From Bad to Verse

From MTV:

It’s no “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or “Rocket Man,” but William Shatner took to the airwaves on Monday night on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” and turned former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s rambling, magnetic poetry-esque farewell speech into a soaring benediction in the way only a tireless pitchman/geek legend/part-time beat poet can.

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Wrapping his velvet fog voice around such tortured pastoral blank verse as, “Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun/ And then the extremes/ In the winter time it’s the frozen road that is competing with the view of ice fogged frigid beauty/ The cold though/ Doesn’t it split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs,” Shatner almost made the goodbye address make sense.


After watching it several times, O’Brien said it finally dawned on him that the hard-to-follow media-takedown “was always meant to be a poem!””Hence, he invited frequent guest Shatner out to read the speech in its entirety while backed by bongos and a stand-up bass player. What doesn’t make sense about that, liberal media?

(Video at link)

From MTV:

Well, he’s done it again. Following up on his masterful performance on Monday night’s “Tonight Show,” William Shatner returned to Conan O’Brien’s stage in Los Angeles to once again lambaste the words of former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In Monday’s segment, Shatner did dramatic readings of portions of Palin’s jumbled farewell address. Last night, the “Star Trek” veteran and Emmy winner brought his best bohemian voice to Palin’s Twitter. Like her speech, O’Brien assumed that Palin’s tweets were simply poems in disguise.

On her exit, Palin promised that she would keep in touch with her fans and followers via the microblogging service, though she has yet to update her feed since exiting office. Still, her history of tweets provided plenty of fodder for Shatner and his accompanying bongo and bass players. […] Palin’s message isn’t any clearer when delivered from the soothing throat of the original Captain Kirk, but it certainly becomes more entertaining.

(Video at link)


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24 responses to “From Bad to Verse

  1. I wonder what she thought of it? Probably over her head.

  2. Sorry, but I prefer Palin’s bemused, rambling stylings of her own bemused rambling, er…bemused ramblings.

  3. Wow – I caught some of this on the radio and I thought it was a joke, Awesome.

  4. It actually made it sound almost palatable. Almost I said…lol At least as poetry you could see a rationale about it.. otherwise there was nothing…

    Nothing except a bunch of words stuck together in a jumble.. and his voice is certainly much more pleasant than hers.

    • i think she hears serious people speaking here and there, takes snippets of what they said (or rather, the version she hears echoing in her empty cranium), strings them together with no understanding of any of it, and thinks she’s actually being profound. in fact, she’s just profoundly stupid. you betcha!

  5. jeb

    Is it possible that she was on acid when she gave the speech and we were all tripping?

  6. I put a YouTube video of the first poetry reading on my Facebook and LiveJournal pages. It was taken down because of a copyright claim by GE. I have to got to Hulu to watch it.

    As for Shatner, he’s having a great time being himself.

    • i will be forever grateful to william shatner and everyone else involved in bringing boston legal to tv. i absolutely loved that show, one of the most intelligent and intelligently funny shows ever.

  7. I caught Shatner’s interpretation….. Ha!
    Sarah P has gone further off the deep end.

    Now she has a lawyer sending threatening letters to bloggers.

    Some kind of crazy!

    • apparently, all those troops are fighting and dying only for princess’s free speech rights, nobody else’s. 🙄

    • Princess Sarah is still a public figure, which means that the bar for defamation is much higher than for a private citizen. I’m sure her lawyers are aware of that. I’m also sure the bloggers know that, too, which is why they’re thumbing their noses at the legal nastygrams.

      Now, imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. What do you suppose the reaction would have been if Bill and Hilary Clinton had sued, say, Free Republic for publishing the tinfoil-hat-wearing rumors that the Clintons had ordered the murder of Vince Foster? That would have spread the rumor faster than throwing water on a grease fire and would have attracted lots of fund-raising from the Right to defend the owners and users of the site. Don’t Princess Sarah and her representatives realize that the same thing would happen here should they follow through?

      • i don’t think princess has anything in mind other than keeping her name in the news. she doesn’t care if it’s good or bad, just as long as people are hearing or reading about her. i think the clock is ticking down for princess. i don’t think most people give a damn what she’s up to these days.

  8. Without nationally prominent speechwriters and GOP strategists, Palin is just small town Alaska trailer trash without the IQ or the education to express herself beyond an 8th grade level.
    In many ways, she’s George W. Bush without the money or connections: incurious, intellectually lazy, artificially pious and dimwitted.
    And if these crackpot birthers want another birth certificate to examine, they should start with her grandson Trigg’s. After delivering a litter of four, her so-called pregnancy should have shown by 6 weeks.