Gohmert Pile (of Poop)


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.), who is about as conservative on homeland security as anybody living above ground, was on FOX last night riffing about the potential motivations of New Yorkers who actually want terrorists tried on their home soil.

He went on to provide a helpful list of potential weak spots that a well-informed terrorist — say someone who watched Louie Gohmert on FOX — might target during the trials.

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“You’ve got millions of New Yorkers who would be put at risk by this,” Gohmert, a former judge who represents East Texas, told Neil Cavuto.


Then, in an apparent reference to the billions in federal cash that flowed to the city after the Sept. 11 attack, he added: “And unless they’re trying to create a new jobs bill by allowing terrorism back in New York then this is insane. And even that would be insane.

UPDATE: DCCC Chaiman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) thinks the GOP leadership needs to put Gohmert and other flamethrowers on a leash:

“Congressman Louie Gohmert’s outrageous comments not only insults the victims of 9/11 and their families but they also offer the latest evidence that the Republican Party has been taken over by right wing extremists. House Republicans should immediately condemn Congressman Gohmert’s offensive remarks.

“Whether they’re attending ‘tea party’ rallies featuring Holocaust imagery, comparing health insurance reform to terrorism, or staying silent about plans to burn public officials in effigy, the tenor from House Republicans grows more alarming by the day.”

From The New York Daily News:

New York City wants to put terrorists on trial because it’s either insane or hopes resulting attacks would create jobs, a Texas Republican suggested a day after Rep. John Shadegg had to apologize for suggesting terrorists would kidnap the mayor’s daughters because of a trial.

Yep. Here’s Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)[:]

“You’ve got subways, tunnels, bridges all subject to terrorism,” the Texan said on Fox News. “And unless they’re trying to create a new jobs bill by allowing terrorism back in New York then this is insane. And even that would be insane.”

That followed up on some remarks he made on the House floor, mocking President Obama’s early career in community organizing and predicting terror trials would in fact spark new terrorism.

“What you normally have when you have the terrorist threats go on is evacuations,” Gohmert said. “And that’s when it is extremely helpful to have a community organizer in the White House because you’ll need lots of community organization in order to adequately evacuate massive areas of the most densely populated area in America.”

New Yorkers are a little split on whether they want the trial of Khaild Sheikh Mohammed, but they are very sure the city can handle it. And we have to wonder, why are these guys from Texas and Arizona more afraid of it than New Yorkers?

(Videos at Daily News link)

I’m just wondering why ol’ Louie is so worried about trials in New York City. After all, there’s something else that’s much, much scarier, at last according to Virginia So-not-a Foxx. From The New York Times (11/02/2009):

As the House convened Monday afternoon, Ms. Foxx, a North Carolina Republican, lashed out at the proposal Democrats are trying to bring to the floor for a vote by the weekend, hitting it for potentially using tax dollars to pay for abortions, among other things.

But in the post-Sept. 11 world, she may have set a new standard for assailing domestic legislation, as she argued that many of her constituents were living in outright fear of the Democratic health care overhaul.

I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country,” Ms. Foxx said, adding later: “It is a bad bill and the American people should be frightened of it.”

(emphasis mine)


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16 responses to “Gohmert Pile (of Poop)

  1. Interestingly … Since 2003, Rush Limbaugh and others have said that the Democrats were in the position of benefiting if the US lost a war. This was used to attack their patriotism.

    Right now, the GOP is in the position of benefiting if there is a terrorist attack in NY. Is it time to question whether these guys are unpatriotic?

  2. jeb

    Does that mean that fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them over here didn’t work? Has anyone told Darth Cheney?

  3. Gohmert sounds a little too much like Gomer, except Gomer Pyle was a hapless, lovable dimwit and Gohmert is not lovable.
    I’m convinced that these Texas Republicans say and do such stupid things just so Texans like me can seem brilliant by comparison.
    But then that’s not saying much. :/

  4. Yeah, Nonnie, you have to wonder what croaking toad he ran against.
    But in his hayseed district, it’s a wonder people even voted. I’ll bet the polling place was a mess afterwards. All that tracked in animal dung, hay and dirt, not to mention the spilled moonshine and chewin’ tobacco juice.

  5. wow

    wow, no offense, (i am sure you will bash me later), but i came on here to see the raisins, and i continued to peruse your site…
    wow, you guys just stroke eachother left and right. oh, my bad, not right, not even left of center! although i do not actually know where you stand on any topic except to bash and ridicule anyone who disagrees with you. quite a trend of the dems…if i thought i was going to be able to participate in some real discussion or even some good debate about the issues i guess i came to the wrong site.

    maybe not wow, but disappointed. stroke on.

  6. Gohmert is one of those guys who wants all the animals to wear pants. You may ask, to be an east Texas Rep. one should appear a total idiot with a 3rd grade eductation? Yes, sad but true.

    • hi jerry,

      hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

      i think gohmert should be a noun or adjective that denotes stupidity and/or a total lack of class:

      don’t be such a gohmert, and take your finger out of your nose.

      ewwww! that’s so gohmert!