Oh Deer!


The governor’s annual deer-and-publicity-hunting excursion over the weekend seems to have turned into a bit of a PR nightmare.

Shhhh! Be vewwy, vewwy quiet! Here’s a pic of Governor Timmy heading out for the hunt.
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It turns out that, unlike most years, the governor actually shot a deer this time, according to the Star Tribune. The bad news is that he didn’t kill it, and the seriously wounded buck bounded off into the forest.

This was the scene right before the horror began:

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But rather than help look for the suffering animal, which is every hunter’s ethical responsibility, Pawlenty delegated the job to others because he had to fly off to a Republican Party fundraiser in Iowa.


Despite a two-day search by the hunting party, the deer was never found. “It was extremely frustrating,” the landowner Warren Sparby was quoted as saying. “We do know he shot it, because it was bleeding profusely. We combed and combed and combed, but still couldn’t find it. … We gave it the best shot we could.”

Forest denizens were furious at the governor, and they wrested the rifle right out of his hands!

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When Gov. Tim Pawlenty lost track of that buck he shot last week, and left it to his hunting buddies to track it down while he flew off for a political speech in Iowa, we began to ponder the degree to which the wounded creature might come back to bite him in the political butt.

With that in mind we bring you this gem of a post from a site called DeerHuntingChat.com:

What kind of slob hunter goes out opening morning and shoots a deer knowing full well you won’t have time to retrieve it or tend to it? One whose presidential ambitions override his hunting ethics, that’s what kind. I hope all you hunters out there remember this sorry episode when Tim Pawlenty comes looking for your support in 2012. Minnesota doesn’t need any more slob hunters like Pawlenty, and we certainly don’t need one in the White House.


This is probably not what the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, Explore Minnesota Tourism and the Minnesota DNR had in mind when they sponsored the annual Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener on Wally Sparby’s land near Thief River Falls.

If they only knew how ugly the aftermath really was!


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21 responses to “Oh Deer!

  1. pawlenty, cheney — those GOOPERs are all cut from the same mold, with the same DNA and the same slime for blood.

    timmy doesnt realize that bambi will remember this when he reaches purgatory

    • just wait until xmas. if pawlenty doesn’t think that bambi has a hotline to the north pole, he’s sadly mistaken. the reindeer are gonna poop all over his house. no toys for his kids.

  2. Just like a typical Rethug to let the others clean up the mess they make.

  3. It’s probably the libs’ fault. If he’d been able to hunt with a fully-automatic .50-caliber machine gun or something, that deer never would have gotten away!

  4. PETA ought to launch a giant hunt for the poor deer and when they find it, no matter how long it takes, they should drag it to the Governor’s mansion and make that little bastard Pawlenty eat it- hide, hooves and all.
    What kind of adult would do such a creepy thing? Like Dick Cheney, he was so eager to prove his solidarity with the NRA and his macho he-man status, he forgot to be a responsible gun owner and hunter…not to mention human being.
    I hope the next time he hits the woods, a giant bear rips his stupid face off.

  5. Oh the irony of this statement:

    ‘We gave it the best shot we could.”

  6. jeb

    The story failed to mention that the search party was largely comprised of people who’d been looking for WMD in Iraq.

    What a tool.

  7. Once again, I find that someone else has a better comment than I do.

    “Nice Work, Bwana”

    A post and 59 comments of excoriation–I can’t top that!

  8. Yinzer

    In 2002 T-Paw got a phone call from Dick Cheney telling him to step aside from the Senate race to clear the path for Norm Coleman. W/R/T 2012, T-Paw should be getting a very similar phone call in 5… 4… 3… 2…

    • hello yinzer,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i wonder how much clout deadeye dick will have in 2012. he’s been screaming awfully loud lately, but he keeps getting less and less attention. i don’t think anyone will ask for his blessing or even his endorsement next time around.

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