The Pro-Stupid Agenda


Today on her radio program, Laura Ingraham interviewed guest Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and asked her about the ideological direction of the Republican Party. The pair discussed recent statements made by retired GOP Senate Majority Leaders Bill Frist (TN) and Bob Dole (KS) in support of some type of comprehensive health reform.

Dole has called for Republicans to become engaged in the process, stating “we’ve got to do something” to solve the current crisis. Frist has endorsed the Senate Finance health reform bill, and has called out “people on the extreme” in his own party for falsely labeling President Obama’s health reform as “socialized medicine.” Clearly incensed by these comments, Ingraham and Bachmann traded barbs trashing the former Republican leaders for daring to veer away from a “pro-freedom agenda”:

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INGRAHAM: Of course. God bless Bob Dole he just came on our show, I have great respect for the man. And also for Frist. But Frist presided over a pretty disastrous situation in the Senate.

BACHMANN: They lost.

INGRAHAM: They lost. And Bob Dole lost how many times on a national level? I guess I’ve lost count. […] That Republican ideology and that Republican outlook has been a losing outlook. That’s why President Obama wants more of us to be like them.

BACHMANN: Because we want a pro-freedom agenda. And he’s trying to throw people around who he believes will increase a non-pro-freedom agenda.

Bachmann and Ingraham’s vitriol wasn’t only reserved for Republicans who dared to express a willingness to support reform. Asked if the New York Times’ recent profile of her has generated a lot of “hate mail,” Bachmann replied that although she does receive a lot of mail, it is “because Nancy Pelosi has made me a top target.” Ingraham then began mocking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives and the highest-ranking female politician in American history — by making hissing and cat noises, then shrieking, “she doesn’t like powerful women.”

(Listen over at the THINK PROGRESS link)


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49 responses to “The Pro-Stupid Agenda

  1. Dusty

    Batshit Bachmann..beautiful Nonnie!

    That convo, between two of the biggest Rethug wingnuts, must of been loverly. Eating their own eh? Oh why not! 😆

    Are you watching Countdown woman? Lawrence is in for KO. 😉

    • hey dusty!

      i have countdown on. tell the truth, i like it better when larry o is on.

      what i think is hilarious is that i don’t believe for a moment that laura ingraham buys half the crap that comes out of her own mouth. however, she’ll say anything to get attention. batshit bachmann, on the other hand, is a true believer. i wonder how painful it is for ingraham having to listen to idiots like bachmann making fools of themselves and then having to agree with them.

      • Dusty

        Non.. re: Countdown, so do I lately. 😉

        Batshit Bachmann can spew her shit all she wants..They lost the election and they need to get over it. Laura baby is someone I just don’t get most times considering her guests from the reichwing fringe.

  2. davisoftheapes1

    Sounds to me like you’re scared of Michele Bachmann. I guess when Sarah is elected President in 2012, you’ll have a cow.

    • 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

      how can you be davis of the apes? your fearless leader, princess sarah, doesn’t believe in evolution. then again, michele bachmann makes me sort of doubt evolution, too.

      • Dusty

        Sarah the Impaler is supporting an Indy candidate in NY state. How does that shit sit w/the reichwingers in the Rethug party? hmm?

        • i love it! hilarious that the party of no is now saying no to their own! 😆

        • Actually, the psycho-fringe loves it. They see this as the “establishment elites” backing a liberal RINO and the real Republicans backing the Conservative candidate. Palin is joining a lot of the hard-core right wingers in making this endorsement.

          That she’s squaring off against Newt Gingrich says something, though I’m not entirely certain what.

  3. Sue

    sorry I missed that 2 way moron conversation, NOT!! Bitches with no brains… hey apeman, can’t friggin wait to see Palins campain get started!! lol (is he serious???, do these people really think Palin could be president???)

  4. Sue

    campaign (I hate to look stupid when I’m accusing others of being morons!)

    • sue, dahling, how could you possibly look stupid when apeman is here, lowering the bar in the intelligence department? 😉

    • I don’t know … I think that “pain” should be included in any reference to a Palin campaign. It works.

      Of course, I say this … I’m the guy who was making fun of the person in front of me at the dump yesterday. He drove right by the attendant, ignoring the stop sign. As I was joking with the attendant, he pointed to my window sticker (which expired 9/30/09) and said that I should get a new one soon. Sigh … it happens to all of us, right?

      • don’t you hate when that happens, wickle? i remember years ago, i was on a righteous rant in the drugstore, because not only didn’t they have my prescription ready, but they didn’t even have it on file. i was so angry! i felt really stupid when i finally realized i had called the wrong store in the first place. and then there was the time i screamed at the vet’s office over the phone, because they lost my dog! 😯 after about 5 minutes of my combination rant and bawling, i was told that i should be more careful when looking up the phone number of the university animal hospital vs that of the animal hospital of university drive. 😳

        • Oh, yeah … on the other hand, I discovered that the dump attendant is sort of a philosopher. I said something like, “Wow. And here I am making fun of the other guy when I’m just as bad!”

          He answered, “Well, we all make fun of the other guy. It’s when we can laugh at ourselves that we really achieve humanity.” I need to make sure to talk to him more often.

