The Sarah Palin Chronicles: First Secession, Now Succession

From KTUU:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — As confusion over who is legally bound to assume the role of lieutenant governor after Gov. Sarah Palin resigns later this month continues, the House Judiciary Committee announced it will hold a hearing next week.

Committee Chair Jay Ramras, R-Fairbanks, issued a statement Wednesday saying that his group will consider Lt. Gen. Craig Campbell, commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, to be the next lieutenant governor-designee.

“The governor quit and went fishing,” Ramras said in the statement. “Governor Palin failed to leave specific instructions, so the Legislature is stepping in to bring order to the constitutional chaos she created.”

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Joe Schmidt, the Department of Corrections commissioner, had been confirmed by the Legislature during the last session as the next in the line of ascension. He replaced former Attorney General Talis Colberg, who resigned.

Palin created confusion over who would become lieutenant governor amid the chaos of her resignation announcement by declaring that Campbell would assume the post after current Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell was sworn in as governor, bypassing Schmidt.

Schmidt told Channel 2 News over the weekend he no longer wanted the position.


“She seems to have planned the succession of state business around a picnic rather than the constitution she told us for years and years she cherishes more than anything else,” Ramras said in a phone interview with Channel 2. “It seems to diminish the process, and I find her behavior irresponsible and deplorable.”


According to a legal opinion issued by the Legislative Affairs Agency’s Division of Legal and Research Services, state law is murky, at best, in trying to resolve the vacancy during the Legislature’s recess.


House Speaker Mike Chenault said the Legislature will continue looking for a solution.


The questions are unresolved mostly because they’ve never come up before. Then-Gov. Wally Hickel resigned in 1968 to become secretary of the federal Interior Department, but his lieutenant governor-designee did not vacate the post and the order of succession was maintained.


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32 responses to “The Sarah Palin Chronicles: First Secession, Now Succession

  1. Just as she stated the “Department of Law” would protect her in the White House, she is showing her lack of knowledge once again. She has no clue who is supposed to step up in the job, or fill the void she is creating. She just decided she was stepping out of the picture and the consequences be damned. Let someone else figure out the details.. she is too pretty and too important to worry about anything like that. Details are for the little people.

    • exactly, annette. she’s too damned lazy to do any kind of research. she only wants titles. she never wants to do any work connected to them.

  2. Next thing she’ll do is ask for special recognition because, unlike her male GOP colleagues, she hasn’t got a mistress.

    • there were some stories about her having an affair with toddie’s friend/business associate. oh, how i would love for that to be proven true. remember the story about her greeting some capt underpants campaign hotshots in her hotel room wearing just a towel? is it really a stretch to believe she’s done some extra-marital flirting and maybe more? inquiring minds want to know!

  3. jeb

    My Mom just told me that the word in Texas is that Gov. Goodhair Perry claims that the Princess is coming here to help him campaign for reelection. Gee, I’m going to vote for someone who gets a quitter to campaign for him, right.

  4. Paul

    Let me ask who would you chose to get a surgery from a person who worked hard and received an Ivy League education, or one who does not care about education (especially science) and drifts and somehow manages to get a degree. She showed her true character, by quitting (cut and run) just like her college years. She couldnโ€™t even give a decent exit speech (her railings against the media was sweet until she did an about face and ask them to go on a fishing trip with her to clarify her โ€œRambling Roseโ€ comments). She was right for Alaska (with a population of less than 700,000), and her education matches it (journalism degree from the University of Idaho in 1987). But if you think anyone who wants to get our country back on track after the fiasco of the last administration with our economy and the fabrication of two wars then you along with the empty party are completely lost (are you surprise about the election results?). For the previous eight years we put up with a dullard president, but no more, you may try in 2012 but our eyes are open. I have heard that Republicans lost because God was against them, I can only say look at the candidates the Republicans put forward on their national ticket and donโ€™t make the same mistake again. Mavericks, please, more like flash over substance (she quit and he fumbled) and the majority of voters saw it. We both know that she is cashing out, book deal, a show (Radio/TV), speaking engagements, she will keep stringing her followers along as long as she keeps the possibility open for running in 2012.

    • hello paul,
      welcome to the raisin! ๐Ÿ˜€

      very well said. the doctor analogy is one that i often use. if princess was a doctor, most of her patients would either be relying on web md to treat themselves or dead.

      after the fiasco of the chimpy administration, you would think that the american people–even rethuglicans–would demand more in a leader. it amazes me that there is a percentage of the population who would be fine with this lazy, moronic, self-centered bimbo as president.

  5. Frankly, my dear, Im GLAD she’s fishing, and not staying in office doing something fishy.

    She’d probably auction off the whole State of Alaska to the highest bidder!

    Best case scenario– she runs into a bunch of pissed off Polar Bears. They’d show her a thing or two about *chain of command*.

    • ๐Ÿ˜† those polar bears are hungry, but even they know that princess would leave a bad taste in their mouths! now, excuse me. princess still has about another week or so to go, so i’m going to check over at e-bay to see if there’s a certain chilly state for sale cheap. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. โ€œThe governor quit and went fishingโ€

    Bwaahaaahhaaa!!! And from a fellow repuglican, too!

    Maverick Bitch, please!!
    No more politics as usual!

    • i love that these quotes are coming from rethugs! i’m really curious as to what will happen in the governor’s race next time. parnell is less than popular. it will be interesting to watch all the daggers coming out.

  7. i bet she is gonna collect unemployment from ALaska – the Palins know how to milk every last nickel

  8. nofair

    she is getting sewed to the point were she cannot be an affective governor with all the crap she has to deal with. I’m from Alaska and the water is fine…

    • I think you meant, “She is getting sued.” Maybe try some bottled water. :-\

    • sewed? you mean people are needling her? the water may be fine up in alaska, but i think the koolaid you added to it is doing bad things to your brain, nofair. her reasons for leaving were pure and utter bullshit that made no sense whatsoever. according to her, no person should ever run for a second term if they can’t run again due to term limits, because they’ll be a lame duck and, therefore, won’t be able to get anything done. she’s a narcissistic asshole who cares for nobody other than herself.