Twinkletoes…make that Stinkletoes

From the Los Angeles Times:

Can the onetime “Hammer” of the U.S. House of Representatives do a mean Texas two-step?

In a move startling even by the outlandish standards of reality television, “Dancing With the Stars” announced Monday that former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay — a pugnacious politician under indictment for alleged money-laundering — will be a contestant in the upcoming season.

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“Every season we try to change the game a little and spread the net a bit wider,” said Conrad Green, executive producer of “Dancing With the Stars,” in an interview. “We wanted someone sort of iconic and who the audience would have strong feelings about.”

That would appear not to be a problem, given DeLay’s outspokenness on abortion, religion and the environment over the years. Green said he wanted to include a politician to shake up the dynamics of the program, which pairs celebrities with professional dancers. He added that he considered DeLay’s indictment before offering him the role, but decided it was not enough to keep him off the program.


For his part, DeLay seems to have put politicking on the back burner for now and thrown himself into his new role as a reality-show contestant. His blog,, had been scrubbed of political content Monday and renamed “Dancing With DeLay.”


DeLay’s wife, Christine, said the longtime politician, 62, is a big fan of the show and has been working out all summer to prepare for the rigorous contest. He has a repertoire that includes the two-step, polka, waltz, country swing and disco, she told Emily Miller, DeLay’s former communications director, in an interview posted on Politics Daily.

The news of DeLay’s selection triggered irate complaints from many fans and some amusement among the political cognoscenti. Shortly after host Tom Bergeron announced the new cast on “Good Morning America,” angry viewers posted comments on ABC’s message board denouncing the decision to invite DeLay on the glittery dance program.


The response in Washington was more sardonic.

“Also: Denny Hastert to be on American Idol,” ABC’s chief White House correspondent, Jake Tapper, quipped on Twitter.

DeLay — nicknamed “The Hammer” for the hardball tactics he used to keep members of Congress in line — lost his powerful perch during a corruption scandal that ensnared former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a close DeLay associate. Facing separate money-laundering charges filed by Ronnie Earle, then the Democratic district attorney in Travis County, Texas, DeLay decided not to seek reelection.


[…] Green said he hopes that the participation of a onetime prominent Republican lawmaker on the show will help him land one of his dream contestants: former President Bill Clinton. “For the honor of the Democratic Party, he needs to step up,” he said.

Yeah, and I want my ass to look the way it did when I was 20. Dream on.

DeLay already has a history of trying to corral support for contestants on the show. Shortly after leaving office in 2006, he sent a letter to supporters urging them to vote for country music star Sara Evans when she was competing on the program. DeLay noted that she was up against “ultra liberal talk show host Jerry Springer,” adding: “We need to send a message to Hollywood and the media that smut has no place on television by supporting good people like Sara Evans.”

Evans ended up quitting the program after filing for divorce from her husband of 13 years.

Sara? A quitter? The jokes just write themselves.

This is going to be even more fun than when Mothertucker Carlson tried his best to look like Fred Astaire and wound up looking more like Fred Thompson.

Tip of the hat agent9999hattipΒ to Crashing Vor for planting that movie in my brain, as well as the new title (even if it was meant for Princess Sarah).


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24 responses to “Twinkletoes…make that Stinkletoes

  1. I want to puke. I hate practically all reality shows EXCEPT “Dancing with the Stars”. I LOVE IT! I can’t believe they’ve sold out to politics (unless they were desperate and he was a last choice). Well, if I am any representation of the viewership, he’ll be voted off the show in the first round.

    • the producers have done what they wanted to do–create a buzz about the new season. all these so-called reality shows with stars or superstars or the like in the titles usually have people nobody other than their families have heard of. most of the population don’t even know who tom delay is, and you can be sure he won’t be introduced each week as someone who has been indicted for money-laundering.

  2. jeb

    I guess there were no other thugs available.

    Will there be decontamination units for his dance partners?

