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Puttin’ on the Ditz

From Mike Papantonio at the Pensacola News Journal:

In recent weeks, Democrats have made progress with their leadership management skills. Here is what they have figured out: When your opposition is burning down, don’t get involved. Sit back and allow it to happen.

For example, when the GOP floats the story that Obama is building concentration camps to house conservative critics, just hush, sit quietly and let them tell that story. When Glenn Beck goes on the air to tell us about those new Obama concentration camps, don’t interrupt him even when it’s clear that those buildings he’s afraid of are probably mental health facilities.

Or when their party leader, Sarah Palin, suggests that Obama’s health care reform plan includes a death panel that will condemn elderly Americans to die if they require too much medical care, remember: Sit quietly and let the lunatics loose on themselves.

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