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Blithering (look that up, Joe) Idiot


Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assertion that President Barack Obama is “dithering” on Afghanistan drew agreement from Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) — after Wilson learned what that word meant.

Wilson, the lawmaker who shouted “You lie!” at the president during a joint session address to Congress, said he had to look up the meaning of Cheney’s charge against Obama.

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Cereal Wingnuts

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Republicans emerged from Tuesday’s elections energized by victories in Virginia and New Jersey, but their leaders immediately began maneuvering to avoid a prolonged battle with conservative activists over what the party stands for and how to regain power.

The victories, in races for governor, were cast by the party’s national chairman, Michael Steele, as a sign of a “Republican renaissance.”


Yet throughout the day Wednesday, Republicans grappled with the disappointing outcome of a special election for what had been a reliably Republican House seat in upstate New York. That contest became a battleground between the party establishment and a conservative insurgency demanding more ideological purity from candidates.

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