtaking. Even for the Rethugs. It’s like the sky was never falling before.

    • they’ll continue with the argument that they voted for impeachment because of perjury, not the affair. yeah, right, and i bet they have some beachfront property in kansas to sell us. lindseypoo is probably quite inured to his own hypocrisy, though, after living in the closet for so long while railing against all gay-friendly legislation. 🙄

  5. Dusty

    All this Sanford crap is giving me a big migraine. He won’t step down, so lets move on shall we?

    The coverup is the only crime..other than leaving his state in a lurch.

    The Lt. gov has said he won’t run if they can kick Sanford out of office for the last 18 months of his term.

    • the coverup isn’t the only crime. down in good ol’ south caroliney, adultery is still a crime. plus, there’s using state money for his little jaunts down to argentina. now, he’s admitted to more “dalliances” with other women.

      if the lt. gov. really does hold true to his word that he wouldn’t run for gov if he takes over, it will only be because he has his eye on some other seat, probably a u.s. congress seat or the senate. this is politics at its down and dirtiness, and i’m loving it!

  6. Dusty

    Oh..I forgot..I put Haloscan back there is now a link on each post on the front page..I think. 😉

  7. Nonnie, you’re brilliant. I have had weird “vibes” about this too… what man goes public about an affair but calls the mistress his soul mate, then starts confessing to others? Something is fishy. I can’t wait to see if your Lady MacBeth theory pans out. Great job on the poster, Lindsey DOES make a good model, doesn’t he?

    • aw shucks, helen! 😳 look at pics of jenny. she’s trying to look like jackie kennedy! i think this whole thing is weird. the reaction are not those of normal people. first, she makes a statement that she knew would perk up the ears of the press and marky mark’s political enemies. then she has a passive aggressive handout for the press where she declares herself to be completely guilt-free when it comes to their crappy marriage. he stand in front of microphones and declares all that you outline above. i really think he hates his wife’s guts, and i think he has for a long time. i think she has always known it. she knows all about the skeletons in his closet, and i think she’s been the one in control for a long time. his public declarations are his revenge. i think he would love to resign, divorce the old ball-and-chain, and move to argentina to start a new life. he doesn’t have the balls (or maybe the money) to stand up to her like a man, so he keeps making these admissions so that everyone will be clamoring for his resignation, and she will no longer have control over what happens.

  8. This whole Sanford thing stinks.
    He talks way too much, she comes off as a bitch and the whole sordid “love story” is creepy.
    I just hope they have a therapy trust fund for their kids.
    Clearly the guy’s taken his eye of the governor’s ball and he’s getting nothing done for his broke-down hillbilly state. If they keep him in office, they deserve what they get.

    • i think a lot of people are bending over backwards to keep him in office. however, he doesn’t want to stay in office, and he’s too much of a wimp to quit, so he’ll just keep flappin’ lips until it’s politically impossible for anyone to support him. when even the fundies can no longer stand him, he’ll have to go.