Stupak, Stupid, It’s the Pitts!

From Salon:

American women will pay the price for the Democratic dithering that allowed Saturday’s passage of the Stupak-Pitts amendment, a worm virus inserted into the House healthcare reform bill with surgical precision. But the Democratic Party will suffer collateral damage.

Stupak-Pitts isn’t just “the biggest restriction on women’s right to choose in our generation,” as Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado puts it; it’s also evidence that on abortion the Democratic Party is now captive, just like the GOP, to Christian conservatism. Of course, Republicans traded away their party’s moderate wing for real electoral gains, a base that propelled them to power for decades. The Democrats, already in power, sucker-punched themselves, and all they have to show for it is a big fat shiner in the shape of Bart Stupak’s knuckles.

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But if Stupak, a former state trooper from Michigan, provided the muscle, his partner, Joe Pitts — a Pennsylvania Republican with decades in the trenches of the antiabortion battle — may have brought the brains, and more, a new Christian right coalition custom tailored for the Democratic Party’s growing religious conservatism. Stupak is Roman Catholic; Pitts is evangelical. Both are members of the predominantly evangelical organization called the Family; Stupak lives in its C Street house. Together, they’re poster boys for the evangelical/conservative Catholic alliance known as “co-belligerency,” a culture war strategy designed to take territory within the Democratic Party as well the GOP.

Stupak, the Democratic co-chair of the House Pro-Life Caucus, insists that his amendment does nothing more than ensure that the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of federal funds for abortions, is carried over into healthcare reform.  […] But the facts are plain: Stupak-Pitts will use the Hyde Amendment as a lever with which to radically roll back abortion rights, effectively strong-arming private insurers — most of which will be enmeshed with the federal government now — into abandoning coverage for abortions.

Much is being made in the media about the role played by the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, which lobbied hard for the amendment. “We just have to accept this as a Catholic thing,” goes the new conventional wisdom. Leaving aside the fact that a strong majority of American Catholics are pro-choice […]

Start with Stupak and Pitts themselves. Although Stupak is a Catholic, he’s lived since at least 2002 in the C Street house run by the Family, which cultivates political leaders on behalf of a long-term vision of what Joe Pitts, speaking at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast (the group’s only public event), called “God-led government.” After the summer sex scandals of Sen. John Ensign, Gov. Mark Sanford and former Rep. Chip Pickering, C Streeters all, made the Capitol Hill address infamous, Stupak denied any knowledge about the house he lives in.


In its internal documents, the Family refers to itself as an “invisible organization” and the “prayer cells” into which it organizes politicians as “invisible ‘believing groups.'” […] Longtime Family leader Doug Coe, dubbed the “stealth persuader” on Time magazine’s list of the 25 most influential evangelicals, declares in a sermon delivered to evangelical leaders that “the more invisible you can make your organization, the more influence it will have.”

Joe Pitts can testify to that. It’s a safe bet that until Stupak-Pitts, few Americans beyond Pennsylvania Amish country had even heard of the avuncular Republican, a former gym teacher who rarely attaches his name to legislation. And yet he’s been a driving force in the antiabortion fight for more than three decades. It was Pitts, a “core” member of the Family, who helped bring antiabortion politics into the organization back in the early 1980s. […] Pitts and Stupak have joined forces on that front before, teaming up to try to turn President Bush’s underfunded but laudable President’s Emergency Relief for AIDS initiative into an antiabortion crusade. What they couldn’t achieve abroad, they’ve now brought back home, and then some.

They had plenty of help, starting at the Family’s C Street House. It’s home not just to Stupak but also to antiabortion Democrats Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania and Heath Shuler of North Carolina, and two of the Senate’s fiercest abortion foes, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn — an obstetrician who once mused on applying the death penalty to abortion providers — and South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, famous for pledging to make healthcare reform Obama’s Waterloo. Other Family associates lining up behind Stupak-Pitts include evangelicals Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., John Tanner, D-Tenn., and Lincoln Davis, a Democrat from Tennessee who once proclaimed that no Republican could “outgun, out-pray, or out-family me.”

These Family ties don’t mean that Stupak-Pitts is a plot hatched at C Street. [… The] Family’s prayer groups don’t take direct action but rather facilitate the behind-the-scenes relationships that lead to action. “One person grows desirous of pursuing an action,” Sen. Sam Brownback, a Family man and former C Street resident, explained the process to me, “and others pull in behind.”

