A Very Good Thing

From The Raw Story:

During a Saturday broadcast, lifestyle television diva Martha Stewart panned former lawmaker Sarah Palin, calling her a “dangerous person” who Stewart “wouldn’t watch… if you paid me.”

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Speaking to CNN, the host of Martha Stewart Living said Palin is “very boring to me.” Having someone so “confused” in government is unsafe, she said. That makes Palin a “dangerous person.”

“She’s so confused,” Stewart said. “Anyone in government like that is a real problem.

Reacting to the massive first-day sales of Palin’s new book, she added: “Good for her. Good for her. … I wouldn’t watch her if you paid me.”

(Video at Raw Story link)

Oh, this is gonna be fun. I hope Martha has Levi Johnston on her show just to piss off Princess a little bit more.


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23 responses to “A Very Good Thing

  1. writechic

    Brilliant idea inviting Johnston! 😉

    • wouldn’t that be hilarious? princess would be steaming up there in wasilly! i think she’s jealous when he uses up even a moment of air time she thinks should only go to her.

      • writechic

        Totally jealous. And he’s way better looking.

        I’m just waiting for her to do that one thing that will push him over the edge and he goes all explosive diarrhea of the mouth.

        • me, too! i can’t wait. she pushed this kid out on the national stage for her own ambition, and now she resents that he’s getting any attention. you reap what you sow and the smell of fertilizer lingers.

  2. That old-fashioned hairstyle makes Princess Sarah look, well, old.

    claws & fangs

  4. Dusty

    Ah..the irony..a rich white broad like Martha panning Sarah the Impaler. I love it!

    I never hear Oprah talking shit about other folks like ole Martha.Interesting no?

    • i suspect that martha’s base has a more ‘elitist’ audience, and she won’t lose any ratings talking smack about princess sarah. a lot of oprah’s audience is more like the jerry springer demographic, and they were pissed off at her for supporting obama. they’ve both got plenty of bread, and they know which side it’s buttered on.

  5. P.S. You can always tell it’s the fake HelenWheels when it’s:

    1. off topic

    2. rude

    3. clueless

  6. Personally, I couldn’t give two dirty squirty shits in my shorts for either of these dipshits, but in this instance I’m lending my full support to Martha. You go, girl!

  7. She already told me: use Palin’s abrasive personality to whisk away those stains, of course it will also remove the cloth. Typical of all things Palin, it destroys the thing it seeks to save.