Sweet Home, Chicago


September 30, 2009 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark) (WLS) — Michelle Obama begins to lobby members of the International Olympic Committee, who will decide if Chicago will host the 2016 Summer Games.

Michelle Obama arrived in Denmark just before 5 a.m. Chicago time and was greeted by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife, Maggie. About two hours later, Oprah landed.

Only two days remain before the big decision. The Chicago bid team is looking to sway as many voters as possible.

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Michelle Obama met with IOC members at the host hotel. The first lady held a series of meetings for several hours with IOC members Wednesday. In the room where the meetings took place, there was a huge backdrop with venue plans on the wall, to not only talk about and demonstrate Chicago’s plan and the beauty of the city.


Between the first lady and Oprah and – on Friday – President Obama, Chicago’s bid team has been attracting the most international media attention.

Chicago is winning the media war while Brazil is answering questions about crime.


International Olympic Committee members say Chicago has proven itself a worthy host city. What they want to know now is do they have the full federal backing of the government, meaning there will be no surprises, that the United States will get this done. To that end, they’re thrilled to have President Barack Obama planning a trip there.

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Barack Obama will spend more time traveling to Denmark on a one-way flight than he will on the ground. He’s not going to have one-on-one meetings with IOC leaders as other foreign leaders have done, as the president of Brazil will do on behalf of Rio.

Barack Obama intended to be present for the presentation to answer questions from the IOC, then planned to head back to the U.S. before the host city is even chosen hours later.


Critics of President Obama’s trip to Copenhagen say now is not the time for him to lobby for the Olympics.

The president leaves Thursday.

“I’ve got so much to do here. I will sleep on the plane. I will land and speak,” he said.

Those comments came as President Obama met with NATO’s secretary general at the White House Tuesday.

Previously, the president said health care reform would keep him from Copenhagen.

On Tuesday, Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele questioned the president’s priorities. The White House laughed off that notion.

From The Baltimore Sun:

Republican National Chairman Michael S. Steele said Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to Copenhagen is “nice” but not essential business for the president.

Steele began a brief telephone news conference by criticizing Obama’s lack of focus on the biggest problem facing the country: weakness in the economy, which Steele said is still in recession.


In answer to a reporter’s question during a telephone news conference, Steele said it was “a noble idea for the president to pitch his home city, Chi-town,” but that “at a time of war” and recession, “this trip, while nice, is not necessary for the president.”

Obama plans to leave Washington on Thursday to lobby members of the International Olympic Committee the next morning at their decision-making meeting in Denmark.


Steele said the president should be focusing on creating jobs now, not “job opportunities seven years from now” in Chicago. He said that First Lady Michelle Obama should have been the leading salesperson for the bid.

But pressed on whether he regarded the trip as a mistake, Steele said, “Mistake is in the eye of the beholder.”

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs took a swipe at Steele when asked about the Republican chairman’s criticism of the president’s trip.

“Who’s he rooting for?” Gibbs replied, to laughter from reporters. “Is he hoping to hop a plane to Brazil and catch the Olympics in Rio? Maybe it’s Madrid.”

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Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
‘Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I’m there…


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35 responses to “Sweet Home, Chicago

  1. writechic

    Am I pointing to the elephant in the room by noting the Olympic Games would create jobs?

    And Jesus Johnny, don’t ya know! In the heart of the Midwest where unemployment rates are between 9.9-15%!

    • beside all the jobs and all the business that would be stimulated, wcp, think of the boost it would do to morale in this country. won’t it be nice to interact with other countries in venues other than war? we can change how the rest of the world looks at us. we can be hospitable instead of ugly americans.

  2. bassackwards

    And Valerie Jarrett can laugh all the way to the bank…

  3. One wonders if the GOP will ever stop complaining about every single thing that Pres. Obama does.

    Upcoming Fox headlines:

    “Pres. Obama holds his dog’s leash incorrectly: It’s not clear that the dog couldn’t run away, and it’s uncomfortable for the dog.”

    “Pres. Obama uses a trackball on his computer, which is obviously un-American.”

    “Pres. Obama keeps his copy of the Narnia Chronciles in the new-fangled Narnia chronological order, rather than the original order.”

    Considering the amount of vacation time GWB clocked during the wars that he started, it seems more than a little disingenuous to go after Pres. Obama now.

    • congress wastes half their time renaming post offices and declaring it national turnip day, and boehner has the nerve to complain that the prez is trying to sell the ioc on chicago? did he ever once complain about chimpy clearing brush?

      let the rethugs keep this nonsense up. let the people know that it’s more important to them to bash obama and the dems at every opportunity instead of actually coming up with any decent ideas.

      p.s. i use a trackball for my computer. please don’t turn me in, wickle. πŸ˜‰

      • My personal favorite act of Congress was a year or two ago when they passed a non-binding resolution saying that they should consider naming some week as watermelon appreciation week.

        Not the declaration, mind you … a resolution saying that they should consider it.

        But not even a binding one.

        I’m sure glad we pay these people six figures and health benefits for life.

