Gonzo’s doing interviews. A little Berty told me!

Hey kids! Gonzo is doing interviews! From The New York Times :

As the first Latino to have served as the attorney general, what are your thoughts as Sonia Sotomayor prepares to become the first Latina on the Supreme Court?
This is obviously a proud and historic moment for all Hispanics.

It has been two summers since you resigned, and you’re still living in Virginia?
I’ve got an apartment in Lubbock, Tex. We’re in the process of moving my family down to Texas. I’ll be teaching this year at Texas Tech University.

When does school begin?

My first day of class is Aug. 31. I’ve also been asked to help the chancellor and the president of the university in recruiting and retaining minorities.

Oh yeah, Gonzo! Send a Rethug to recruit minorities, especially after the Rethuglican senators from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchsion and John Cornyn voted for Sonia Sotomayor! Oh wait, they voted against her! 😳

Original DVD cover.

You’re scheduled to teach a political-science class called “Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch.” What kind of syllabus have you put together?
You mean what am I going to be teaching? We’re obviously going to look at the issues that are confronting this administration. I’m going to try to get the studentsa behind-the-scenes look at how the White House is really organized and how it operates.

We still remember how the Chimpy/Cheney/Rove White House operated, Little Abu.

Some 70 professors at Texas Tech have signed a petition that protests your appointment and cites your “ethical failings,” including misleading Congress abut the firing of nine federal prosecutors. What will you tell your students about that?
All the inspector-general investigations, they’re now over with. They found that I had not engaged in any criminal wrongdoing.

Isn’t there still an ongoing investigation by a special prosecutor who was appointed last year to look into the removal of the attorneys?
I wish I could comment on that, but because it’s an ongoing investigation, I cannot.

Gee, I wonder why they’d protest.

Would you agree that your reputation was damaged by your service as attorney general?
It has had an effect, a negative effect, no question about it, and at times it makes me angry because it is undeserved. But I don’t want to sound like I am whining. At the end of the day, I’ve been the attorney general of the United States. It’s a remarkable privilege, and I stand behind my service.

Good idea to stand behind it, avoid the splatter.

Do you still talk to President Bush?
I have not spoken with the president since he left office.

Have you ever been tempted to pick up the phone and say hi to him?

I do, of course, think about our time together, and there are times when I think about doing that. But listen, I know that he has his life to live. I’ve got challenges and my life to live as well.

Awwww 😥 Widdle Abu misses his Chimpy! 😥

(More of the interview at link)


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30 responses to “Gonzo’s doing interviews. A little Berty told me!

  1. Poor bastard.. I couldn’t feel sorry for him if my life depended on it.. and actually it did for a while, since he was the AG. I hope they protest him every day he is there and finally run him out of a job.. He shouldn’t have one in the first place and I am not sure he will before it is over with, and where does he think he got off on the IG investigations of the Attorney firings.. aren’t those still ongoing? Getting a little ahead of himself isn’t he.. gosh we just got KKKarl questioned, that should put a lot more light on little ole Al here.. Cause I am sure KKKarl is not going to take any heat for himself if he can put it on Al…

    • i get the feeling that, if chimpy, deadeye dick, and rove get cornered, they’ll use little abu as the fallguy for all the criminal acts they are guilty of participating in. little abu is not very bright, and he probably didn’t cover his tracks like deadeye dick and karl did. he was so in love with chimpy that he did everything that was asked of him so that chimpy would love him in return. i’m beginning to think that picking little abu as ag was a setup from the beginning. they counted on his blind loyalty and figured he would think they were covering his ass, while they were really only covering their own.

      • jeb

        I agree Nonnie. I’ve often thought the man has no sense of shame about any of the flagrant violations of the law he was involved in. However, I’m coming to the conclusion that he really is a dim bulb with very little comprehension of what ethics are or what the constitution stands for. I bet he will be the fall guy if/when the toilet if finally flushed. Just the kind of guy who should be teaching at a university, right?

        • i think it’s telling that he and chimpy are no longer in touch. plus, chimpy and deadeye dick are doing nothing to help him pay his legal bills. perhaps they don’t want him to have too good a lawyer (maybe orly taitz will be available). something’s not kosher.

          • chimpy aint talking to abu? do ya think he will spill the beans or does he love georgie so much, even the coldness will not make him blow the whistle

            what a pathetic excuse for having DNA –

            • little abu could be the star of a lifetime movie, if he would just wake up and realize that he was a chump. he was picked for AG because of his blind, unquestioning loyalty to chimpy. he’s the girlfriend so in love that she’ll do anything for her man. if he ever gets over his stockholm syndrome, he can flee to the authorities, tell his story, and they’ll protect him. he’ll fall in love with one of his protectors, and the lifetime movie will be ever so exciting as the lovers are chased by the evil deadeye dick.

              • Friend of the court

                They could dress up like quails and deadeye might shoot another lawyer.

                • good idea. in fact, i think everyone who worked in the chimpy administration should be required to go on a hunting expedition with deadeye dick. and let them all do so while having no health insurance.

  2. Looks like Alberto already has the faculty against him. If he’s an adjunct, that means that he’s not likely to have his contract renewed–and he hasn’t even taught a class yet!

  3. Instant Karma for Gonzo!!!!!

    Check out the petition….

    Click to access 07-25petition.pdf

    That was a few weeks ago, so more have signed since then. Whew! Those College faculty people did a nice job of laying out the facts.

    I also found this:
    All 15 slots in Gonzales seminar class filled quickly; he said the university would consider adding more seats to address the demand.

    15 slots– in a school of 28,422 students!!!

    I’m no math major, but safe to say that is a really small percentage.

    I hope they run Gonzo out of town.

