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From the Idaho Statesman:

Top Idaho Republicans — Gov. Butch Otter, U.S. Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson and former Idaho Gov. Phil Batt — all condemned fellow Republican Rex Rammell on Friday after he amplified his “joke” about wanting to buy a license to hunt President Barack Obama.

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Otter, whom Rammell is challenging in the 2010 GOP primary, said, “Reckless and inflammatory statements like these gravely damage confidence in the political process and the good citizens who serve the public. As Governor, as an Idaho Republican and as a citizen of our state, I reject and condemn this kind of rhetoric. There is no place for it in Idaho.”

“Rex Rammell’s comments are in very poor taste and should not have been said,” said Crapo.


Said Simpson: “It is absolutely irresponsible to say such inflammatory things, especially for someone who seeks to be a leader in Idaho. I know our great state is filled with people who do not share Rex Rammell’s views and we should not let isolated situations dictate how our state is perceived. Our citizens are innovative, progressive, and charitable. Look at any community in Idaho and you will find people who help their neighbors without hesitation, regardless of race.”

Added Risch: “I disgree often with the President and his policies. But the comment was totally unacceptable and should not have been made. The comment does not accurately reflect the respect the people of Idaho have for the Office of President and our constitutional form of government.”

Rammell, however, continued to press his “joke,” originally made Tuesday in the context of Idaho issuing its first hunting tags for wolves this fall. On Friday morning, Rammell issued a statement in a press release and on Twitter: “Anyone who understands the law, knows I was just joking, because Idaho has no jurisdiction to issue hunting tags in Washington, D.C.”

Batt responded to both of Rammell’s comments, telling the Idaho Statesman, “I think those are absolutely irresponsible statements. Totally irresponsible, maybe criminal. You’re not allowed to threaten the president, with good reason. We’ve had some tragic assassinations in our history and we don’t want to encourage them, even in a joking way.”

Rammell refused to apologize. Instead, he criticized Crapo for his Owyhee Canyonlands legislation and said Batt should be “jailed” for not stopping the federal government from reintroducing wolves to Idaho in 1995.


Batt said he believes Rammell is seeking publicity for his campaign for governor. Last year, Rammell ran for the U.S. Senate against Risch as an independent, getting just 5 percent of the vote.

Batt is concerned that coverage of Rammell’s remarks will revive the image of Idaho as a haven for racism, a notion that gained currency in the 1980s when the Aryan Nations was headquartered in North Idaho. Batt put considerable effort into rebuilding Idaho’s image.


The Rammell story broke Thursday in the Twin Falls Times-News, which reported on a GOP barbecue Tuesday in Twin Falls.

After an audience member shouted a question about “Obama tags” during a discussion on wolves, Rammell responded, “The Obama tags? We’d buy some of those.”

Asked about his comment by the Times-News on Wednesday, Rammell said, “I was just being sarcastic. That was just a joke,” Rammell said. “I would never support him being assassinated.

On Thursday, Jonathan Parker, executive director of the Idaho Republican Party criticized Rammell. “The Idaho Republican Party does not condone Rex Rammell’s comments, whether in jest or not,” Parker said.

As for whether Rammell may be hearing from law enforcement, an FBI spokeswoman in Salt Lake City declined comment Friday morning, saying the agency neither confirms or denies investigations.

Asked whether he had been contacted by law enforcement, Rammell e-mailed the Statesman, writing, “Yes; the CIA contacted me. […]”


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30 responses to “Tag, You’re It

  1. Sounds like a real swell guy doesn’t he… lets have another barbecue and let him be the main course.. I mean bring the main course…

    • and a genius, too! 🙂 that explanation floored me–everyone knows he was joking, because them there tags wouldn’t be any good in d.c.! unbelievable. you know that you’ve crossed the line when even idaho rethugs are distancing themselves from you. larry craig wouldn’t even tap his foot if this moron was in the next stall.

  2. That comment crossed the line from nasty to hateful & I do mean crossed the line.

    Make no mistake– this is not free speech, this is hate speech & inciting violence.

    Jokes about hunting season tags for the President…. just kidding???

    Safe to say Rammell’s run for the Senate is toast.
    Over * Done * Kaput.

    Give ’em hell CIA.

    • it was just so stupid. first, it wasn’t funny. second, even if it had been, the moron has to understand that even if he meant it to be funny (and i don’t for a moment think he did), there are a lot of crazies out there who will take it seriously, and he’s supposed to be a responsible person who doesn’t encourage other people to do bad things.

  3. This was my Twitter response to that doucebag’s Tweet: By that logic if I say Beat Up Hookers, I can justify it by saying its a joke, everyone knows prostitution’s not legal in Idaho?

    I should’ve left off the in Idaho part, but the point’s still valid.

  4. I’m too groggy to have any kind of coherent reaction. Instead, I’ll plagiarize the reactions of the people on Journalfen.

    “Is it possible to explode from rage? I think I am about to test this.”

    “I tried really, really hard to. I might have just given myself a migraine instead.”

    “Points for attempting to hide in Refuge in Audacity, but they’re all taken away for being a colossal fuckhead.”

    “And giving the best definition of “fringe lunatic” this week . . .”

    “Does anyone know where I can buy a good “Sorry your political party has so many racist fuckwits in it” card? Because I really want to send one to all the sane conservatives I know.”

