A Very Inappropriate Post


In an interview with Larry King last night, Carrie Prejean told the host: “Sarah Palin is my hero.”

Incredibly, however, that was NOT the most ridiculous thing Prejean did or said during the segment!

Before throwing a fit and acting like a six-year old, Carrie expounded on her admiration for Palin. She said she admired the former governor’s “strength and her courage,” adding that Palin would “make a great President.”


From there, Carrie took hypocrisy to a new level, even for herself: asked why she settled her lawsuit with the Miss California Pageant, Prejean refused to discuss the matter in any way, referring to King’s question as “inappropriate.”

Did Prejean forget that she had just spoken at length to Sean Hannity about her masturbation tape?

Original DVD cover

What made King’s inquiries “inappropriate,” yet Hannity’s questioning completely welcome? We wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that Hannity penned the foreword for Carrie’s book.

Prejean proceeded to take off her microphone and sit in the studio, pouting like a child. She’s seen talking to handlers off-camera, unaware how to even storm out of an interview properly without direction from her PR staff.

From Radar online:

There are 30 nude photos and eight sex tapes of former Miss California Carrie Prejean, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

It’s the most shocking turn yet in a scandal that has continued to follow the woman whose anti-gay marriage stance led to a national controversy and pitted her against pageant organizers.

Stripped of her crown, Prejean sued the  Miss California USA pageant but reportedly settled after the sex tape surfaced. She called the sex tape the biggest mistake of her life.

Now a RadarOnline.com investigation has uncovered that there are SEVEN more “biggest mistakes” of her life – all of them solo performances, just like the one sex tape that the religious beauty queen has admitted to. And there are 30 photos of Carrie, most topless, some showing everything, and most taken by Carrie using her reflection in a mirror.


Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes.

In her newly released book Carrie wrote, “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.”


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29 responses to “A Very Inappropriate Post

  1. I saw the interview. A vile woman with a considerable ego.

    By the way, is it mandatory nowadays that eveyone under 40 have at least a half dozen sex tapes floating around?

    • i only saw the video that’s everywhere online. after the commercial, was she still there?

      as to your question, yes, that’s why they invented camera phones.

  2. Sue

    LOL!! I saw LK show too, the woman is a pig in sheeps clothing LOL! Why are holier-than-thou conservatives so damn nasty??

  3. Sophie

    I understand she now says that getting the breast implants was Christian appropriate, because (her reason)”it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that you shouldn’t get them.”

    I thought I’d die laughing.

    The bible also doesn’t mention drunk driving, ponzi schemes, drug use or sex tapes, so I guess by her reasoning, they’re okay too.

    Go away Carrie.

    • hello sophie,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      isn’t it amazing how they find loopholes in the bible whenever it’s convenient for them? either her 15 minutes are up, or she’ll disappear for a while and then come back in a few years as a televangelist, saying that she’s repented for her youthful indiscretions and is once again ready to be nailed to a cross. 🙄

      • writechic

        I see her more as the televangelist’s wife who sits and nods and smiles while the windbag spews. Then after she’s suffered him long enough to secure money with a divorce, she’ll move onto a dirty reality show that fails.

        How do people turn out like this?

  4. I really, really hate when people claim that every bad thing that happens to them is because Christians are persecuted.

    Christians are persecuted in China, where going to the wrong church can result in arrest.

    That someone’s calling you out for being a “family values” spokesmodel while lying about your sex tapes and semi-nude photos isn’t in the same league.

    Once again, I’m disgusted by the Religious Right groups that leap to her defense.

    Seriously, it’s time for her to marry Joe the Plumber and vanish into the obscurity that they both so richly deserve.

    • i agree with you, wickle. i would add that i also hate it when people say that good things happened to them or that they do good things because they are religious. you can be non-religious and do very good things, and you can be religious and do very bad things.

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t use the cover of the movie based on the Stephen King story. Or would that be even more “inappropriate?”

    • that’s exactly what i looked at first, but i don’t like to be predictable, so i picked this one instead. of course, i’m not ruling out the other for a future poster.

  6. I think her hero Sarah Palin should invite Prejean aboard her book tour bus as a special guest.
    Now there’s a sex tape we could all enjoy–Palin and Prejean battling for the top.

    • i’m sure princess sarah was shocked 😯 shocked i tell ya to learn that carrie was having sex with herself, just as she was shocked 😯 shocked i tell ya to learn that bristol and levi were gettin’ it on in the upstairs bedroom when he’d stay over at night.

  7. Good God Nonnie that’s disturbing; even the original looks as if she has TWO cleavages! (Love her little cross, too. 😉

    I had to think about whether or not to give a shit about Christian Carrie and her nuclear-powered hypocrisy generator, but the story obviously has a good set of legs- cough- gams, and is going places, places every satirist wants to go; and people say there’s no God! Huh! Teh comedy continues to write itself.

    • sister carrie isn’t interesting at all. she’s rather dimwitted and boring to listen to. however, she’s great as a symbol of all those holier-than-thou hypocrites who have declared themselves to be the moral arbiters of our time.

      p.s. 😆 i didn’t even notice the double cleavage! it could have been much worse. it might have been cadaver larry’s cleavage. 😮

  8. I’ll bet if you collected some of Prejean’s statements and some of Sarah Palin’s and mixed them up together you’d have a very hard time picking who said it.

    • throw in batshit bachmann and any of the other rethug wimmens, and it would be like a verbal jigsaw puzzle. you could throw in some of the rethug men, too. they all get their talking points from the same places, so it’s hard to discern one from the other. in a lot of cases you don’t have to, because they’ve said the same exact thing.

  9. maybe she can pose with Levi

  10. Sorry, but there’s only one phrase that sums up the travesty known as Prejean: she’s one fucking dumbass bitch.

    • she’s just a collection of hair extensions, veneers, fake boobs, false eyelashes, hubcap earrings, and a ton of makeup covered with spray tan. where is there room for a brain? the fundies are throwing her under the bus. the nekkid pics were bad enough, but the videos were too much to ignore.

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