The Senator ‘n Sin


WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. John Ensign’s top staff at the National Republican Senatorial Committee knew about the senator’s affair during the height of the 2008 election season last summer before the party’s devastating losses that bolstered Democratic control of the Senate, according to e-mails obtained by a Las Vegas Sun columnist.

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The Sun’s Jon Ralston is also reporting this afternoon that the woman’s husband sought help from former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, further questioning if Santorum tipped off Ensign that the husband was going public with the affair.

(You can read e-mail from Doug Hampton to Rick Man-on-Dog Santorum at bolded link–warning, PDF files)

Ralston reports that Mike and Lindsey Slanker, the husband-and-wife team that helped run the national committee when Ensign was its chairman last year, struggled as they dealt with fallout from the senator’s affair.

(E-mail from Lindsey Slanker to Cindy Hampton and between Mike Slanker and Doug Hampton at bolded link–PDF again)

Ensign admitted an affair with Cynthia Hampton, his former campaign treasurer, whose husband, Doug Hampton, had been one of the senator’s top aides at the time.

Ensign later helped Doug Hampton get a job with November Inc., the Nevada-based political consulting firm run by the Slankers.

Mike Slanker worked as the committee’s political director for the 2008 election cycle, and his wife was the committee’s financial director.

In one e-mail exchange dated July 10, 2008 between Mike Slanker and Doug Hampton obtained by Ralston shows that Slanker would have been aware of the affair.


Another e-mail that day from Lindsey Slanker to Cynthia Hampton further discusses the difficulty the situation has had on their friendship.

Mike Slanker had previously told the Associated Press he was unaware of the affair.


Ensign’s Republican colleagues in the Senate essentially gave him a pass after losing eight seats during the 2008 election and putting Democrats within sight of a filibuster-proof majority, chalking it up to a difficult year for the Republican Party.

Ensign went on to be elected by his peers to party leadership last fall, but stepped down from the No. 4 position earlier this year after announcing his affair.


Ralston also reports that Doug Hampton’s e-mail to Santorum is dated June 15, the day before Ensign abruptly left Washington to return to Las Vegas to announce the affair.


Ensign’s office has said the senator decided to go public because the husband was taking the affair to the media.

Santorum has declined to address the situation when asked recently by Politico.


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17 responses to “The Senator ‘n Sin

  1. Slime buckets. Brush everything under the carpet just in hopes to not lose another one of their precious seats. G-d forbid.

  2. Dusty

    I just want to know when someone in a position of authority is going to investigate this sumbitch’s payments to his lover and her family.

    • Dusty, it is being looked into.. and his daddy is about to lose out on his big Casino deal in Kansas. I just wrote it up this morning. There was an article in the KC Star.. that CREW has turned it over to the FBI and they are holding up on all the permits and the go ahead on the Casino deal in KS because of possible Gaming Commission violations.. They are looking into it too. If they find anything of course it is all off, and if they can’t prove or disprove anything by Aug. 28th it’s all off.

      • Dusty

        Yay!!!!!! Just don’t hear much about it Annette, thanks! 😉

        • i read that the deal in kansas would get more scrutiny, but when i checked later on, i read this from sfgate:

          The Kansas Lottery director says a $96,000 payment by U.S. Sen. John Ensign’s parents to the senator’s former mistress won’t prevent state officials from forwarding Ensign’s father’s casino proposal to a review board this month.

          Ed Van Petten of the Kansas Lottery Commission said Tuesday there have been no allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the Nevada Republican’s father, Michael Ensign.

          money always wins out in the end.

    • i hope the fbi or the fec investigates every single senator who knew about the payoffs, especially paying the mistress’s kid a salary out of nrsc’s coffers. if it proves to be a crime that the kid was getting paid, then they are all aiders and abettors.

  3. My copy of “The Family” arrived yesterday. This affair will make it even more interesting reading.

  4. I love the GOP! A party full of Elmer Gantry-like hypocrites! What’s not to love? Never really boring, never truly staid, just a bunch of fucking douchebag assholes.

    Again, sorry for the technical jargon. lol

  5. It galls me that these Republican bastards who cheat on their wives are always the loudest ones demanding that Democrats caught cheating should step down.
    But then if they are affiliated in any way with the C Street Cult, they are The Chosen Ones to whom society’s rules do not apply.
    The stupidest people in these sordid stories are the wives who tolerate this bullshit.
    The next stupidest people are those who continue to vote for them, thinking they’ll be honest with them even if they weren’t honest with their wives and families.

    • i don’t know how stupid the wives are. if his mistress and her family got over $100K to keep their mouths (and legs) shut, just imagine what mommy and daddy gave wifey-poo! i think a lot of these marriages fizzle out after a few years, and then they become business deals. the hubbies get to parade around as family men, and the wives get the prestige of being the wives of powerful men and all the perks attached to that.

  6. jeb

    Why am I not surprised that if there is a massive slime leak to be found, Man-on-dog is lying underneath it somewhere?

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