      • writechic

        Used to LOVE the trackball. πŸ˜€

        • when my old trackball rolled its last, i freaked out, because they are so hard to find these days, especially the ones with the ball on top. i finally had to shell out over a hundred bucks, but i love the one i got.

      • Friend of the court

        hey nonnie,

        I tried a trackball, but I never got it to stop where I wanted it to. I am very impressed, even more so, by your graphic work.

        • it takes some getting used to, fotc, but once you get the knack, you can’t go back. when i have to use a regular mouse, i’m completely useless.

  4. No tickets to attend the Olympics for Steele!

    I’ll never forget what an embarrassment it was when the US hosted the Olympics in Atlanta & did the opening ceremony with pick up trucks. Ugh!

    Let’s have something artistic & beautiful for a change.

    • and no bombings this time!

      no tickets for steele or boohoo boehner or little eric cantor or kit bond (is his real name katherine? πŸ˜‰ ). they were all wringing their hankies over this.

  5. Oh, this topic really pisses me off.
    For John Boner to bitch about Obama making a quick trip to Copenhagen reeks of political chickenshittery.
    I guess Boner thinks no work can be done aboard Air Force One.
    And I guess Boner forgot how that fucking moron George Bush went to the Beijing Olympics for several days as a fucking spectator, then wasted another few hours patting the asses of women on the U.S. beach volleyball team.
    Boner whined that Obama is the POTUS, not the mayor of Chicago, so he shouldn’t be advocating for anything that localized. I guess Boner forgot that it’s called the U.S. Olympic team, not the Chi-town Boys.
    Glenn Beck even bitched how Vancouver “lost a billion dollars hosting the Olympics.” He didn’t bother to notice they aren’t until 2010.
    Mr. Cellophane said Obama “was only concerned about creating jobs in 2016”–not bothering to realize that the lead up to hosting Olympic games creates thousands of jobs YEARS before the actual games occur.
    These Repooplicans will bitch about anything.
    I have never seen so many sniveling crybabies in my life.
    I thought they were bad when Bush was in office, but they are 10 times worse now as losers.
    Fuck those fuckin’ fucks!!

    • if whining about nothing was an olympic sport, the rethugs would be raking in gold medals. it’s not only michael phathead steele and boohoo boner, but kit bond and eric cantor, too. they’re so damned stupid! if you’re going to complain about something, make it something reasonable. let them keep flapping their lips and making asses of themselves.

  6. “On Tuesday, Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele questioned the president’s priorities. The White House laughed off that notion.”

    Good for the White House. It’s what Steele deserves.

  7. Love your poster. As a Chicagoan, I’d bet if this was posted around town from now on, support for the games would skyrocket.

    Keep up the good work

    • hello james finn garner,
      welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

      it’s an honor to have you comment over here. you’re a wonderful writer, and i just added you to my blogroll over at daily kos, if only to make sure that i will remember to click over to your blog every day.

      i was surprised to find that the eric zorn at the chicago tribune posted the obama poster at his blog. i am very happy that chicagoans approve of my silly posters. i’ve never been to chicago, but i would love to go there one day, if only to see if the pizza is as good as chicagoans say it is. it can’t possibly be as good as new yawk pizza! πŸ˜‰

      • I tipped Eric off to it, b/c I wanted a lot more people to see the posters, and he’s got a good following.

        Come on and visit Chicago. NY pizza is pretty good, and your delis are a lot better, and according to the Times, all the trendies in B’lyn now drink out of raw coconuts, but we’ve got unbeatable Mexican, Latin American, Polish, Thai, African, Indian and Greek food here. There’s always something great (and affordable) to do around here.

        I just hope having the Olympics doesn’t turn us into a theme park, with every bar an Irish pub, and the Blues Brothers on every corner.

        • thanks so much, james. your endorsement is greatly appreciated. i just wish it had been better luck for chicago. 😦

          one of these days, i’ll make my way to chi town. of course, then i’ll have to stop in new yawk, because i’ve lived in floriduhhh now (where the pizza is crappy), so i’ll have to remind myself what new yawk pizza tastes like for the comparison test.

  8. Being a long time resident of Atlanta, the Olympics was the best thing that could have happened to this city! It was fantastic for growth and economy.

    • there would be a ripple effect that would center in chicago but then spread out to the rest of the country. it would be a very good thing, not only economically, but psychologically. we could all use something to look forward to.

  9. i forgot that president poopypants went to Beijing and NO ONE said a word – and he came home and the economy collapsed

    but worse = the right is CHEERING that chicago lost – jobs, who the fuck cares – as along as obama looks bad, that is all that matters

    when is the damn media gonna call these people out

    • dcAp,
      chimpy took more vacation time than anyone, and the wingnuts never seemed to have a problem with that. anytime one of them dares to call anyone else unpatriotic, the fact that they were rooting against an american city and a boost to the american economy should be thrown in their snarling, scowling faces.

  10. I predict we won’t get the Olympics and the right wing will hoot and holler in pleasure that Obama got fucked. I stand by this unpopular prediction, but then, I have never been one to court popularity…

  11. Well, I do what I can. It’s my cross to bear.