    “Seriously. Or these people need to make their own party.”

    “I have this feeling that the GOP will eventually split into the We Are Religious And Socially Conservative And Want Lower Taxes But Seriously We Are Not With Those Guys, Please Don’t Look, Oh God *Facepalm* Party and the EKKI EKKI EKKI P-TANG ZOOP BOING WOOBAWOOBAWOOBA Party.

    They may need to work out some convenient acronyms.”

  5. Hello Nonnie !! 😀

    I think that Rammell’s press release which said “Anyone who understands the law, knows I was just joking, because Idaho has no jurisdiction to issue hunting tags in Washington, D.C.” is a rather nifty attempt at denying the undeniable.

    Seems to me there is a small band within the very large tent of committed lunatic rethugs that are keen to push the envelope of common decency towards Obama. They have a sort of longing for one of them to get locked up for going too far, leading to what … open revolt within the population? Its my guess that that is what they are seeking.
    ‘Cause, they hate black people, they hate democrats, they hate liberals, they hate losing the argument and they hate being made to look stupid.

    ps Nonnie, when you are logged in, please go here for an ongoing discussion of HR’s latest spam comment. Thanks!

    • mighty mikk0mouse,
      that press release absolutely floored me! i hope someone asks him: so then, you’re only advocating the president getting shot in idaho, not in d.c.?

  6. Aren’t y’all being a little harsh on this fucktard?
    Why would you expect a racist amoral hypocrite to understand why a “joke” about hunting down the first African-American president like an animal isn’t funny to Americans with moral comprehension— but repulsive beyond belief?

    Yes, of course, he should be impeached immediately, publicly disgraced, indicted and tried for treason, and given the fucking death penalty without appeal; but we all know there’s not a single elected official with a scrotum in Idaho with the balls to enforce our laws.

    Just add it to the list of reasons why the Republican Party must be eviscerated at every possible turn until they are no more.

    • mh,
      he doesn’t hold any public office (as far as i know), so he can’t be impeached. i say we tie antlers to his head and make him run through the idaho woods during hunting season.

      • Musta been jet-lagged, nonnie; but I went to fucktard’s webpage where he actually has his comeback tweet posted about everybody knows Idaho tags are no good in D.C.— W.T.F. His contact page is out of service, and not because every racist pig in the U.S. is sending him a pat on the back for being a public bigot— but Americans who are fed up with racist bigots are telling him he better watch his yellow back.

        • just another coward. he’s the big man when he standing in front of his racist constituents, but he can’t take any criticism from outside his bigoted little circle. i bet he has a really big gun to try to make up for a pathetically small wee-wee.

  7. Only a couple of hundred days in office and Obama’s become fair game for these crazy sons of bitches who want him dead. With each public threat, more are emboldened.
    Yet Obama keeps appearing at places where these wingnuts are openly armed and not a goddamned thing is done about it.
    Rather than spending his time trying to appease the GOP and the Blue Dogs, Obama needs to knuckle down and send the Secret Service, FBI and CIA after these big mouth death threat makers and start throwing them in jail.
    If Obama ends up getting assassinated, the right will say he was asking for it by refusing to do anything about those who wanted him dead.

    • obama is probably the safest one at those rallies. he’s got plenty of protection. the people around him and the ordinary citizens can’t say the same thing. i hope it doesn’t take someone getting hurt or killed before something is done. i don’t know if they can arrest people in states where the idiots are allowed to carry guns, but at the very least, the imbecile rethugs who are encouraging this bullshit should be forced to say that they endorse the practice. then they should be publicly chastised.

  8. Rammell would have to go up a couple of I.Q. points to be stupid. Not only was what he said completely reprehensible, the fact he won’t apologize makes it 10 times worse. I’m with Karen, enough Mr. Nice Guy. These fuckwit rightwinger neocon nutjobs don’t need a hell of a lot of encouragement to do something stupid. It’s beyond irresponsible to say what Rammell did. I hope he gets booted out of office.

    And, as usual, can you imagine if a democrat said this about the shrub?

    • like i said to michael above, i don’t think he holds office. he’s run before and lost. i think he’s trying to parlay this into a free publicity push.

    • He shouldn’t just be booted out of office. He should be prosecuted for treason and put away.

      • he doesn’t have an office to be booted out of. i think i commented to someone before that i think he should have to run through the idaho woods naked with antlers tied to his head during hunting season.

  9. So, to be clear…hunting black people is illegal or hunting the POTUS is illegal? I ask because the last time I was in northern Idaho, I would say both options were still firmly on the table.

  10. Idaho. Another place I wouldn’t set foot in.

  11. Idahoan

    All ya’all are friggen morons. You are the stupid-ass hate mongers you profess to hate. I agree Rammels comments were inappropriate and inexcusable. They are indefenseable. But to paint Idaho the way you have because of his comments is complete stupidity on your part. Idaho is a beautiful, wilderness state with some of American’s top scenic wildlands. The people here are kind and sincere. If your car breaks down, a local will stop to help and they are sincere, not out to rob you, but help you, and ask nothing in return. The claim that you will never step foot in Idaho because of some political BS you read on the web… shows your absolute stupidity.
    You m0uthy-hateful-know-it-alls’ have no clue what you are talking about.
    You have diarreah of the mouth.
    – 4th Generation Idahoan who knows better.