Old Yellers

From Daily Finance:

Lou Dobbs knows the world is watching him closely now for clues that might explain his sudden resignation from CNN. So it’s probably safe to read some meaning into the choice of the anchorman’s venue for his first big post-CNN interview: He’s going on Fox News.

The network is set to announce that Dobbs will be a guest on Monday night’s edition of Bill O’Reilly’s show, DailyFinance has learned.

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Warm feelings between the two men goes back to last summer, when O’Reilly publicly defended Dobbs against critics who wanted him fired for repeatedly showcasting the claims of “birthers” who allege President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.


Monday’s appearance […] could be a not-so-subtle signal that Dobbs is inclined to sign on with Rupert Murdoch’s legions, as many believe he will.


One unknown is whether Dobbs has the contractual freedom to become a Fox Newser. CNN president Jon Klein has said he let Dobbs out of his contract early — it was supposed to run through 2011 — but declined to say whether he did so on the condition that the anchor not go to work for a competitor. It’s possible that Dobbs could join Fox Business Network, which doesn’t compete with CNN or other Turner Broadcasting properties, and then expand into a role with Fox News once any exclusivity period that may exist runs out. (A Fox spokeswoman says there have been no discussions with Dobbs about working at either channel.)

Monday’s O’Reilly Factor interview is a “cable exclusive,” meaning Dobbs won’t appear on CNN, HLN or MSNBC before then.


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18 responses to “Old Yellers

  1. On “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” this morning, after i9 was mentioned that Fox denies having talked to Dobbs yet, someone said, “Well, he’s been auditioning for them for the past three years!”

  2. jeb

    Maybe Louser can go on cable and sell real estate tracts for wall construction. He’s a natural.

  3. Shall I start a pool? Lou Dobbs on Fox Business by 2010?

    • i think the faux biz channel is a better bet than faux news, but i don’t know if he’ll even be wanted there. he’ll probably demand big bucks, and they’re already losing money, so why sign him? i don’t think they think that his viewers will follow him to a business channel. maybe they’ll get him on the cheap as an analyst instead of giving him his own show.

  4. the only thing i would like to see dobbs do is pick lettuce and oranges with the people he so “loves”

    why are there so many arrogrant pricks in this country

    • wouldn’t that be poetic justice? or maybe he could shovel the horse poop with the illegals who clean out the fancy stables where his daughter rides her horses.

  5. Faux reporters belong on Faux snooze.
    Feel the hate & discrimination!

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  7. Turns out CNN gave the old fart $8 million cash to leave. I doubt they give a damn where he lands next, just as long as he stays away for good.
    I hope Fox News does hire him. That way all the nutjobs will be confined to that one station and be that much easier to avoid.
    Meanwhile, I hope his Hispanic wife divorces his honky ass and takes half his money.

    • i feel better about writing to cnn. i didn’t think they’d even bother to read emails, but i guess the distaste for old lou was pouring in at a rate that was too difficult to ignore.

  8. Poor old WaterLou, he met his match in the American people and those who were tired of his fictions.