Of the stupid people, for the stupid people, by the stupid people

From Leonard Pitts, Jr. at The Miami Herald:

Perhaps you are familiar with an old saying: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’ve found that maxim valuable as I wade through the recent hand-wringing and recrimination among journalists and their critics over the fact that most mainstream media were slow to pick up on the story of corruption at ACORN.

New York Times ombudsman Clark Hoyt (a former colleague) and Andrew Alexander, his counterpart at the Washington Post, are among those who have asked whether that laggard performance reflects an unfortunate deafness to conservative media.

As one of my readers put it, “There is a lot wrong with ACORN, and Fox was the only channel talking about it.”

I might join this pity party if I thought Fox a credible news source. I do not.

Original DVD cover
(from not as right to far right) Greta I’m In Love With Todd Palin Van Susteren, Glenn Blechhh, Kimberly Inflate Lips to 32 lbs. Guilfoyle, Bill Falafel O’Reilly, Gretchen Wanna See My Tiara? Carlson, Sean Insanity, and Rupert Murdoch as Uncle Scam)

Consider just a few of the network’s and its hosts’ recent lowlights:

June 3 — In a column, Bill O’Reilly says he never called murdered abortion doctor George Tiller “a baby killer.”

This is wrong. PolitiFact.com has documented 24 instances just since 2005 of O’Reilly referring to the doctor as “Tiller the baby killer.”

June 10 — Glenn Beck asks, “Why do we have automatic citizenship upon birth? We’re the only country in the world that has it.”

This is incorrect. Canada has it, as do 32 other nations.

June 18 — Sean Hannity says that under the “cash For clunkers” program, “all we’ve got to do is . . . go to a local junkyard. All you’ve got to do is tow it to your house, and you’re going to get $4,500.”

This is false. The program required the car to be drivable and to have been registered for at least a year.


July 31 — Kimberly Guilfoyle claims the government will get total access in perpetuity to the computer of any participant in the “cash For clunkers” program who signs up at the government website, cars.gov.

This is inaccurate. FactCheck.org reports this claim is based on a security notice required of car dealers who access a secure area of the website.

Let me make this next point crystalline; every news organization from CNN to CBS to the Miami Herald to the L.A. Times gets it wrong on occasion, and every single report risks reflecting the biases — political, racial, religious, class, educational, geographical, generational — of the reporter. This will be true until the day the news business is no longer run by human beings.

But Fox is in a class by itself. In its epidemic inaccuracy, its ongoing disregard for basic journalistic standards of fairness, its demagogic appeals and its blatantly ideological promotions it is, indeed, unique — a news source in name only.

That’s not just an opinion: A 2003 study found Fox viewers more likely to be misinformed than those who get their news elsewhere.

Yet because this network that cries wolf, this network of birthers, terrorist fist bumps and tea party promotions, got it right for a change, mainstream media should wear sackcloth and ashes for their failure to take it seriously? No.


But Fox forfeited any expectation of being taken seriously by serious people when it made itself an echo chamber less concerned with reporting news than with affirming the ideological biases of its viewers.

Just my 2Β’–you all know that I totally agree about Faux News, but I don’t understand the big brouhaha over ACORN. I suspect you’ll find more corruption at Faux than you will at ACORN.


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33 responses to “Of the stupid people, for the stupid people, by the stupid people

  1. TD

    It must be “selective blindness”.

    No one could actually be so blind as to miss that FOX is a private entity while ACORN is publicly funded.

    FOX produces a product that one can participate in or chose not to.

    ACORN receives money from all taxpayers whether they wish to support it or not.

    You savy?

    • i was merely pointing out that there is corruption in any entity, whether public or private, and acorn’s percentage of unscrupulous employees is no greater than any other place. you savvy?

    • Friend of the court

      Cheney’s secret service protection is paid for all taxpayers whether they wish to support it or not.

      • ‘zactly! and i don’t mind my tax money going to pay for poor people to eat, but i would rather it not be through any faith-based entities.

        and i wonder how much the city i live in subsidized comcast. all its customers have no choice as to whether to accept and pay for faux news as one of the channels in the line-up.

  2. Bashing Acorn is the same kind of dog whistling as being “strong on law and order.”

  3. Sorry, TD, but with all the corruption, war crimes, graft and lies the Bush administration rammed down our taxpayer throats, I just don’t care about some little pissant charity like ACORN.
    For all the wrong they’ve done, they’ve registered voters and done more community outreach in any given year than the GOP has done since it began.
    The right-wingers harp on tiny little scandals like ACORN’s and ridiculous nonsense like the Olympics choosing Rio over Chicago, while they think nothing of Bush invading Iraq, Cheney funneling billions to Halliburton, rigged elections and dragging America into a near economic depression.
    It’s petty, and yes, RACIST for the bullies on the right to even mention ACORN.
    All their righteous indignation and whining over whatever mote of wrongdoing they think they’ve found is absurd.
    That’s why the Republicans who enable all this neo-con bullshit have lost all credibility with the majority of sane Americans.
    Face it, two years ago nobody ever heard of ACORN. But Fox News and the rest of these meathead media crybabies just keep harping until a molehill becomes a mountain.
    Selective blindness? What gall.

    • the ironic thing is that the imbecilic unwashed masses at the tea parties would benefit a helluva lot more from acorn’s services than they ever would from the rethugs and their policies. acorn has been around for decades. it’s a collection of poor and middle class people who are trying to help each other. that’s why the rethugs hate it so much. heaven forbid the poor folk get uppity.

