Hide the Children!!!!

From Joan Walsh at Salon:

One of the greatest things about electing Barack Obama as president, for me, was his appeal to young people, especially disaffected kids of every group, including (OK, maybe especially) young African-Americans. In a country where schools are overcrowded and underfunded (as liberals complain), while many families and communities can’t or won’t take their kids’ education seriously enough (what conservatives and some liberals say), Obama has always been someone who’s able to balance both critiques. And he speaks to young people with passion, conviction and humor (plus references to L’il Wayne that John McCain couldn’t pull off) about taking responsibility for their own education.

So I was thrilled to hear he was going to deliver a back-to- school speech next week. I like seeing him play that paternal role, Father in Chief, not just for his own daughters, but for all of our children. All of our kids need to be reminded that education is a precious opportunity they must seize, whether they live behind the high gates of a tony private community or in a violence-plagued housing project. After all the fighting of the summer, finally something we can agree about, right?


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I never imagined the outbreak of right-wing crazy that Obama’s gesture would provoke, and this time it’s hard not to see racism behind the hysteria. The message is “Obama’s coming for our children!” the standard cry against scary boogeymen in every culture. I mean, really, what besides Obama’s race could make him so scary to these people? That he’s a Marxist socialist fascist Nazi? I’d argue that the only reason those extreme epithets have taken hold goes back to reason No. 1: Our first black president is provoking some outsize and irrational reactions.

Especially since, as has now been well-documented, President George H.W. Bush addressed American students in 1991, and Ronald Reagan did so via C-SPAN in 1988. (Bush talked mainly about the importance of education, while Reagan hailed the benefits of low taxes and the line-item veto.) President George W. Bush appealed to “the children of the country” to back the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, to no public criticism. Admittedly, some Democrats accused his father of playing politics in ’91, while Newt Gingrich ardently defended him. (Waiting for Gingrich to defend Obama. Still waiting.)

But there was nothing like the frenzied reaction to Obama’s planned speech (which school principals are free to ignore if they so choose) to any of the other presidents’ statements to students. [… Florida] State [Republican] party chairman Jim Greer called Obama the “Pied Piper” — you remember, the shady guy who lured kids away from home. Since Obama merely plans to tell students to stay in school and work hard — an early draft of lesson materials that asked them to talk about ways they could help the president was scotched — Politifact gave the Florida GOP its “Pants on Fire” designation.

But that’s not stopping other blowhards of the Pants on Fire Party. Lunatics like Pamela Heller of Newsmax, radio host Brian Fischer and WorldNetDaily’s Bob Unruh are trying to organize parents to take their kids out of school for the day. Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he’s “troubled” by Obama’s speech. Crazy Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin are raging against “indoctrination” while Townhall’s Meredith Jessup is calling it “a massive abuse of government power.”


[A]dministrators in six states: Districts in Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia and Texas are telling reporters they won’t show Obama’s speech to students on Tuesday. [And counties in Florida, according to the Miami Herald]


Where to start to explain this hysteria? Since the height of Sarah Palin’s dishonest and divisive campaign last September, I’ve been alarmed by the unique way in which Obama’s opponents paint him as “the other.” […] Sure, John Kerry was “French” and Michael Dukakis was Greek (and looked like a pinhead in that dumb helmet), but only Obama is a Marxist Communist who pals around with terrorists and wants to harm your children.

The hysteria Obama inspires in his far-right foes is primeval, primordial. From the Birthers’ obsession with the facts of his birth — which lets them obsess about his origins in miscegenation — to the paranoia that he’s coming for the children, there’s a deep strand of irrational paranoia that can’t be anything other than racial. These people don’t merely disagree with him, they distrust and dislike him viscerally. He’s not merely wrong, he’s scary; even terrifying.

I’ve said this before, to little result, but it’s past time for mainstream, responsible Republicans to stand up against this latest irrational attack on the president.


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39 responses to “Hide the Children!!!!

  1. Is our childrens learning Libislamohomocialist conditioning?
    Remember the motto of Lenin – ‘No child unleft of mind’.


    • i’m scared, darkblack! 😮 with their cute little runny-nose faces, how are we going to be able to tell which ones are the terrorist?

      • They’ll reveal themselves with seditious behaviors, Nonnie…Good grades via studying, tidying up their room, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s…All part of comrade Obama’s nefarious plot to overthrow democratic liberty, paint the White House red and install his shiny new ‘oligarhy’ (made by slave labor in Soviet Kenya, natch) that would make Brezhnev pleased as vodka punch.


