The Baucus Caucus

From The Washington Post:

Two amendments considered, and defeated, Tuesday by the Senate Finance Committee both aimed to get to the same place — creating a government-sponsored alternative to private insurance — but by different routes.

The first, sponsored by Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), proposed a program that would piggyback on Medicare for the first two years as it got underway.

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(Clockwise from left corner:  Blanche Walmart Lincoln, Kent Co-op Conrad, Max Blue Cross Baucus, Tom Carping Carper, and Bill Lost In Space Nelson)

Some Democrats on the committee opposed the amendment over its use of Medicare rates for repayment, saying Medicare doesn’t pay well enough to keep doctors and hospitals in business.

The second “public option” amendment, sponsored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), sidestepped that issue, stating that reimbursement rates would be negotiated from the start. The measure was not expected to save as much as Rockefeller’s plan.

Republicans opposed the broader aims of both proposals, saying a publicly financed plan would inevitably run private insurers out of business.

Five of the panel’s 13 Democrats — Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Thomas R. Carper (Del.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) and Bill Nelson (Fla.) — joined the Republicans in voting against Rockefeller’s plan. Baucus, Conrad and Lincoln also voted no to Schumer’s amendment.


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11 responses to “The Baucus Caucus

  1. This chaotic process is as reliable useful as the US “health system” itself.

    There are times I just want to move to Canada for sanity ~ seek asylum with our neighbors to the North~ Ay!

    • that’s okay. if the members of congress give themselves headaches, there’s always a doctor on call, and a specialist will come there for a consultation at no cost to any of them.

  2. It’s the Blue Dog Gang!

  3. You’d think these idiot Blue Dog bastards would have at least one loved one who needs health insurance.
    There’s a word for people who have no regard for the suffering of others: sociopath.
    Oh wait, there’s another word: Republican.

    • zippy,
      once you’re a senator, everyone wants to do you favors. if one of their family gets sick and has no insurance, senator dipshit picks up a phone, and the family member gets the best care. was it grassley who said that, if you want the same medical benefits he gets, you should run for office?

  4. your brilliance knows no bounds

  5. I quote my neighbor: “Everyone in this country can get healthcare, just go to the emergency room.” I had read that response online and heard it on news programs as a standard GOP response, but when I actually heard it with my own ears, unmediated, I was nonplussed. It was like straight out of central casting. Damn, I love talking points!

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