She quits everything except quitting

From Anchorage Daily News:

Organizers of an Anchorage event that has been billing Sarah Palin for weeks as a star speaker were left scrambling Wednesday after learning that the former governor won’t be there for tonight’s event and claims to have never been asked.

It would be at least the fourth time in recent months that an anticipated Palin speech has fallen through after Palin and her camp disputed they had ever confirmed it. That includes the brouhaha over whether she’d speak at the annual congressional Republican fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C., this summer.

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(Every campaign sign for Captain Underpants’s John McCain’s reelection in Arizona should have Princess Sarah’s picture affixed to it.)

This time it’s an event promoting an Alaska ballot measure aimed at making it illegal for teens to get an abortion without telling their parents. The Alaska Family Council has been advertising that Palin would give a speech and become the first official signer of the ballot petition tonight at ChangePoint, the Anchorage megachurch.

Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said Wednesday, in response to inquiries from the Daily News about tonight’s event, that “this is the first we have ever heard of a speech.” She said Palin is out of state and won’t be there.

Stapleton declined to provide details on where Palin is and what she is doing.


Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery said it was news to him when a reporter told him that Stapleton was saying Palin had no knowledge of the speech, which his group has been promoting. He said organizers have been talking to Palin “contacts” for weeks about it.


He declined to say who the organizers had been speaking to. “I’d just prefer to keep it kind of anonymous right now, especially since you’re hearing something that’s opposite of what we’ve been hearing.”


Palin and Star Parker, a national anti-abortion advocate, have been advertised as the draws for tonight’s “kick-off celebration and public signing ceremony” as well as a private fundraiser to benefit the ballot measure earlier in the evening at an Anchorage home. The suggested donation is $500 a couple.

Palin spokeswoman Stapleton said Palin was indeed invited to the fundraiser.

“She had hoped to be able to attend but cannot return (to Alaska) in time for that private fundraiser,” Stapleton said.

She said Palin notified the group that she would be out of town; Minnery said he didn’t know anything about Palin saying she wouldn’t be in Anchorage.


The group’s e-mail newsletter last week said that “following her speech on the importance of parental involvement in abortion decisions,” Palin would sign the petition.


Stapleton said Palin had previously agreed to be the first signer of the petition for the ballot measure pushed by the family council. But, “obviously since the signature-gathering process started a couple of weeks ago there was less pressure to get home to be the first to sign,” she said Wednesday.


This was expected to be Palin’s first public event since she resigned as governor a month ago. An advertised Aug. 8 Palin appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California had been previously billed as the first. But Stapleton crushed that talk with a July 30 note on Palin’s Facebook page saying the former governor never promised to attend the California event and wouldn’t because of “other work and commitments to take care of.”

Sightings of Palin have been few and far between since. She spent some time in New York recently meeting with the editor and publisher of her book, due out in spring 2010.


Palin’s only consistent communication with the public since resigning has been posts on her Facebook page that are quickly picked up by the news media. They have largely been criticism of Democratic proposals for health care reform, including her contention that President Obama was supporting “death panels” and a Wednesday post praising Fox News host Glenn Beck and asking people to watch his show.

Because the idiots who follow Princess Sarah on Facebook have never heard of Glenn Blechhh or his show. 🙄


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23 responses to “She quits everything except quitting

  1. Isn’t it ironic she hasn’t forgotten the meetings with her publicists about her book.

  2. I see Carl is doing his thing. He just sent me a message purportedly from you chastising me.

    See my post “An Inbred Crawls Among Us” for details.

    Oh, and Carl, give it up; I’m going to catch you each and every time you switch gears, Rushpubliscum waste of oxygen. Helen and I don’t just talk on blogs, asshat.

  3. jeb

    I’m going to organize a stay-in-school campaign. Think I can get her to commit her support and to show up when scheduled?

    • only if you call it the princess sarah campaign. she only shows up when it’s all about her. (and it might help if you tell her you can see russia from the school. 😉 )

  4. Palin’s supporters must be gluttons for punishment.
    First, they subject themselves to daily doses of Fox News, now their pin-up girl has proven to be about as reliable as Amy Winehouse when it comes to showing up for gigs.
    When “famous” people keep pulling no-show stunts like this, usually drug or alcohol abuse factor in somehow.
    All that Tweeting and Face Booking? I think she may be a meth-head, up all night making paranoid statements that make no fucking sense.
    We all know that Alaska has a serious meth lab problem, so who’s to say she’s not snorting up a storm in the boring confines of the wilderness?

    • i think she’s just lazy and does as little as possible. she probably books a few things at a time, and then she picks the one that pays the most while feigning ignorance of the others. it won’t last long, because nobody will invite her anywhere soon.

      i think her original tweets were hers, but then they were coming straight out of rethug central, otherwise known as frank luntz’s ass.

  5. That Palin face may well rival the Bush Ook face for a most candidly revealing display of mentally incurious dumbassery.

    Excellent work as always, Nonnie.


    • always an honor when you stop by, darkblack. 🙂

      isn’t that the best expression? i use that pic whenever i can, because it shows the real princess sarah. the bush ook face is another classic, as well as the capt underpants gagging face.


    Wow! For someone opposed to abortion, Palin sure is doing a lot of aborting lately!

  7. My sources tell me that Sarah was in Hawaii having an abortion. (She wanted to leave the US so there would be no record of it).

    Normally, I would not condone this but, since it will give her bigger boobs for a short period of time, I am on board.

    She sure has a ripe set of ovaries.

  8. Hello Nonnie, I deleted a comment — just in case you were wondering what had happened to it …

    I think the reason Sarah has kind of disappeared off the scene a bit is because she has kind of fizzled out. None of her grand plans for fame and fortune are working out the way she would like, or indeed, expected, so she is in a deep funk and in “where do I go from here, what the hell do I do now?” kind of mode.

    • hello mighty mikk0mouse 😀
      i read the comment in my email. thank you for deleting it.

      i agree completely with your assessment. i think her celebrity is fading fast. i, for one, will laugh hysterically when levi johnston is in the news more than she is.

  9. Sarah…Palin. Sarah…Palin. Sarah…Palin. Sarah Palin?Nope. No idea who that is.

  10. actually she cant leave the scene – she is much too much good material