          Anyway … that reminds me of a time when I worked at Staples at the service desk. This woman came in, furious. She yelled at me because someone gave her the wrong ink cartridge for her printer. She slammed it on the counter, and I said we didn’t sell that brand. She got even more angry and said, “Oh, yes, you do! Don’t play that game with me! Here’s my receipt!” and she slammed down her receipt on the counter.

          “This is from Office Max.”

          She got a lot quieter and friendlier, real fast.

          It happens to everyone, right?

          • i guess one is bound to become philosophical when spending all day looking at the things that society throws away. he sounds like a very wise man. maybe you can write a book about him!

  5. Dusty

    Nonnie, thanks for the link to that YT. I put it up on Sirens as a featured video. Gracias! 😉

  6. Yes, that’s right. Bob Dole supports a “non-pro-freedom” agenda. That’s why he won those medals in World War II … because he hates freedom!

    There is a segment of the GOP that is eager to expel all of the disloyal. I beat the rush 15 years ago, but they’re purging such people as Bob Dole, having already cast out Arlen Specter, smeared Colin Powell, and so on.

    Anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh is unacceptable these days.

    • this is like a family that gets defined by the loudest and most obnoxious members. the rest of the family doesn’t want to say anything bad about their relatives to everyone else, so they just bite their tongues and hope for the best (especially because, if they say anything, they’ll be the new targets and disowned). in the meantime, nobody outside the family can stand them, so they’re avoided whenever possible (except as objects of derision).

  7. Friend of the court

    I have a hat that is very similar . I simply must have that pin for my hat.

  8. Wait a minute– didn’t Dole retire in 1996???
    I love that Bachmann is prattling on about the pro freedom agenda (freedom for CEO’s to rip us off & get filthy rich, by denying care).

    Then you have Grayson saying *Get out of the Way*…

    Apologizing to the dead & now has a Names of the Dead website- for those who have no health insurance.

    This freedom rant as been so trumped– because truth be known even republicans are being denied coverage by their insurance companies.

    Keep yapping Bachmann…. you are only helping the other side.

    • i really think that bachmann is certifiable. she has a cult mentality, as does princess sarah. if you don’t fit into their little boxes, then you must be cast out.

  9. “Ingraham then began mocking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives and the highest-ranking female politician in American history — by making hissing and cat noises, then shrieking, ‘she doesn’t like powerful women.’”

    Wow. Stay classy, Laura, stay classy.

  10. davisoftheapes1

    HMMMMMM. Is Laura Ingram’s approval rating higher than Nancy’s?

    • Foreigner

      i guess that matters to those who base their decisions and opinions on approval ratings and sure theres more to decision making than that..oh what am i doing im sure you dont have a clue about what im on can go let Faux tell you what to think ,my bad

      • hi foreigner!

        nice to see you over here at the raisin again. 🙂 don’t let davisoftheapes upset you. he’s probably just on edge, because the apes are suing him for defamation! 😉

    • 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

      for the record, i’m laughing at you not with you. probably 99.98% of the population doesn’t even know who laura ingraham is. too bad for an attention whore like laura! 😆

  11. jeb

    Does a pro-freedom agenda include being for the freedom to die if you can’t afford exorbitant healthcare?

  12. again – reading the thread is plenty entertainment

    ingraham is garbage — i actually believe she believes her own shit (which of course doesnt stink)

    bachmann is perhaps the most deranged person to ever step foot in congress.

    • i don’t think ingraham believes a lot of what she says. she just wants as much attention as coulter and malkin get. bachmann, on the other hand, is a true believer.

  13. davisoftheapes1

    Are you all perhaps bitter, shrill and extending your claws to three times their usual size because Michelle Bachmann, Laura Ingraham and (let’s add the female anchors of FOX News for good measure) Sarah have the audacity to be stone cold babes? Nonnie, do you happen to look like Jeannie Mose from CNN?

  14. Dusty

    Nonnie, isn’t it interesting how shallow davis’s comment is? It pertains to looks only not brains. So he would elect Sarah the Impaler based on her looks alone? sad…

    Of course, that is how the rightwing nutters view objects.

  15. davisoftheapes1

    No Dusty, that’s not it. I know lots of ugly people. I’m just trying to figure out why you all are so vitriolic. Women do have a tendency to attack those they are jealous of and I thought this might be the motivation of your catty comments on Michele and Laura. Yes, I’m a right wing conservative, but, here’s a liberal thought for you. I like lesbians. (I don’t like ugly masculine lesbians who have a bigger mustache than I do, but) I really do admire lesbians.

    Also, I’ve dated a couple of ugly women. They appreciate it and therefore try harder to keep a man.
    Maybe you all were merely abused as children.

  16. writechic

    Hysterical picture!!! 🙂

  17. davisoftheapes1

    Wow! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone “successfully” pitch a princess bitch fit on wordpress. Bye Nonnie.

  18. There is absolutely no reason for dissent among the Republicans. None. The party must remain pure. Let the Night of Long Knives begin! Sieg heil!

    …and I hate them all the same, just to be consistent with their philosophy.