        • oh no! it’ll be even worse that i thought. why, with all that learnin’ and thinkin’ for themselves, where will faux news viewers come from? 😕

  2. Sue

    Beautifully written, great post! I am flabbergasted, angry, sad for our President to have to endure such hate from the country he so badly wants to help, yes help even the hateful evil-doers! I have read some of the most vile, putrid conservative blogs, so-called Christian people with hate for this man just because he wants to talk to the kids! When will it end, how much more of this insanity do we have to listen to? I’m sorry, I’m just speechless…

    • hello sue,
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      the writing is joan walsh’s, not mine, and i agree that it’s beautifully written. there were so many articles and opinions to choose from, and i thought hers said it well. it’s really disgusting that people feel like they are free to vent their hatred and bigotry so publicly. it seems like we’ve gone backwards as a society. however, i still believe the screamers are a small but very vocal minority. i take heart from reading editorials supporting obama speaking to kids from unexpected places. louisiana, texas, even idaho! i think the rethugs will look even more ridiculous than they already do, and i hope it will reflect badly on those who are not calling out the morons pushing this bullshit. hell, when even joe scarborough says it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense!

  3. Even the few voices who have come out and said it is ignorant for the right wingers to feel this way are being drowned out by the louder voices of the screamers.. The ignorant.. The polls are in favor of the President and it is amazing to me how the shouters are the ones being featured.. just like the town halls, it was only the ones where the screams of the ignorant were what was seen on the nightly news.. not the ones that were productive and had a positive outcome.

    I can’t wait till Wednesday, and we can all laugh at the idiots with egg on their face.

    • most reasonable people are sitting in their homes wondering what the problem is as they watch a bunch of crazy people make fools of themselves. while the 24 hour cable news channels might love it, i think most people are tiring of it.

  4. Sue

    Thanks, I’ll be back I put you on my bloglist!

  5. braveny

    Also waiting for some responsible Rebublicans to stand up to these crazies. Sheesh! It just keeps getting worse and worse.

    I was also appalled and saddened to find out some of my own family members, (the ones that live in Texas) are planning to go to school to preview what the President will say.

    Is this just another distraction to keep us from focusing on healthcare? I wonder.


    • hello lynn,
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i can’t believe that every rethuglican is so stupid that s/he doesn’t realize that standing up to these morons would make her/him a hero to a lot of people. instead, they’re so cowed by rushbo and glenn blechhh and the like that they would rather watch as their party goes down in flames rather than stand up to them. i hope they all get what they deserve.

  6. Interesting choice of poster. I don’t know who gets less respect among the wingnuts–The President or Rodney Dangerfield.

    BTW, ever used Blazing Saddles for a poster? The wingnuts remind me of the townsfolk in that movie.

  7. Look no further than Obama’s own hoodlum kids to realize he’s no one to talk to children.
    Sasha and Malia are out there running wild, showing fake ID’s to get into bars, having pictures of themselves drunk on the floor show up in the tabloids, getting pregnant, smoking dope…ooops wait, that’s the Republican kids.

  8. Sue

    Karen LOL!! I say to the wingnuts, their behavior is driving their party on a death spiral, but hell, ain’t it fun to watch??!! LOL!

  9. Study hard & stay on school—

    Them’s fighting words, worthy of a full blown frenzy.

    Knowledge is power.
    Is the president trying to get them all smart as a part of his socialist revolution?

    What was the previous message from the last president?

    Enlist early, we need more bodies?

    We promise we won’t allow then to photograph your casket, because we care?


    One comment made about the sobbing parents, thinking of keeping the kids home from school because of this radical message was–

    Are these people fit to be parents?

  10. Joy

    The Black President of America has to get permission and his speech screened in order to speak to children of America, White President of America not so much. hmm

    • hello joy,
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      that’s what it really all boils down to. it’s racism rearing its ugly head. the rethugs should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. I do have to say, I’ve seen a few (a very few, I’m afraid) conservative bloggers come out against the hysteria. At the Thinklings, the advice was “pick your battles.”

    Blind hatred isn’t pretty, and that’s exactly what this is.

    • the response and non-response of bloggers doesn’t bother me as much as the response of the media and the non-response of rethuglican politicians. the media heard one moron–the idiot from floriduhhh–moaning about the speech, and they were on it immediately. they couldn’t wait to get him on the air. it was a non-story until they made it a big story. after that, the teabaggers picked up the ball and ran with it. the whole thing snowballed, and the only ones who could stop it were the rethugs in power. not a word. they didn’t have the courage to call bs when they heard it. heaven help me for having a modicum of respect for joe squintborough for speaking out immediately and condemning the idiot from floriduhhhh for being an idiot.

  12. Is are chilruns learnin’? They is and we is learnin’ ’em to be good litul pairnoid, raysist idjut galoots like we is.