The Continuing Saga of Sparky Marky Mark

Just days ago on As the World Turns Meet the Press, Lindseypoo Graham had this to say about Governor Sparky Marky Mark Sanford and “that whole sparking thing“:

I think if Mark can reconcile with Jenny, and that’s not going to be easy, that he can finish his last 18 months. He’s had a good reform agenda. And I do believe that if, if he can reconcile with his family and if he’s willing to try, that the people of South Carolina would be willing to give him a second chance.

Original DVD cover.

From The State:

Six of 27 members of the conservative Senate Republican Caucus Tuesday night issued a letter calling on Gov. Mark Sanford to resign.

Two additional senators considered among Sanford’s staunchest allies, also said they want him to resign though they did not sign the letter. Two other senior senators who spoke to the State said Tuesday’s revelations moved them closer to asking Sanford to step down.

The letter was crafted by Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee, and was circulated among Senate Republicans on Tuesday.

It marked a major break in the silence of the General Assembly, which has the authority to remove the governor.


“I signed a letter today asking him to step down,” said Sen. Larry Martin, R-Pickens, chairman of the Senate Rules committee.

Martin’s reaction came after Sanford told The Associated Press he had more romantic meetings with his Argentinian lover, Maria Belen Chapur, than he previously admitted, including two trysts in New York.

Sanford told the news agency he also had “crossed the line” with other women.


Sanford’s spokesman, Joel Sawyer, reiterated Tuesday the governor will not step down.


Lawmakers had been slow to call for Sanford to quit, many citing the need to first learn all the facts.

Now, some of Sanford’s strongest Senate allies are urging him to step aside.


House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who would chair any forced ouster of the governor by the Republican-controlled Legislature, said it’s premature to heed calls from those in his own party to remove Sanford.


State Law Enforcement Division director Reggie Lloyd said agents are reviewing documents supplied by Sanford’s office about his travels to determine whether any state laws have been broken.

“I have nothing, absolutely nothing that he used taxpayer money for anything (improper),” Lloyd told reporters late Tuesday.

Sanford paid the state back about $3,000 for a state-funded trip he took last year in which he saw his lover.

The inquiry — which Lloyd made clear is not a criminal investigation — will be completed in a “couple of days.”

Then SLED will address the questions posed by lawmakers and others about misconduct in office, adultery or misuse of public funds, Lloyd said.


Some Sanford allies are sticking by the governor’s side, including his former chief of staff and friend for more than 30 years, Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort.

“I do think he can be an effective leader,” said Davis Tuesday morning. “I don’t think he should resign.”

Tom Davis is the guy on the DVD cover on the bottom left. He was Sparky Marky Mark’s chief-of-staff before his “staff” got him in so much trouble. From the New York Daily News, June 25th:

During his rambling admission of an extra-marital affair on Wednesday, Mark Sanford apologized not only to his wife, but also to “the Tom Davises of the world.”

Davis, a state senator and Sanford’s former chief-of-staff, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday that he was caught off guard.

“I was just completely shocked,” said Davis, who was briefed for about 90 minutes before the governor’s teary news conference. “Never even would have guessed at something like this.”


“What I saw yesterday was a man who knew he had sinned,” Davis said. “I think I represent people that have believed in the powers of his ideas.”

Try this on for size, believer. From The State:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, already struggling to salvage his family and his political career after admitting a scandalous affair, added explosive details Tuesday, including more visits with the mistress he calls his “soul mate” and additional women in his past.

The once-promising presidential prospect said he is committed to reconciling with his wife, but professed to The Associated Press his continued love for the Argentine woman at the center of the firestorm that gutted his political future.

In emotional interviews with the AP over two days, he said he would die “knowing that I had met my soul mate.”

Sanford also said that he “crossed the lines” with a handful of other women during 20 years of marriage, but not as far as he did with his mistress.


Sanford insisted his relationship with Maria Belen Chapur, whom he met at an open air dance spot in Uruguay eight years ago, was more than just sex.

“This was a whole lot more than a simple affair, this was a love story,” Sanford said. “A forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day.”

What’s that saying about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence? Guess what, Sparky Marky Mark, sooner or later that grass is going to need mowing, too.

During more than three hours of interviews over two days at his Statehouse office, Sanford said he is trying to fall back in love with his wife, Jenny, even as he grapples with his deep feelings for Chapur.

“I owe it too much to my boys and to the last 20 years with Jenny to not try this larger walk of faith,” he said.


Sanford, at times crying and unabashedly emotional, acknowledged in the AP interview that he had casual encounters with other women while he was married but before he met Chapur. They took place during trips outside the country to “blow off steam” with male friends.

“What I would say is that I’ve never had sex with another woman. Have I done stupid? I have. You know you meet someone. You dance with them. You go to a place where you probably shouldn’t have gone,” Sanford said, declining to discuss details. But he said those encounters were nothing like his relationship with Chapur.


