CNN: Conspiracy Nuts Network

From Salon:

This week, the birthers — the movement that believes President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and thus not eligible to be president — have gone mainstream, and in a big way. That’s due in part to a YouTube video of a woman shouting at Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., about Obama’s birth certificate. It’s also the work of CNN’s Lou Dobbs, who’s apparently found yet another conspiracy theory to love.

Dobbs actually first began giving the birthers a boost last week, when he had Alan Keyes, who ran against Obama in 2004 and 2008 and is now suing over the president’s birth certificate, on his radio show, along with Keyes’ lawyer, Orly Taitz, the “queen bee” of the birthers. Since then, he’s latched on to the movement, discussing it several times on his radio show and on CNN. On a night he was off, a fill-in host on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” interviewed Keyes and Taitz.

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On his radio show Tuesday, Dobbs was back at it, discussing the issue at length and responding to requests for comment from media outlets including Salon.


“We’ll have some answers for the Los Angeles Times, Salon, a few others, Politico too. You know, and if you’re in the left wing of the political spectrum, come on down, because we’re going to have us a little talk about, oh, all of those crazy things that the American people just want to know,” Dobbs said.


Later in the day, Dobbs brought the issue to CNN again. This time, it was part of a panel discussion at the end of his show with a decidedly unbalanced panel: Just three talk radio hosts, none of whom seemed to have any actual facts at hand — not that they would have contradicted the anchor anyway. One of the panelists, WPHT’s Dom Giordano, noted that he’s actually friends with Phil Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who was one of the original leaders of the birther movement, and that his son once worked for Berg. (Giordano didn’t mention that Berg has also represented him in a lawsuit before.)

From the beginning of his coverage, Dobbs has been repeating a familiar trope of the birthers and their supporters: If Obama would just release his real birth certificate, the long form rather than the certification of live birth he made public last year, then all of this would be over.


But Dobbs knows that the crowd of conspiracy theorists he’s now supporting won’t be placated that easily. When he brought Keyes and Taitz on his show, he mentioned that he’d asked Taitz, off-air, whether the release of a long form birth certificate would satisfy her. “She said no,” Dobbs told his audience, and then directed the question to her again. “Both parents have to be citizens in order to satisfy the requirements of natural-born citizen,” Taitz responded. […] (For the record, Taitz is wrong about the law here, as she very often is; in the 1898 Wong Kim Ark case, the Supreme Court said a child born in the U.S. is a natural-born citizen regardless of their parents’ citizenship.)

Besides, Dobbs is completely wrong about the legal status of the certificate of live birth that Obama released. He said Tuesday that “there is no actual birth certificate. There is a document that says there is a birth certificate.” But what Obama has made public thus far is the same form that anyone requesting their birth certificate from Hawaii would receive, and state officials have made very clear that it’s authentic and shows he was born there.

Taitz and others say, wrongly, that there’s a Hawaiian statute that applied to Obama that would have allowed his parents to register a foreign birth there, and somehow get state officials to say he was born in Honolulu. But as Janice Okubo, the director of communications for the Hawaii Department of Health, recently explained to the Washington Independent’s David Weigel, “If you were born in Bali, for example, you could get a certificate from the state of Hawaii saying you were born in Bali. You could not get a certificate saying you were born in Honolulu.


That gets to the heart of the problem here. While Dobbs’ colleagues at CNN, like Rick Sanchez and even Kitty Pilgrim, his own guest host, have debunked the birthers’ claims, Dobbs himself says he’s learned a lot about birth certificates and the whole issue from Taitz and Keyes. And that raises a question: With other CNN hosts having offered the actual facts on the air — Pilgrim even attributed the debunking to the network itself — why is Dobbs allowed to go on and make these false claims, without any hint of opposition? For now, CNN’s not saying.


There’s a term some use for people like [Orly] Taitz, and she doesn’t like it. It’s “birther”—or, if you want to be really mean, “birfer.” (The controversy was born on the Internet, so naturally the Internet gave it a goofy name.) While rumors about Obama’s background and citizenship simmered throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, after Election Day, those rumors coalesced into a near-religion for a group of true believers. To Taitz and the unknown number of people who agree with her, Barack Obama isn’t president and probably wasn’t even born in the U.S. Taitz, a Laguna Niguel dentist [and a real estate broker according to World Net Daily] with a law degree from an online academy, has been awarded a few creative variations on the birther term: “The Queen Bee of Birferstan” is probably the best.

“That’s demeaning,” Taitz says. “I don’t call anybody names.”

