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Schlub Scouts

My friend, Mark over at News Corpse (a/k/a KingOneEye over at the Big Orange), is my source for what goes on over at Faux News (go on over and browse a bit, I’ll wait). Last night, he posted about Roger Ailes (president of Fox News Channel and chairman of Fox Television Stations Group) being honored with the 2009 Good Scout Award from the Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts. Rush Limbaugh introduced him. News Corpse has a video of the Fox & Friends imbecilic asswipes hosts all giddy over being allowed outside the studio and going on a field trip for the event. They were allowed to eat and everything! Of course, your intrepid reporter (that’s me, if you were wondering) did a little more digging. First, though, let me say to the parents of those Boy Scouts in Westchester and Putnam Counties: If it’s role models you want, you’re looking at…

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