Sanford also detailed more visits with Chapur, including an encounter that he described as a failed attempt at a farewell meeting in New York this past winter, chaperoned by a spiritual adviser and sanctioned by his wife soon after she found out about the affair.


Sanford told the AP he saw Chapur five times over the past year, including two romantic, multi-night stays with her in New York – one in Manhattan, one in the Hamptons, both paid for in cash so no one would know – before they met in the city again with the intention of breaking up.

He said he saw her two other times before that, including their first meeting.

“There was some kind of connection from the very beginning,” he said, though neither that first encounter nor a 2004 coffee date in New York during the Republican National Convention were romantic.

Their relationship turned physical, he said, during a government trip to Brazil and Argentina in June 2008, and when he returned, the e-mails that had started years earlier began to reflect anguish over what they had done.


He and Jenny, parents of four sons, say they are trying to reconcile their marriage but have not been sharing the same house for several weeks.


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24 responses to “The Continuing Saga of Sparky Marky Mark

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. I can’t even say Mark Sanf.., Mark San…, Mark Sanf…, King David without laughing my ass off.

  2. Friend of the court

    This guy needs to take a hike, for real.

  3. Have you read this article from FOX yet? Even faux news is wondering about him!

    He’s gone off his rocker. 🙄

    BTW….just love the violin playing! Where do you get those?

    • i never watch faux news, so i wonder how they handled the scandal. i’d bet that they tried to ignore it for as long as they could. it’s gotten to the point where even sparky’s mother can’t defend him. faux had no choice but to suggest he hit the road.

      i scour the internets for different emoticons. there are a number of sites i’ve gone to and i find new ones all the time. the google is my friend. 🙂

  4. Yeah, he and Jenny are trying to reconcile.. she has left the country and taken the boys with her and he is still in SC.. sure they are trying to reconcile.. lol She is over his ass and moving on…lol

    Andy Cobb has a new video out .. It’s great.. will be up after midnite.. must see…

    • i think they split up months ago, or maybe even longer than that. maybe they showed up at events together for appearances’ sake, but look at the body language in the pictures of them together. i bet jenny is off with her political advisers planning her run for office. he’s probably taking spanish lessons.

  5. jeb

    The real losers in this are his kids. It would really suck seeing your parents drag their business through the national press. If Sparky had any real decency, he’d resign from office and the public and STFU instead of publicly crying about how he hurt everyone. Boo-f’ing-hoo. Sparky, you’re hurting your sons now butthead, so stop giving interviews and get out of the public eye.

    • i felt more sorry for the kids having to live in a hypocritical fundy household more than for their parents going through a public pissing match. a lot of parents get divorces, and the kids are just fine. mumsy has plenty of money for therapists. i’ll save the rest of my sympathy for kids who really have it bad–the ones who are sick with no health insurance, the ones who are abused, and the ones who are homeless and hungry. you know, the kids the rethugs like sparky marky mark and his friends don’t give a shit about.

      • jeb

        Right. But having been on both ends (as a child of divorce and a divorcing parent) I just firmly believe that parents need to drop their self-centered focus because the kids (all kids) come first. There things in my divorce that I was careful about for the sake of my kids. So it pisses me off when I see Sparky up their crying. Just like I felt really bad for Chelsea because of what Bill put her through for his own political ambitions.

        • jeb,
          i’ve been on both ends as well. the sanford kids are young enough where i doubt that the publicity surrounding their father’s antics affects them too much. mumsy has plenty of money to whisk them away to wherever to distract them. i doubt they sit around watching the news, and i’m sure nobody comes to visit to inform them of what daddy said at the latest press conference. kids live in their own little worlds. we have no idea what their lives were like behind closed doors. it could be that their parents were constantly fighting or that their was tension in the house whenever they were together. divorce can be a huge relief to everyone involved, including the children. it no longer holds the stigma that it used to. in cases like the clintons, it was a bit different, because chelsea was old enough to understand what was going on. she seems to have weathered the storm very well and appears to be a well-adjusted young woman now. that said, the kids should always be the focus, divorce or not. kids don’t ask to be born. if you have them, they should always be #1.

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  7. It’s hard to be a whore-man and a Covenanted Christian at the same time. I guess the confession-is-good-for-the-soul is the political strategy in use here.

    King David–haw haw! The King David of South Carolina!

  8. p.s. Did you notice that pussy hunting is the ultimate goal for Blowing Off Steam With The Boys?


    • lulu,
      the story may be more juicy that it appears at first glance. why did sparky marky mark pick the phrase blowing off steam to talk about what was going on? someone needs to check the names of the guys he was hanging out with. did any of them have the last name steam? 😉

  9. Oh please, please, please allow Sanford to stay in office. He and Mooseballs Palin serve as a constant reminder of how the GOP will allow any dimwitted reprobate to serve as long as they say they love Jesus.
    These two ARE the GOP, and the great unwashed electorate needs constant reminders of the kind of creeps they’re voting into office.

  10. sanford is the luckiest man rather cheat alive
    first he gets michael jackson
    now he has sarah palin