The Color of Stupid

From the Los Angeles Times:

Fox News host Glenn Beck used his popular show Monday to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor and co-founder of an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.

Beck did not address the boycott spearheaded by Color of Change to protest the talk show host’s remark last month that he believes President Obama is “a racist.”

Instead, he spent a large share of his program suggesting that Jones, who co-founded Color of Change in 2005, is a radical.

Original DVD cover
Look, Glennie, Gretchen Carlson still considers you one of her Fox and Friends’ friends. Be careful, though, as it appears that her lips have never stopped growing, and they may ‘splode at any moment.

Jones now serves as a special advisor for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Beck said Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a “rowdy black nationalist.”


“Why is it that such a committed revolutionary has made it so high into the Obama administration as one of his chief advisors?” Beck asked.

Christine Glunz, a spokeswoman for the Council on Environmental Quality, noted that Jones has been lauded as an environmental hero and said his entire focus is on “building clean energy incentives, which create 21st century jobs.”

“Glenn Beck is trying to change the subject,” said James Rucker, executive director of Color of Change, who noted that Jones has not been active with the group in almost two years. “The issue is his baseless fear mongering.”

Beck’s assault on Jones came as Color of Change announced that it had secured commitments from 36 companies who pledged not to advertise on Beck’s program, including Wal-Mart and Sprint.


While the advertising boycott has generated substantial media coverage, a Fox News spokeswoman said companies that have pulled their ads have merely moved their spots to different programs, so it has not had an effect on the network’s revenues.

Since his Fox News show began in January, Beck has attracted a sizable audience with his denunciations of the Obama administration and apocalyptic warnings about the country’s direction. Late last month, during an appearance on the morning show “Fox & Friends,” he accused Obama of having “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”


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28 responses to “The Color of Stupid

  1. jeb

    I have a deep-seated hatred for Beck or the Beck culture.

  2. err….just moved their ads to different programs. Knock, knock…is Glenn home?? Yes, he’s home, but there are no lights on. Let me fill you in, if that continues happening to your show Glennie boy, FOX will be saying BYE, BYE to ya!! So, keep it up, dufus.

    • i have no illusions that little glennie is going to lose his show. there’s no shortage of stupid out there, so his audience will remain too big for faux to ever fire him. i honestly don’t know if this targeting of him is a good or bad thing now. at first, i loved that advertisers were leaving him. however, the bigger evil is faux news, and they aren’t losing any revenue. in addition, this is giving little glennie a lot of attention, and he’s eating it up. it’s making his audience even bigger, if only temporarily. instead of trying to take down the idiots at faux, maybe time would be better spent ignoring them and trying to develop progressive radio programs that can really develop a large audience.

      • It’s all about money, and if the big advertisers don’t want put their money on him, even though viewership is high, the show will not survive. FOX will only float him for so long.

        • of course it’s all about money. and glenn blech brings eyes to faux news. the advertisers aren’t leaving faux, they’re leaving blech’s show, so faux doesn’t lose any money. this will soon be forgotten, and advertisers will go back to blech, too.

          • I hope you’re wrong about that nonnie; UPS’s withdrawal is a precedent setting decision; but it’s going to take real boycotts on the big turds who just wanta exploit the fux sheeple. Shit. No new Mercedes for me.

            • i hope i’m wrong, too, mh. ups withdrew ads from faux, but they stressed that it’s only temporary. we don’t know if it’s a result of the current brouhaha or if it’s a marketing strategery they decided on months ago. if it’s the latter, they might have taken advantage of the situation and figured they could look like good guys.

  3. Developing progressive radio stations is a great idea, but how do we go about doing that? I am all for it, but I have none in my area at all.. I listen to what I get through the computer.. and that’s the only way I can get any of it.. There are NO stations anywhere close to me.. well not that I can get on a radio anyway.. all the radio around here I could listen to would be either Beck, Hannity or Limpaughs.. and I refuse to listen to them.. I will listen to crickets before them.. and I am sincere in that.. and then I will lose my mind because I can’t stand silence.

    • oh, annette, i wish i knew. we used to have a progressive station here, and they switched it over to sports. i wrote an email to the station to complain, and i actually got an answer. they simply were not making any money as a progressive talk station. i wish i knew what the secret is to making progressive radio popular.

    • Hi Annette, I would always choose crickets over dicks any day! But I have a range of hearing loss in one ear that makes it really hard to hear them unless they’re pretty loud; but add tinitis to that and it really sucks. I haven’t heard actual silenceโ€” which I loveโ€” for several years now; wish we could trade. But those treasonous assholes you mentioned can’t hold a candle to crickets.

  4. Good choice of movie, as you didn’t have to change the title at all, although I’d rather look at Johnny Depp.

  5. I’m not a violent guy, but I would seriously consider beatin’ the holy livin’ shit out of Glenn Beck if I ever met him in person. Actually, I am a violent guy. lol. Just kidding. Maybe.

  6. KarenZipdrive

    I had to laugh at Beck’s flimsy, veiled revenge efforts with Van Jones.
    Apparently, these Fox meatpuppets think full disclosure is just for sissies.
    With Beck’s sobbing and quivering chin style of punditry, I have to wonder just how much he was tortured by bullies as a child.
    I picture him as a fat kid who smelled like pickles and got his lunch money taken away daily. And I’ll bet he was always chosen last in P.E. and used to be everyone’s favorite dodgeball target.
    Grown men who act like him ALWAYS have some serious childhood issues they are just too scared to deal with as adults.
    Fox just loves these kind of pundits–they appeal to their ignorant viewers who consider evolving something only apes do.
    I’m not a violent person either, but I’d gladly kick Beck in the balls so hard he could join the Vienna Boys’ Choir… in the castrati section.

    • i always picture him as the kid with the red rheumy eyes, snot encrusted around his nose, with the constant clear mucus dripping into his mouth. oh wait! that was last week!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. Dusty

    Glenneth is so out of his league, its almost pathetic.

    Notice I said almost..gawd how I love to watch him come unglued..from afar. I can not watch him, 15 seconds is the longest, for fear of my head exploding.

    • i can’t even stand to look at him. he’s got that smarmy air about him of a person who is so incredibly stupid, but thinks he’s brilliant. the only time i would ever watch him is in a debate with someone with an ounce of common sense, just to watch him completely disintegrate. he’s the male princess sarah.

  8. Once upon a time, people like Glenn Beck were considered paranoid bigoted lunatics. Now, they’re Fox TV hosts.

  9. I actually took fox’s station off of my remote control so it skips right over it without my having to see those unhinged, rabid prevaricators.

    • Dusty

      OMG..I want to remove them from my remote too. Gotta figure out how. Thanks Mykelb! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i’m not a channel surfer, so i don’t need to take it off my remote. what i did do, though, is to program the name on my dvr. i’m allowed 4 characters for each channel. i chose disc for the discovery channel, hist for history channel, and brav for bravo. i will leave it to your imagination as to what i chose for faux news. i’ll give you just one hint–it begins with f and ends with k. ๐Ÿ™‚