    • wowza! they didn’t fool around, did they? i cracked up when reading the transcript of specter questioning little abu. one of the lines was this:

      GONZALES: Um.

      i don’t know why i found that so funny, but i did. 😆

      i wonder how many other AGs had to search for months for a job and had to settle for one that pays only $100,000 a year.

    • jeb

      Reading through the petition reminds me once again of how despicable Abu really is. Addington and Cheney are scum because of their blatant contempt for the constitution. Abu is worse because he knows it’s wrong but won’t stand up for what’s right. I mean, my God, if you make John Ashcroft look good, there is something desperately wrong with you.

      I know a job for Abu at Texas Tech; tackling dummy for the football team.

  4. nons…you crack me up!! 🙂

  5. Hello Nonnie !! 😀
    I am in the midst of writing a long comment, this is just the start, and will get added to, and get longer and longer …

    Added bit … (from here)

    Mistakes were made – but not this time, Hance says
    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Here’s how I opened my chat with Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance about the hiring of ex-A.G. Alberto Gonzales to teach political science at Guns Up U.:
    “I wanted your comment on the announcement that Tech also has hired Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford and Jack the Ripper.”
    Hance didn’t hang up, so we talked about the reaction to the controversial hire.


    The chancellor remains convinced he’s bringing a good man with a good deal of good experience to campus as a visiting professor and recruiter of Hispanic students.


    Some think Hance could have become a Democratic governor had he not switched to the GOP and run headlong into the money of Clayton Williams (“Putting the goober back into gubernatorial”) in the 1990 GOP primary.
    The historical hypothetic goes like this. If Hance had remained a Democrat, maybe Ann Richards (who barely beat Williams in 1990) never would have been governor. Another version says if Williams had not bought the 1990 nomination, Hance might have defeated Richards.
    And then maybe Richards never would have been governor. And then maybe George W. Bush never would have been governor. And then maybe Bush never would have been president.
    And then maybe we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. And then maybe worldwide peace and prosperity would have prevailed. And then maybe you wouldn’t be fishing around in the toilet for your 401(k).
    So maybe it’s all Hance’s fault.

    This is the first time anyone has been able to pin down exactly whose fault it was that caused America to get lumbered with Chimpy and all his stinking cronies for 8 long years.

    OK, here’s a bit more of the article … its going to get quite homo erotic towards the end. Gonzo is Chimpy’s love child mannequin.

    Maybe not. But if bringing Gonzales to Tech turns out to be a mistake, that will be Hance’s fault.
    No way it’s a mistake, he insists.


    Back in January, I had lunch with Gonzales, Bush’s attorney general who resigned amid controversy in 2007, in McLean, Va.
    Despite expressing confidence in his record and all that Bush had done, Gonzales seemed sad though determined to look forward, not back.
    Mistakes, he said, were made, declining to checklist them.


    “I think there is so much misinformation out there. Not just about me, but about the Bush administration and what we were about. It’s important for our side of the story to be told. If it’s not told by us, no one is going to tell it,” he said.
    I saw him in Midland on Jan. 20 after he flew in from Washington with Bush, who had words of advice for him as they left the plane.
    He kissed me on the forehead and he said, ‘Just stay strong,’ ” Gonzales told me.

    I was going to edit it so that I didn’t copy/paste the entire article, but I didn’t know which bits to leave out, so the whole article is there in my comment. Better delete most of it after you have read it so HR doesn’t get sued for plagiarism.

    PS. I just came home from work and added up my hours — 80 this week — too many, I think they are working me too hard, leaves no time for commenting and such 😦 😦

    PPS. As an afterthought, it just occurred to me that it would be very useful if the people writing news stories and commentaries would insert their own snips into the original article, thereby saving hard pressed bloggers the trouble of having to find suitable passages to cut. With pre-loaded snips, it would make life much easier for everyone.

    • hi mighty mikk0mouse! 😀

      i trimmed down the article a bit, but i’ll encourage everyone to click over to read it in its entirety. it’s still rather long, but i had to leave in the whole story about ann richards and chimpy et al. i guess all that matters down in texas is money. as long as it doesn’t lose them a lot of donations, they’ll keep little abu.

      you work far too many hours. tell your boss that you need time to hang out here. tell him that you have to spread information that might save america! 😯

      i like your idea of having snips in articles. that would make my days much easier. i have to read the whole shebang and decide what’s important. they should just highlight the good stuff so i don’t have to bother with hit. who do i write to?

  6. Friend of the court

    “more, please?”

    • are you doing a reading from oliver, fotc? 😉

      • Friend of the court

        yes. I’m doing lunch with the kinderpeople, again. I spent the summer writing a complaint to file on my pain in the butt brother. It turned out that I can’t do this in pro per because, last year, I put the house in a trust and the trust is an entity so I would be practicing law without a license if I do a partition. Now I have to get a lawyer $$$$. I have an appointment, this afternoon.

        • oy! families and the law, horrible combination. been there, done that, and i didn’t even get a damned t-shirt. nothing’s resolved and probably won’t ever be. i hope your luck is better.

  7. Oh, my! Love the picture of him peeing on The Constitution. lol

    • that’s actually old, z. i posted those ages ago, but when i dusted them off, i realized i didn’t really like how they looked, so i replaced the faces and spruced them up so that they’d be ready for primetime.

  8. KarenZipdrive

    I loved the little cartoon clowns peeing all over everything–hilarious.
    As for Berto Goonzales teaching in Lubbock, half the faculty is raising holy hell about that crooked bastard teaching at Texas Tech.
    But if I could exile the Bush administration anywhere, Lubbock is as good a place as any. It’s a drab, boring stinkhole of epic proportions.

    • i think it’s hilarious that little abu is stuck in lubbock, being hated by half the staff. i wonder how many other ex-AGs had so much trouble finding a job and then had to settle for a measly 100K a year.