      • helenwheels

        AND ACORN has been funded by republicans as well as democrats. They conveniently forget to “report” that.

    • TD

      Our elections must be as honest and transparent as possible or the underlying Democracy, and all forthcoming rights of its citizens, become only a sham posing as a Democracy.

      A federally-funded organization that is systematically involved in federal election fraud must forfeit it’s underlying rights – including its federal funding – for Democracy to not become a sham for all citizens.

      Clearly, you were unhappy with the Bush Presidency and it is just as clear many of your fellow American citizens are unhappy with the Obama Presidency.

      I congratulate you on your Presidential Election victory but if both groups aren’t entitled to an election as fraud-free as possible, neither should be happy.

      Most of my life, liberals claimed to believe this…until their selective blindness – sprung by the seduction of power and victory – has compromised their principles.

      Have the fortitude to resist these seductions, clear your Red/Blue blindness by returning to your claimed principles, and make the required leap in maturity needed to grow from trying to win to leading as the winner.

      Then you will be more than a political ad. You will truly be special.

      • there is no evidence whatsoever that acorn was involved in voter fraud. they are legally obligated to turn in every single application, and they flagged those applications they thought to be bogus. take off your blinders and turn off faux news, td. don’t come here spouting crap you hear from glenn blechhh. go learn something and then speak, or go away.

        • TD

          No evidence whatsoever that ACORN has been involved in voter fraud?

          I don’t watch FOX News or listen to Glenn Beck but you are right about one thing.

          Learning something is required and you could start with:


          Justice requires intellectual rigorousness even if it is damaging to those you support. That’s what the blindfold on Lady Justice is about – not about being blind to the criminals in your camp.

          Again, liberals used to claim to believe in this as well before they traded their principles for power.

          • you jackass. that site is run by rick berman, a man who got rich being a corporate shill. he also runs a site that tells you how good high fructose corn syrup is for you. he’ll tell you anything you want him to say as long as you have enough money. check your sources before you believe the crap that asshole shoves at you. that is, after you get your health advice from kevin trudeau.

            • TD

              The cases presented are accurate, factual accounts of voter fraud committed by ACORN – including arrests, indictments, and convictions – despite your claim their is no evidence whatsoever.

          • helenwheels

            Ha ha ha ha ha!!! He actually links to one of Rick Berman’s sites as proof!!!

            OMG, maybe he missed Rachel Maddow tearing Mr. Berman a new asshole the other night and exposing his bullshit sites for what they are.

            RottenAcorn was one of ’em!

            Poor TD has been duped. Pretty ironic, considering this topic of this post. It’s almost as if TD came up to prove your point. I love it.

            • πŸ˜† rick berman’s sites are what you get when you heat up faux news and then let it simmer and reduce until you’re left with a bullshit concentrate!

  4. ACORN is merely the latest ‘Goldstein’ (1984 reference) for the Right – a nebulous bogeyman to whip dirty-necked supporters into frothy lathers and make children wet the bed at night.

    Continuing the Orwellian analogy, FOX pretends to the MiniTrue role – determining what ‘information’ is suitable for the public and what is to be figuratively dropped down the memory hole.

    In an unbalanced world such as the one we live in, attempted equivocal comparisons of two such disparate entities offered under the rubric of ‘fairness’ are a sign of either collaboration or madness.


  5. Well done graphic. I used Standard Deviants videos a lot in my ESL and IT classes. Good one!

    • hello eric elder,
      welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

      thanks for the kind words. i never heard of the standard deviants until a few weeks ago. i accidentally found them while looking for something else. i made a mental note (which is rather tenuous thing these days) of the dvds, and when i read leonard potts’s article, they sprang to mind. it was a fun poster to make.

      hope you’ll stop by again! πŸ™‚

  6. The other thing about Fox that gets me … for a network supposedly catering to the family values crowd, let’s take a glance at a few front-page stories right now:

    Thong-Wearing Florida Biker Agrees to Cover Up

    Man Accused of Sex Abuse Involving Teens, Child, Dog

    ‘Power as a Sexual Being’

    Guy Says Madonna ‘Retarded’

    … yep, just good, responsible, upstanding journalism, there.

    Of course, they were celebrating their kindred spirit “The Enquirer” when Edwards’ affair broke as a story, but seem to join the group of news organizations ignoring “The Enquirer”‘s Palin adultery story.

    • ‘zactly, wickle! maybe we should expect faux news to be as hypocritical as the party to which they are devoted. they’re all patriots, but they root against the u.s. getting the olympics. they’re all for family values, but billO is chasing around women with falafels…i mean, loofahs. they pooh-pooh sleaze and then put it all over their website.

  7. I am absolutely OFFENDED by that alleged artwork…you left off Michelle “rebel without a clue” Malkin, Ann “she’s a man, baby” Coulter and Rush “white shoes” Limbaugh.

    Then it’s art.

    • hello cdm,

      welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

      what a nice surprise to see you here! i love reading your comments at other blogs i frequent, and i enjoy your posts at hell000000. i keep meaning to comment over there, but i’m afraid it would be to tell a couple of your frequent commenters there that they’re ignorant morons. not a very nice way to make a first impression.

      please, please forgive me for not including your faves. i’ve skewered those 3 plenty of times, and this poster was dedicated to the faux news circus.

  8. Faux News…for those who like to feel good about their biases.

  9. Every time Gretchen Carlson begins to talk I pass out. Doctors told me it’s defense mechanism where my body forces the blood to hurriedly rush away from my sensory organs and brain, to keep me from being infected by her utter stupidity.