This isn’t quite true. She calls Obama a “usurper” and an “arrogant jerk from Africa and Indonesia.” She called a judge an “idiot.” And she calls anyone who stands in her way an “Obama thug.”


In the past eight months, [Orly] Taitz’s face has become one of the most recognizable of what its adherents prefer to call the “eligibility” movement, and her actions have been some of the most controversial. Her end goal is simple—to remove Obama from office—but her methods have sometimes put her at odds with other anti-Obama activists. And that’s not to mention the legion of Obama supporters who have assembled evidence claiming that Taitz is, at best, a liar and, at worst, treasonous.


[…] her real entrance onto the national stage came in early December. Political activist Robert Schulz is an engineer by trade, but he bills himself as a constitutional scholar. Others merely call him a tax cheat: A federal judge held him in contempt of court in May 2008 for refusing to comply with an earlier injunction ordering his We the People Foundation to stop teaching people how to “legally” avoid payroll taxes (it wasn’t legal). But later that year, his cause wasn’t taxes; it was Obama. Schulz took out two full-page ads in the Chicago Tribune asking President-elect Obama to hand over a number of documents at a press conference Schulz would be holding on Dec. 8.

Obama didn’t show up for the conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. (Schulz had rented out the room), but Taitz did. […] Taitz, who was invited by Schulz, spoke for several dozen minutes about her legal actions against Obama.


The conference earned Taitz mentions on Slate and Salon; the latter reported that “Taitz . . . kept making stranger and stranger assertions


It’s difficult to estimate how many people believe that Obama isn’t eligible to be president. [Pennsylvania lawyer Philip] Berg [who attempted to block the Democratic National Committee’s endorsement of Obama] claims the number is around 15 million (he’d like to see awareness reach 75 million, at least). World Net Daily, a right-wing news site that publishes a steady stream of Obama-slamming stories, reportedly has gathered 380,000 signatures for its petition related to the matter. But, as with any online petition, there’s no way to know how many of those are duplicates or fakes. Taitz has been able to direct her readers to flood government officials with so many e-mails, phone messages and letters that they eventually return her phone calls.


Aside from World Net Daily, more traditional conservative media sources—not to mention politicians—have condemned the birth-certificate question as a waste of time. In January, talk-show host Michael Medved classified Taitz and the other eligibility attorneys as “crazy, nutburger, demagogue, money-hungry, exploitive, irresponsible, filthy conservative imposters.” Taitz sent him a letter demanding a retraction.

Read the whole article, kids, and you’ll see how batshit crazy this woman really is.


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42 responses to “CNN: Conspiracy Nuts Network

  1. Yes she is.. I have had her in my state signing up people.. she has at least 3 or 4 people signed up here.. state reps .. one right here in my own town.. I am so ashamed.. I want to face him and call him out the next time I see him, if I do..but he stays hidden.. he is a nut job anyway..

    And dear old Cynthia (put the children to work, so they won’t be hungry) Davis, she is a birfer, and has signed up with Taitz, yeah, she is just as bat shit crazy as Taitz is. But, then we knew that.. of course there is all kinds of stuff about dear old Cynthia we kids walking down the highway at 4 years of age just to mention one.. but I digress..

    Again, yes, crazy birfers… they are getting worse and as long as the media feed them, they will keep growing.

    • i think in this case, the more they’re on tv, the more ridiculous they look. i don’t think they’re winning over any hearts and minds when g. gordon liddy appears on hardball sounding like he never met a bottle of jim beam he didn’t like. they have no argument. they can talk about birth certificates all they want, but people will actually look at their own or their kids’ and realize that they no longer list the doctor’s name or the the other particulars, at least in some states. i just looked at my son’s birth certificate, and it only has his birthdate, parents’ names, county, and gender.

  2. I hope Dobbs gets yanked from CNN like Beck did.

    • i emailed cnn and said that i will not watch their station as long as they employ lou dobbs, as they have no journalistic integrity as long as they have one of their anchors spewing birther nonsense. i didn’t write to the lou dobbs’ show, as it wouldn’t get any attention there. instead, i wrote to the situation room.

    • George Walters

      What a liberal moron; only people like you would believe that the Obamanation is an American citizen. THINK!!! I know it’s more difficult for liberals but what’s the big deal about producing the birth certificate and putting this to rest. BECAUSE HE’S NOT A LEGAL CITIZEN. Hello, anyone home????
      As for Glenn Beck; another stupid comment by a liberal. Maybe you should watch Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly and listen more to Rush and Coulter. You just may get an education and wise up about your “god” Obamanation. I’m going to assume you’re one of the idiots that I can thank for this treasonous administration.

      • i really, really try to be nice to people who comment here. therefore, i will phrase my response to you politely–
        go screw yourself, please.