Which raises the question: Who’s pulling whom? Did backbencher Bart Stupak really come up with the bluff that led pro-choice Democrats to abandon not one but two compromises, one of which Stupak himself seemed to be signing off on earlier this summer? Or was it Pitts, an abortion-wars warrior since the 1970s, and a longtime leader of the House Values Action Team — an off-the-record caucus of religious right organizations and members of Congress — who drew up the blueprint?

Neither Stupak nor Pitts is talking. Of course, if they just keep quiet, the press will pin it on the bishops — who, to be fair, are more than happy to take credit. That version of events neglects the role of relationships forged within the evangelical context of the Family — a group founded in the spirit of virulent anti-Catholicism, and which maintains to this day that being Catholic brings you no closer to Christ than being Jewish or a Muslim — and the growing evangelical movement within the Democratic Party.


Right now, even the diluted healthcare reform bill that’s limping toward more mauling in the Senate looks like the result of a historic vote. But as a weather vane, Stupak-Pitts tells us which way the wind is blowing. Last time the Democrats possessed this much power in Washington, the Dixiecrats tried to hold the party hostage. Now, it’s the faith-based Democrats. Dixiecrats were racists, plain and simple; the faith-based Democrats are a more complicated bunch, a mix of genuinely moral conservatives, many of them to the left on economic issues, political cowards, and default Blue Dogs. They’re anti-choice and anti-gay but, by God, they’re about love, not hate, a gentler fundamentalism, a faith based in the conflation of Christianity and the Constitution, not the substitution of one for the other. So that’s progress, right?


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14 responses to “Stupak, Stupid, It’s the Pitts!

  1. I have this very article open in another tab. Between this and all the rest of the crap going on with the Boys on C Street, I’m thinking seriously of promoting the meme that C Street and The Family should be the kind of cause for progressives that ACORN has been for the wingnuts.

    Oh, and I live in the same state as Stupak. If it weren’t an 8 hour drive to his home town, my wife and I would seriously think about attending a town hall to protest. Instead, she decided to send a box of wire coat hangers. If it fits, it ships!

    • i love the idea of sending wire hangers to any rep who voted for the s-p amendment. your wife rocks, neon vincent!

      it’s not so much that it’s about abortion. it’s about the fact that religion is highjacking d.c. i think the family is a very scary group, and stupak is a moron if he thinks they do anything other than tolerate him.

  2. Does that make them Roamin’ evangicals???

    I’m on board with the Two middle Fingers up.

    Leave it up to a total lunatic to press for babies to be born & then deny them health care access.


    • they want to go back to the 1950’s. they really think that ozzie and harriet and leave it to beaver were documentaries. they think women should be barefoot and pregnant and seen and not heard. unbelievable that women voted in favor of that crap amendment.

  3. Friend of the court

    my computer died of a virus. posting from the coffee house

    • oh noooooooooezzzzzzzzz!!! you know that i feel your pain, fotc. i wonder if it’s the same thing that infected mine. it was a nasty one! i hope you can get it working soon.

  4. the stupak amendment is the start of the slippery slope the religious assholes have been dreaming of – and from a DEMOCRAT!

    this goes through, it is only a matter of time that you – the great and wonderful Nonnie (and Fran) will be wearing burkas.

    • i want to keep church and state separate, but to tell you the truth, dcAp, a burka sounds like a good idea the older i get. it’s a lot easier than all that hair and makeup crap.

      • I’ll pass on the Burka, and fight like hell for women’s health rights.
        We should have known they were going to play the abortion card in the health care debate…. but from an (alleged) Dem?
        Stupak is in a Stupor!

        • what really gets me is what cowards these asswipes are. don’t screw up health care reform to serve your own agenda. if you want to do away with abortion, then introduce a bill to do just that. get an up or down vote and live with the outcome. instead, they insinuate their social issues into everything else.

  5. If the Democrats push through an anti choice “healthcare reform” bill, I will vote party line Green in November 2010. I am so sick of militant, anti American fundamentalists abusing the political process to push through their Taliban style political agenda.

    It’s important to politically punish Stupak for what he has done for the rest of his sinister and unpatriotic political career.

    • hello libhomo,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      the only thing that these selfish bastards understand is losing their campaign contributions. unfortunately, even if dems stop donating, the rightwing fundies will take up the slack. they seem to have an endless stream of money. what a shame that the majority of people who support health care reform don’t seem to be being heard.

  6. Hmmmmm, I thought only the GOP hated women. I guess I was wrong. Stupak is a moron.

    • stupak thinks he represents his buddies at c street, not his real constituents. he thinks it’s more important to push their agenda than for millions of people to have decent health care. he can call himself and christian and convince himself that he’s a good person, but he’s just a brainwashed self-righteous asswipe.