Blithering (look that up, Joe) Idiot


Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assertion that President Barack Obama is “dithering” on Afghanistan drew agreement from Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) — after Wilson learned what that word meant.

Wilson, the lawmaker who shouted “You lie!” at the president during a joint session address to Congress, said he had to look up the meaning of Cheney’s charge against Obama.

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“I actually have to agree with Vice President Cheney, that the president is dithering,” Wilson said in an interview with a conservative talk radio syndicate. “And I actually had to look up ‘dithering,’ and it means ‘indecisive,’ and that’s exactly what he’s being.”

Cheney said Obama is dithering over a decision whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, as was recommended by the top U.S. commander in that country, Gen. Stanley McChrystal.


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24 responses to “Blithering (look that up, Joe) Idiot

  1. Friend of the court

    thanks for not showing Joe’s knockers.

  2. Dithering, Blithering or Blathering?….. You decide!

  3. Deadeye Dick as Heathcliff. Yeah, people may have thought Heathcliff was a Romantic lead. He wasn’t. He was a Gothic villain!

    • heathcliff was a bitter, nasty, cruel, obsessive, selfish man who destroyed everything around him. sounds like deadeye dick to me! just change cathy to money and power, and it all fits perfectly.

  4. Ummm … As an amateur grammarian/fan of picking nits:

    I wonder what dictionary he used.

    “Dithering” is a verb. (Well, actually, a gerund functioning as a noun derived from the verb “to dither,” but close enough.)

    “Indecisive” is an adjective. “Dithering” doesn’t mean “indecisive.”

  5. Hello Nonnie!! 😀 😀 😀

    I’m back … on the internet, that is.
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    I am so delighted to have my excommunication from the internet lifted, or absolved, or however they do that sort of thing.

    This post is very erudite, and I especially like where it says “Blithering (look that up, Joe) Idiot” at the top.

    I immediately looked it up and found out that to blither means to blather, and is a blend of to blather and to dither.

    Now I am better informed than Joe because I do not think Joe will look up two different words in one day.

    • mighty mikk0mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      i think there’s a pope of the internets, and she (at last, a female pope!) decides who’s been naughty or nice. i will write her a thank-you note for allowing you back on the internets (and to ask her to please get rid of whoever was responsible for making my computer crap out last week).

      we don’t know whither joe wilson learned of dither, but i hope it was not hither he chose to slither. should he choose here to blither or dither, i will hit him with a zither until he withers away.

  6. I wish Al Gore would have provided a running commentary on the foibles of Bush and Dick.
    It could have been like “The Soup,” where Al would show clips and made snide comments afterwards.
    Dick should shut his stupid mouth and become a full time grandfather to his turkey baster grandchild and Liz’s litter.

    • on one hand, i wouldn’t wish that on innocent kids. on the other hand, they are the descendants of satan, so they might already be lost souls, so who cares what happens to them.

  7. Which one is Heathcliff and which one is Catherine? Just curious…