  3. It makes sense since he’s so good at tap dancing around the truth so well.

  4. So good, so well? Hmmm, that was redundant of me.

  5. While this is big news elsewhere, it apparently isn’t on the reality TV board where I used to be a moderator. I just checked in there. Not a peep about the show. I guess the hard core reality TV fans just don’t care.

    • over at tv guide, there is only one or 2 people defending delay. most people who have commented about him are saying that abc should be ashamed for selecting him. this was my favorite:

      Sergio Cataldo: Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 4:54 pm PSAST

      Tom DeLay helped Bush to ruin the country….I guess he can do the same for DWTS.

  6. “Hot tub Tommy”‘s going dancing?

    Did Mrs. DeLay learn nothing from Mrs. Sanford’s story?

    Clearly, this is about buzz. I will add it to the list of reasons why I don’t regret our decision not to have cable TV.

  7. Do the people who watch DWTS even know who “The Hammer” is? I would think he is a little long in the tooth for them…lol

    If they wanted a pol for the show I would have thought someone other than an indicted asshole would have fit better…what happens if his court date comes up during filming?

    • most people don’t pay attention to politics, and i would bet that most of the audience of dwts has no idea who tom delay is. of course, many of the so-called stars on dwts are either has-beens or people most have not heard of. there have been people older than delay on the show. this is just free advertising for dwts and probably a way delay thinks he can get some sympathy from prospective jurors for his upcoming trial.

  8. Good to see the “Hammer” is still whoring himself out at every opportunity. Jesus probably told him to do it.

  9. Hello Nonnie !! πŸ˜€
    I searched Tom Delay’s new website, and nowhere does it say “paramount asshole” on any of the pages, which is a pity.

    ps I wrote a health care reform post πŸ™‚

    • hi mighty mikk0mouse! πŸ˜€
      thanks for the link over to tom delay’s website. he just wiped it clean to switch gears from politics to dancing, so he probably either hasn’t had time to add or forgot the paramount asshole designation. then again, maybe he figures it’s implied, so he doesn’t have to put it there.

      that was a very good health care post. you make a very good point about the v.a. being a very good health system. one reason is that everything is in one facility, so you don’t need referrals, you can get everything done in one place at one time, all your medical records are in one place, and they have all the equipment needed for all kinds of tests and for rehab.

  10. How low will they go???

    O.J. Simpson (the gloves are off!)

    Or a new twist to the show–

    Jailhouse Rock– Featuring Bernie Madoff, and Phil Specter & a few Enron Execs??

    • i think tom tancredo is itching to dress up in feathers and sequins. rod blagojevich can dance to only elvis songs.

      if you’re going to have a jailhouse rock show, then you can’t forget little dukie cunningham.

  11. At age 62, if DeLay breaks a hip on the dancefloor do you think the death panel will opt to shoot him like a lame horse?

  12. Hello Nonnie !! πŸ˜€

    I like that your commenters keep you on your toes by sometimes placing comments here and there in some of the older diaries. Then I guess they keep an eye out to see if you notice πŸ™‚

    Anyway, here’s an abbreviated version of a good story (I like the headline), and here’s the full version of the same story. The latter has what may be my all time favorite quote, because it is so easily adaptable to all of HR’s villains:

    β€œSanford** has reached the height of hypocrisy, or I thought he had, and he keeps going higher,” Rutherford said.

    ** — insert name of HR villain of your choice πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    ps: Karen Zipdrive’s post More Hidden Threats in HCR Bill — v. funny and to the point.

    • hi mighty mikk0mouse! πŸ˜€

      the commenters here are very feisty and very sneaky. however, they are very smart and very well-informed (with a few exceptions), so i let them stick around. πŸ˜‰

      poor sparky marky mark. it seems his troubles keep mounting. he should go cry on lindseypoo’s shoulder and then take a trip. i hear argentina is lovely this time of year.