From Scooby-Doo to Just Plain Doo-Doo

From The Boston Globe:

Happy birthday, Scooby-Doo.

Forty falls ago, the cartoon canine and his human cohorts – fellow chicken-heart and chowhound Shaggy, brainy Velma, curvaceous Daphne, and Freddie, the unofficial leader of the gang – debuted on Saturday morning television. From the age of Nixon to the age of Obama, they’ve exposed seemingly supernatural monsters as human criminals in disguise, many of whom, upon being unmasked, curse those “meddling kids’’ and their dog.

Kids, I apologize for allowing this momentous occasion to pass without a word. Perhaps I blocked out this happy news, because I was thinking about another cartoon enterprise that was a major failure. Yes, I’m talking about GOP Wingnut Studio’s knockoff (because they haven’t had an original idea in decades) Scooby-Don’t.

Original image

Of course, the cast was a bit different. Instead of Scooby-Doo, this show had the symbol of the Party of No, Scooby-Don’t. Instead of Shaggy, there was Sobby, played by John Boohoo Boehner, Vile-ma was played by Virginia Foxx, Mitch McConnell was Fried, and who else but Michele Bachmann could have so convincingly play Daffy? Together, they made up Mystery, Stink (as opposed to Scooby-Doo’s gang’s Mystery, Inc.). They drove around in the Mystery Machine, but their van was adorned with Karl Turdblossom Rove on the side panel and Deadeye Dick Cheney on the wheels. Of course, they were still lapping up Ronald Reagan’s brand of nonsense from so many years ago. Some of the episodes were:

Scooby-Don’t and the Mystery of Mitch McConnell’s Missing Chin

Scooby-Don’t and the Mystery of Boohoo Boner’s Perpetual Tan

Scooby-Don’t and the Mystery of Deadeye Dick’s Undisclosed Location

Scooby-Don’t and the Horrors of Minority Island

Scooby-Don’t and the Panels of Death


Scooby-Don’t and the Ghost of Chimpy

♪♪♪♪ Scooby-Dooby-Don’t,
We know you won’t,
Do a thing for the unwashed masses,
Each time you say you’ll try,
It’s a big fat lie,
So you can all kiss our asses! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Scooby-Scoobedy-Don’t,
We’d all be better off without you!♪♪♪♪


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24 responses to “From Scooby-Doo to Just Plain Doo-Doo

  1. Buffoon Network!! LMAO! I especially like the fact that Boehner’s head fits Shaggy’s skinny neck so well. 🙂

  2. Awrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwrrrr
    (scooby howl)

  3. Batshit Bachmann wishes she could be as hot as Daphne, not that she ever was.

    • i was wondering which would happen first–someone being mad at me for ruining his princess leia fantasy in the last diary or being mad at me for daring to replace daphne with batshit bachmann in this one! 😉

      • Someone would have been mad at you ruining his Princess Leia fet, uh, fantasy if you had photoshopped Kay’s head on Leia’s body in the chain mail bikini from the third movie. The white gown, though, not so hot.

        Yes, I’m a fanboy. Why do you ask? 😉

        • believe me, i avoided the bikini pic. i knew i would have to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life if i had ps’ed kay’s mug over leia’s when she was wearing that.

  4. And they’re getting away with it too, darn it kids.


    • no scooby treats for them.

      p.s. i love your stuff, dark black, and i have to tell you here, because i can’t leave comments over at your blog. i don’t know what it is about blogspot that makes it so difficult.

      • Thank you very much, Nonnie – It’s always a pleasure to receive a compliment from a peer in this racket. Might I say that I find your work most enjoyable also.
        A shame about Blogspot – I’ve tried to make commenting accessible to all, in spite of its limitations…But it’s free (for the moment), and thus the price is right.


        • you flatter me, darkblack. i look at your work, and i know that i am not fit to touch the hem of your garment (if that’s how the saying goes, i’m not up on that whole biblical thing 😉 ). i have you on my blogroll over at the big orange. i visit you every day. i can comment over there, but my name shows up as mikk2, and i don’t want to use mikko’s name for my comments. when i try using my google account at blogspot, then it shows up with my real first name. i’ve tried changing that at gmail, but it doesn’t seem to want to take. there are some blogspot sites where i have no problem. i think it depends on the comment moderation being used. no worries though. i can still enjoy your awesomeness, and i usually don’t have anything very clever to say.

  5. I was in Vietnam for the Scooby-Doo days, and had no teevee through the following years, so the idea of a talking dog took up residence in Richard Nixon and has stayed with Repuglicans since.

    But i can still appreciate the turd blossom, GOPper logo, purple Raygun dog food, and a swishy Mitch McConnel. Can’t make out the dog on the wheel, though. And you have to love the “Can I take your order?” Bachmann pose!
    You’re the best, nonnie!

    • thanks mh! 😀
      you made me happy, because you picked up on the no-chin mcconnell swishiness factor! the dog on the wheel is deadeye dick. after all, he was the one driving the rethug party for the previous 8 years.

      i had so much fun making this poster. i laughed from start to finish. i love when that happens.

  6. jeb

    I always hated Scooby Doo because it was really lame. As a matter of fact, I didn’t believe there was possibly anything that could ever reach that level of lame. How wrong I was. Boner, Batshit, McFunnel and Fuxx make the originals look good in comparison.

  7. the thought of virginia foxx as a cartoon

    i hope she has to pick up the elephant dung

    • the sad thing is that the people pictured really are nothing more than cartoons. they have no depth whatsoever, and everything they say is scripted by someone else.

  8. LOL@Mitch McConnell in an ascot. That’s awesome. I also love Virginia Foxx’s glasses. They make her entire head look like a cuttlefish.

    • mitchie looks awfully natural with a scarf, doesn’t he, z? at first, i was going to leave velma’s eyes, but vile-ma’s real eyes are so creepy, i decided to go with them! 😆

  9. Sue

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! McConnells missing chin!! Bwahaaaaaahaaaaa. I’m dying here trying to laugh without waking up thehusband, I think I just might pass out…..

    Fabulous as usual!!