Maybe they all need a nap


The House and Senate lack the votes to pass President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform proposals, Republican leaders said Sunday, urging the president to “reset” the national health debate.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) confidently predicted Sunday that the healthcare bills currently before Congress would not survive, while his Senate counterpart warned against using a procedural maneuver to try to force any health bill through Congress.

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(clockwise from Obama:  Michael Phathead Steele, Michele Batshit Bachmann, Lindseypoo Graham, Little Eric Cantor, John Boohoo Boehner, Joe Flash Wilson, Chuck Your Ass Is Grassley, Mitch No Chin McConnell, Max Blue Cross Baucus)

Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made the Sunday morning talk show rounds to counter a media blitz from Obama, who sat for five interviews to advance his administration’s agenda on healthcare and other issues.

McConnell used his appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” to warn the president and congressional Democrats against using budget reconciliation, a procedural tactic to require only a simple majority of votes instead of the 60 needed to break a filibuster.

The top Senate Republican said that the administration would face a “very serious reaction” if it were to rely on Democrats alone to advance healthcare reform.


“I think that that will produce a very, very severe reaction among the American people, who are already, according to the Gallup poll, not in favor of the direction we’re taking on this very important issue.” [McConnell said.]

Yeah, they’re gonna be really, really pissed off if they get to see doctors and get all healthy and stuff!

One of McConnell’s Senate colleagues, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), diagnosed Obama’s flagging healthcare push as inspiring some cognitive dissonance among those who have heard his plans.

“The problem with the president, he’s saying things people want to hear … but when you look at the details, it just doesn’t add up,” Graham said on NBC.


Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, meanwhile dismissed the president’s media strategy of appearing on five different Sunday shows, saying it did not change minds.

“I thought the president said a lot without really saying anything,” Steele said. “It didn’t really move the needle.”

The RNC chairman argued Obama will have to raise taxes to pay for healthcare reform, despite his promises to the contrary.

Michele Bachmann (in her own words):

A lot of members of Congress may have forgotten what the Constitution says. But, again, it is not within our power as members of Congress, not within the enumerated powers of the Constitution, for us to design and create a national takeover of health care, nor is it within our ability to be able to delegate that responsibility to the executive.


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23 responses to “Maybe they all need a nap

  1. jeb

    For years these ass-clowns held the constitution down for Bu$h and Big Dick to wipe their feet on. Now looking through all of the mud stains they see that healthcare reform is not in the enumerated powers of the constitution. I guess starting illegal wars and allowing torture and spying on Americans is though.

  2. Hmm! Ask Michele Bachmann where in the Constitution does it say Congress people can sell their vote to the industry for $116,400 bucks?

    BTW~ Your nicknames are charming!
    I particularly like

    Chuck Your Ass Is Grassley, &
    Max Blue Cross Baucus

  3. um michelle – the constitution – if it was up to the constitution you would be sitting on your fat ass in minnesota unable to vote.

  4. “I thought the president said a lot without really saying anything,” Steele said.

    Steele should know; he’s one of the experts at it.

  5. Where’d you get that photo of the Big O with that expression?

  6. writechic

    Omg, I had a dress like Michelle Bachman’s when I was five!

    And that expression on Obama’s face is precious. Hope that’s how he’s taking it…a wrestling match with the nutters.

  7. I am just glad that when all of these politicians are on TV, it does not interfere with my NASCAR. That would really, really suck.

  8. Just keep it up rethugs.. cause I get the distinct feeling the President and most of the Democratic members of Congress are fed up with the bullshit coming from you and they are going reconciliation. Then you can cry all you want to.

    If we had a decent media person who would bother to really report the story, that the rethugs used the (I can’t remember now what they called it…lol) process known as reconciliation several times under Bush… but they won’t do that.. it might make the rethugs look bad and we can’t have that.

    • more than the prez and the dems getting fed up, i think the people are really getting sick and tired of the rethugs whining, they want to start all over now? wtf? people may not be paying close attention to the back and forth, but when they hear rethugs saying they want a do-over, they’ll sure as hell wonder what they’ve been doing all this time.

  9. I have officially given up on any chance for a meaningful health care reform bill to pass.
    Politicians on both sides are just too corrupt, and too many voters are just too stupid to get it.
    Not ignorant– that can be remedied–I mean stupid, as in low IQ.
    Obama blew it by letting the right-wing and Big Insurance-sponsored bullshit fester all summer without coming out and calling all the liars on their phony scare tactics.
    The blue dog Democrats should have been taken behind the Senate parking garage and horse whipped back in June.
    Meanwhile, everyone had such fun with death panels and killing grandma and socialism and nazi shit that too many people actually believe.
    This whole mess was a boondoggle from the get-go, and Obama let it go on for too long.
    He needed to pull a Bush and just say, “I got me some political capital and I’m fixin’ to spend it.”
    Then he needed to pull a Lyndon Johnson and strong-arm the hell out of anyone who got in the way.
    Where was Rahm Emmanuel in all this? I thought he had some balls. Yeah, right.
    Nerf balls.

    • i haven’t quite given up yet. well, i do some days, and then i bounce back a bit. i think there’s still hope. if we can get a public option, then i think the insurance companies will fade away when it comes to health care. they’ll figure out some other scam. people are afraid of the public option, but just like anything else, once they get used to it, the fear will be gone, and hopefully, that will give the dems the balls to keep pushing until we have single payer.

  10. I think the process by which healthcare is to get reformed itself needs reform. Or something…

    • i think you’re right. a lot of things need reforming when you’re talking about how things get done in government. for, by, and of the people is merely a distant memory now.

  11. Michelle Bachman is an idiot. How does she think Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and other “social programs” were put into place. I don’t think the Constitution was suspended just to pass that legislation. This woman is a big hairy wart on the ass of Republicanism.

  12. I had to laugh when one of the republican Congressman said the other day “I always carry a copy of the Constitution in my pocket.” Yeah, to wipe his ass every time he shits on his constituents.