All Politics is Loco

From City Brights Blog at the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Right Wingnuts led by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin lost their self-selected signpost election the 23rd Congressional District in New York. The ultra-conservative Republican candidate Doug Hoffman conceded to Democrat Bill Owens […]

Owens gained 49 percent of the vote, versus 46 percent for Hoffman, and six percent for Dede Scozzafava, who’s name was still on the ballot, even though she dropped out of the race.

Original DVD cover

This race saw the original Republican challenger Dede Scozzafava back out of the race under extreme pressure from within her own party and the Right Wingnut fringe. They – led by media pundits Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin – hand picked Doug Hoffman as the man who would save them. With their withering communications drumbeat, Hoffman rose from nowhere in the polls to the point of being considered the front runner before tonight’s election.

What hurt Hoffman? Theatrics aside, he was new to the area. On Topix, one commenter wrote:

Hoffman doesn’t even live in district 23. He thinks that our local issues and concerns are “Parochial” and… he was not able to answer questions about these local issues and concerns.


Others were turned off by the drum-beat of ultra-conservative talk show mouth involvement, as well as Hoffman’s admission that Glen Beck was his “mentor.”

No kidding.


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15 responses to “All Politics is Loco

  1. Glad to hear there are still people with their head screwed on straight!

  2. I seem to think that we’ve talked about this before … the race was in NY-23. It’s their freakin’ business. Not mine. I don’t get involved in races that don’t include me. Do I have an opinion about who would be a better governor for MA? Sure, I do. But since I don’t live there, I don’t think it’s my place to finance or make campaign calls or such.

    I guess the concept of minding one’s own business is lost on some people.

    • i think it’s hilarious that dick armey, princess sarah, and their cohorts got slapped in the face with a wet fish. of course, they won’t learn their lesson, and they’ll try to manipulate races throughout the country. if charlie crist was smart, he’d become a dem.

  3. writechic

    OMG, raisin withdrawals.

    That was the dumbest election coverage night I ever didn’t pay attention to. I’d glance a headline and think, “For real? For real?”

    Reporting joblessness, homelessness, and the congressional clusterf*ck that is health care reform is just too hard, I guess.

  4. UBbblhbblhbbl! (That’s the sound Louis Black makes with his lips when he’s freakin’.)
    Hoffman is a disgusting human being. He actually allowed blowhard Dick Armey to tell his constit- constichew— his sheeple— that local issues were “parochial” issues that would not determine the outcome of the election. Bwahaha.

    So yeah. Let these self-important high-rollin’ conservatards campaign for the candidates of THEIR choice. And pucker up, Repugs, cause you can kiss your asses guebye.

  5. Doug Hoffman as Corky St. Clair? Awesome. And no one’s really ever seen his wife either…

    Of course, his unfamiliarity with the district and lack of understanding of the issues was not a hindrance to his support from Palin, Limbaugh, et al. Is there a dumber or more useless political faction in the history of this country than modern conservativism?

    • i never saw this movie, but i have to watch for it on tv. i loved best in show.

      the fact that they put all their eggs in the basket of a guy who didn’t even live in the damned district says that they don’t really give a damn about people, only their own agenda. i love that they fell flat on their ugly faces.

  6. jeb

    WTF? How’d he get 46%?

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