  3. *Distraction Alert*

    While they rattle their jaws about a freaking birth certificate….

    • 63 coalition troops died in Afghanistan this month, the deadliest month since we first started a war there in 2001.

    • 6 soldiers died in Iraq- the two wars casualties combined exceed 5000.

    • $890 billion dollars for these wars.
    PLEASE! Tell your congresspeople, when they say they will need to make cuts to afford healthcare, invite them to visit the WAR budget!

    • Anywhere to 47 million to 86.7 million Americans do not have health insurance.
    1 in 6 give or take, and many of those who do have insurance are screwed as well with co pays, additional % cost of total fees, denials, undercoverage.

    Fact is a few birthers have already gone to court over this issue and it has been *thrown out*- even the right leaning Supreme Court threw out the case- this year:

    The Supreme Court has denied Philip Berg’s lawsuit over Barack Obama’s citizenship.

    Berg was one of the primary proponents of the theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya or surrendered his citizenship upon moving to Indonesia as a child, thus, making him ineligible to be President.

    The court docket shows that on January 12, 2009 the petition was denied. That means at least six Justices upheld Judge Barclay Surrick’s ruling that Berg lacked standing.

    The GOP likes to play the distraction card.
    No sale.

    • this isn’t the distraction card. this is the wink wink nod nod we can be racists without ever mentioning his race card. this is playing to the same base princess sarah played to.

      • Yes, the batshit insane. *rolls eyes*

        Back in the mid 70s, when I was still in high school, I figured out that, even though we’d just had a spate of violence by leftists, that there were far more right-wingers in the U.S. and, unlike the radical left, they weren’t fading away. I concluded then that the right-wing was far more dangerous than the left. So far, they’ve proven me right.

        • they are dangerous. the radical left grew up and mellowed. the radical right keeps getting nuttier and nuttier.

          • Marion Carter

            I think you’re a bit confused as to who is dangerous and nuts. The left are like beligerent little children. If you don’t get your way you attack and try to destroy. You don’t want the truth to get out. You only care about youselves. You don’t care about the plight of the poor, blacks, uneducated etc you only care about your own agenda. Actually the liberals are the most racist people in this country. Just 1 example is Barbara Boxer (gotta love her and, what a surprise, a liberal). You people must be so proud. Oh, did I forget Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel and my 2 favorites, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Read. Liberals like to believe they live in glass houses but should be careful about throwing stones. You people are a sad, misguided lot. It would behoove you to spend more time watching Glenn Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and listening to Rush and Ann Coulter. You just may learn something. Or are you people not interested in the truth about yourselves??? I assume I can thank people like you for this joke of a president and his band of liars, tax evaders and theives.

            • you must be friends with george walters! please see my response to him above, and apply it to yourself. in fact, do it twice!

              p.s. it’s harry reid.

              • Marion Carter

                I wouldn’t waste my time reading what you said to Walters because, as a liberal, it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about.
                Oh, and thanks for correcting the spelling of REED’s last name, that was important little tidbit!!!!!
                Go back to your nonsensical rants, it’s what you liberals do best.
                Again, smarten up and watch Hannity, Beck and O’Reilly and listen to Rush and Coulter, you might learn something. It will be difficult to hear the hard truth but in the end you’ll be glad you did. Good luck to you.

                • it’s reid, moron! why did you bother coming back here, marion? is ranting about the geniuses at faux news some kind of foreplay for you and george? 🙄

                  by the way, marion, ann coulter said that the birthers are just a bunch of cranks. 😮 that would include rushbo, i guess, since he keeps pushing the birther bullshit. what does that mean for you, marion? what will you do? whose koolaid will you sip–ann’s or rushbo’s? they can’t both be right. is your head exploding yet, marion? 😯

                  • Marion Carter

                    Thanks for the laughs, you’re a “funny one”. Oh, and thanks for correcting my spelling of REED’s last name. But, you really should calm down, you’re hysterical. It’s simply not healthy. Maybe you can seek out a specialist who can help you with your anger issues and hysteria. Maybe you will become part of Obamanationcare and get the help you need. This is not the forum to freak out when someone doesn’t agree with you so good luck, you really need it. Adios and CALM DOWN, seek help. hee, hee xxxxoooo

                    • hey marian,
                      go leave some turds in someone else’s punchbowl. in fact, go start your own blog. i don’t find you amusing anymore. you bore me.

                    • calkid

                      I just finished reading the comments and I must agree; Miz Nonnie666, I mean, 9999, is hysterical. I believe she commented she has a kid. He, she, it must be very proud of her filthy mouth. This is certainly not the place to talk trash like her. I was led to believe that a person could make fairly intelligent comments here. She has clearly soiled this site. I’m outta here!!!
                      IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!!

