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My friend, Mark over at News Corpse (a/k/a KingOneEye over at the Big Orange), is my source for what goes on over at Faux News (go on over and browse a bit, I’ll wait). Last night, he posted about Roger Ailes (president of Fox News Channel and chairman of Fox Television Stations Group) being honored with the 2009 Good Scout Award from the Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts. Rush Limbaugh introduced him. News Corpse has a video of the Fox & Friends imbecilic asswipes hosts all giddy over being allowed outside the studio and going on a field trip for the event. They were allowed to eat and everything! Of course, your intrepid reporter (that’s me, if you were wondering) did a little more digging. First, though, let me say to the parents of those Boy Scouts in Westchester and Putnam Counties: If it’s role models you want, you’re looking at…

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All those guys wanted to be scouts, but there were problems. Roger had a job with the circus shoveling up elephant dung. Sean Hannity’s head was way too big for any of the scout caps.  Glenn Beck couldn’t stop crying long enough to even try on a uniform.  Steve Doocy was stumped by the enrollment form, and Bill O’Reilly was too busy in his bathtub, eating a falafel and playing with his loofah .

Rush Limbaugh said he wanted to join the scouts, but that wasn’t quite true. He was too busy with other things, so he got a deferment by claiming he had a cyst on his ass .

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Don’t be sad for them, though. Even though they’re 40+ years late, they started their very own scout troop.

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16 responses to “Schlub Scouts

  1. (Deleted several profane remarks.)

    I’m an Eagle Scout. Proud to be so.

    These people are in absolutely no way the type of characters that the Boy Scouts should be honoring.

    Let’s run through the twelve points of the Scout Law. A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

    Limbaugh? Really? Roger Ailes?

    The BSA is not supposed to be a political organization. This is totally inappropriate, on absolutely every level. As a Scouter, I’m disgusted by this! I’m mad enough to spit!

    Thanks for ruining my Friday evening!

    • oh, wickle, i didn’t mean to ruin your friday night! just like the red cross, the bsa is another organization that was hijacked by the rethuglican party. it’s a shame. there are still a lot of good people in both organizations who are in it for all the right reasons, but those at the top are despicable.

      • You didn’t really ruin my Friday. If I’m going to blame anyone, I’m going to blame the parents in the West-Put Council. They shouldn’t be using the Boy Scouts to push their politics.

        Once upon a time, we got BSA lit that boasted of all of the Eagle Scouts and Scouters in Congress, whether Dem or Rep. I became concerned when the “Character Counts” GOP slogan from 1994 was picked up by the BSA, but it definitely went downhill from there.

        The leadership has gone political, and I think that it really hurts the organization. The Scouts can do a lot of really good things, and they shouldn’t become the camping arm of the Young Republicans. I’m afraid that that’s the direction they’re headed.

  2. This may not be the most important part of this story, but I wonder why Ailes couldn’t get anyone else from Fox (other than the Fox & Friends crew) to attend his big moment with the BSA. I mean, not even Geraldo?

    • hi mark/koe/news corpse!

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      geraldo would have been there, but roger was afraid he would give away the location. does glenn blechhh ever show up for anything other than his own shows? he never went to the teabagger parties he was pushing, did he? as for bill0 and sean insanity, i doubt they would ever show up at an event where they weren’t the center of attention. i’m surprised rushbo showed up.

  3. any respect i had for the boys scouts (which was minimal) was lost when they “won” the James Dale case in the US Supreme Court. That was the 5-4 case (guess which 5) which ruled it was OK for the BSA to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

    this was a real low point for the SCOTUS and in my mind made this organization no better than the KKK.

    they can have the fat Grand Wizard Ailes and Limbaugh

  4. The Ploy Scouts: just another pawn in the GOP war on America.