Payback is a Real Bitch, but so is Princess Sarah!

From the Anchorage Daily News:

Levi Johnston, the former fiance of Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, on Thursday joined the crowd offering up potential reasons for Palin’s decision to step down.

Johnston met with reporters to say that he heard her musing about a better life, one in which she could spend more time at home, reduce her stress, and accept the lucrative offers coming her way.

Original DVD cover.

Back in December, a month after her election defeat as John McCain’s running mate, Johnston said that Palin “had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people have been offering us and just run with it, and saying forget everything else.”


Johnston, 19, and his family have engaged in a public feud with the Palins over issues like whether his mother and sister could visit his son, born to Palin’s daughter Dec. 28, and respect. Now Johnston is the latest to join the rampant national speculation about why Palin made the decision to step down July 26 as governor.

Palin has attributed it to frustration over ethics complaints and politically ambitious legislators, saying attacks on her have been costly for the state.


Johnston said Palin made the statement about taking the money to “just run with it,” in early December, when he said he was living at the Palin home and watching television with the governor and her daughter. Palin has disputed that Johnston ever lived with the family at their Wasilla home.

“I know the truth about my family. I know details about whether Levi Johnston was allowed to live with my teenage daughter or not. By the way, it would be over my dead body that a kid would live with my teenage daughter,” Palin said in April.

Johnston at the time was engaged to Palin’s daughter, Bristol, then nine months pregnant with their child.


Johnston said he believes Palin had other reasons for the decision, including a desire for more family time.

“I’ve seen how stressful this job was for her and she came home late at night and things like that,” Johnston said.

He painted a picture of a family constantly receiving offers, even the young children.

Johnston said he believes Palin was talking about “books, talk shows, whatever, things like that” when she discussed taking the money, and that the big deal was the book.

But Palin didn’t have to leave office to get a book deal — she already has one, and the Alaska Department of Law signed off on her having it even as governor.

Johnston is working on his own book deal and said he hopes to be “maybe getting into some movies or something.” In the meantime, he’s doing carpentry work, living with his mother, and about to take his GED test to obtain his high school equivalency diploma.


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21 responses to “Payback is a Real Bitch, but so is Princess Sarah!

  1. Among the list of things for which I find it hard to forgive Gov. Palin: Giving Levi Johnston access to microphones.

    Why can’t they just go on Jerry Springer like everyone else?

    • i feel sorry for levi. it was apparent that he didn’t want to be paraded in front of the world, sitting or standing next to sarah, clapping and making believe he understood or cared what was going on. now he has a baby to support, so if he makes some money from all this, then i’m okay with it. he’s not exactly a rhodes scholar, and he certainly doesn’t have a role model in his mother, so i hope he has someone who’s really on his side looking out for him.

      of course, my preference would have been never to have had princess and joe the plumber and everyone they brought along with them placed on the national stage. i blame capt underpants for all of this.

      • Good point.

        He really only had … ummm … one thing on his mind. To an extent, I think that he’s lashing back because they’re trying to deny him access to his child. For that, I don’t blame him. My ex-wife tried similar stunts (though she had a lot less power, not being a governor or darling of a political party … nor having a whole cable network at her disposal), and in that I’ll agree with you.

        And, yes, McCain never should have put Palin on her pedestal.

        By the way … given that Levi was living with Bristol, and that Palin said that would only happen over her dead body … does that mean she goes with the flow?

        • it takes 2 to tango. bristol was just as responsible–or irresponsible–as he was. that said, they both deserved their privacy, but her mother thought her political aspirations were more important than their wishes. trashing levi later on was juvenile and beyond the pale. i think princess deserves whatever payback levi can dish out.

          • Oh, absolutely … he’s no worse than Bristol in that. No worse than a lot of teenagers, I’m afraid. I don’t know how much you’ve seen of it, but there are Righties who are ready to crucify Levi for being on the wrong side of the Palins.

            What is worse is how Palin plays everything for the camera.

            Knowing that Bristol’s pregnancy would be paraded over the networks, I would have turned down the VP slot had I been her.

  2. jeb

    If I didn’t know better, I’d guess the Princess and some of those around her were swimming in Prince William sound that day when the Exxon Valdez broke up. They are all still oily and slimy 20 years later.

    • not sure. if that was true, i think a lot more wildlife would have died (mostly from bullet wounds). by the way, were the dead fish going with the flow? 😉

  3. Possible Palin Book Titles:

    • Princess & the Pea Brain
    • Once Upon a Wink
    • Rootin’ Tootin’ Palin
    • You Betch’a

    Possible Levi Johnston Book Titles

    • The Wicked Witch of the North
    • Abstinence Minded
    • Big Frost ~ The Palin Family Story
    • The North Pole
    • Alaska Huntin’ & Not shooting blanks
    • Whatever you say Guvnah!

  4. Words fail me, so I’ll post this link to this week’s editorial cartoons.

  5. I am totally psyched to see this knucklehead GED dude bury Sarah the bitch with his backhanded compliments and whatever else comes out of his mouth. It would be so much poetic irony that a doofus jock/partier/gun nut teen ager could sink her ship simply be repeating the Princess rants he was exposed to while watching the fishing channel with his feet on her coffee table, his chest and face covered in a fine mist of orange cheez puff powder. “Bristol, hon ? where the danged remote got to now ?” Dang your Ma kinda scares me sometimes…

    • levi probably heard and saw lots of things that he doesn’t even realize are important, and i hope they find a ghost writer who can make him remember those things.

  6. What goes around comes around and visa-versa.

  7. Gee, white trash going after white trash in the media, what a shock.
    I think these backwoods hicks should make up the cast of a new TV show–sort of like the Partridge Family.
    Levi can pretend to play lead guitar and Sarah can pretend to be the lead singer. The daughters can go-go dance and Trigg can play the drums.
    Todd can be the manager and McCain can do cameos as the old grandpa.

  8. i bet sarah wishes it was her and not bristol with levi

    • there were stories in the tabloids about princess boinking one of toddie’s business associates. oh, how i hope someone has pictures!

      • As I recall, the month after Sean Hannity was celebrating the legitimacy of “The Enquirer” as a news source for its fine work breaking up the all-important John Edwards affair, they had Sarah Palin’s rumored affair on the cover. I don’t seem to remember him bringing on the E-in-C to discuss that one.

        As much as I hate public adultery scandals, I have to admit that I sort of hope that this one materializes, just so that we can be done with her once and for all.

        • wickle,
          even if someone came up with videotape, faux news and her supporters will make it so that she was some kind of victim. the stupid things she does and says are never her fault. she’s being victimized. 🙄