  4. Jenn/jlms qkw

    1 in 8 us-americans are hungry.

    hi nonnie!

    until yesterday i didn’t know this orly person was a female – she is a disgrace to our chromosones.

    i just hope the birfers hook up with palin. hahahahahahaha.

    i happen to know what a state-issued birth certificate for a foreign birth looks like, and it doesn’t look anything like obama’s birth certificate.

    • jenn!! 😀
      i was wondering if you were ever going to make your way over here again. i’ve missed you! 😦

      i just happened to find my son’s birth certificate in a drawer in my night table, and it doens’t have the hospital he was born in or the name of the doctor who caught him. i guess that means that he can never run for president, even though i’ve never had a passport and could never have traveled to kenya.

  5. Jenn/jlms qkw

    hmmm, son’s may or may not have the hospital – his looks different from our daughter’s.

    states commonly issue US state birth certificates of foreign births, after the appropriate court documents are filed and approved. it’s pretty easy to get an extra copy of your state birth certificate, and just hell to get another one from china. we used the utah birth cert to get her passport.

    i am taking my time to get back into routines and such – my brain is still somewhere over the pacific, but it’s getting closer 😉

    • if obama was born in another country, he could still have a certificate of birth in hawaii, but it would have said that he was born in another country.

      i figured that you were still decompressing. i’m still waiting to hear all about your trip.

  6. Phil Berg is also a 9-11 Truther, who advocates the position that the World Trade Center was attacked by US forces. It is a testament to the power of blind hatred that these people on the Right will team up with him. Normally, being a Truther would rule that out. He’s apparently forgiven because he’s against the black guy … errr, … Pres. Obama.

    I hate that so many people keep believing this. I know some reasonably-intelligent people in real life who are buying it. That scares me.

    That’s the thing about internet stories … they never go away, even though they’ve been debunked.

    You’re right, Dobbs no longer belongs on CNN. He should follow the Glenn Beck career path and move networks. If he’s buying this malarkey, then he certainly is crazy like a Fox … and not in a good way.

  7. jeb

    Her end goal is simple – to get her mug on TV as much as possible.

    The scariest part of this story is I found out that I actually am in agreement with Michael Medved on something. Brrrrrr!

    • Don’t worry, Jeb. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    • she has delusions of grandeur. i read the article about her on world net daily, and i was laughing. this woman is so full of crap. there’s nothing she can’t do. her childhood was dark and tragic under a communist regime. that’s why she’s trying to save the united states now. she had to take her licensing test to be a dentist here when she was 8 months pregnant. then she took law courses from a mail order joint and passed the california bar exam (though i read elsewhere that there was some hinky stuff involved in this). she has 3 sons, and volunteers at their school one day a week without fail. when her kids took taekwando classes, she earned her black belt. when she wanted to buy her house, she didn’t want to pay full commission, so she got her real estate broker’s license (there are legal issues here, too). she supposedly speaks 5 languages, too. is there nothing this woman can’t do? all that, and she still has time to file frivolous lawsuits and be on tv and radio! do you sense the undeniable scent of bullshit? 😐

  8. I think most GYN’s can cure a case of Orly Taitz with a little penicillin and some anti fungal cream.

  9. no room to reply to calkid up there, so i will reply here. did you think i wouldn’t notice that you, marion, and george walter’s comments all came from the same location? fairly intelligent people are quite welcome to comment here, even when they disagree with me. that doesn’t include you or your 2 friends, as you possess no intelligence whatsoever. go away, asshole, and take your 2 sockpuppets with you.

    • Oh, but, come on! Didn’t you get that brilliant joke? 666 instead of 9999? Get it? You’re the devil ’cause you’re against lying! It’s funny!

      Wait a minute … no, it’s not. Never mind.

      • i did notice, wickle, but i figured that nobody could really be as stupid as calkid/marion/george, so i thought that maybe c/m/g has a learning disability like dyslexia, and i didn’t want to make fun of that. 😉

  10. Some days it’s all go around here. You display the patience of Job with these malcontents. Right now on TPM muckracker there is a 20 page lambasting of the Taitz woman for all kinds of illegal activity in the Florida Federal court. A must read. You always get the goofiest trolls, almost amusing if they weren’t such dipshits.

    • sorry to answer so late, jerry. i completely missed your comment until i checked my email.

      i had forgotten about these trolls. they were a particularly ambitious bunch. i hope they get paper cuts from all the little tags on the teabags.