Teabaggers Can Dream, Can’t They?


In recent days, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has indicated that she may be open to a conservative presidential dream ticket in 2012: Palin-Beck (or Beck-Palin). “I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I’m not there yet,” Palin told Newsmax. “But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He’s a hoot.” Fox and Friends plugged the idea yesterday morning and asked Palin whether she would run with Beck. She kept the door open, saying, “I don’t know. We’ll see, we’ll see.”

But just a few hours later on his radio show, Beck shot down the idea, saying he was “absolutely” ruling out a Palin-Beck ticket. He explained that if he had the number two job, Palin would always be “yapping” like they were in “the kitchen”:

Original DVD cover

    BECK: I don’t think things are hoots. I don’t. I don’t think it’s a hoot. I would never use the word hoot, and I respectfully ask that every time my name is brought up she would stop using the word “hoot.” […]

    No, no I’m just saying — Beck-Palin, I’ll consider. But Palin-Beck — can you imagine, can you imagine what an administration with the two of us would be like? What? Come on! She’d be yapping or something, and I’d say, “I’m sorry, why am I hearing your voice? I’m not in the kitchen.”

A woman’s appropriate place on a presidential ticket, according to Beck, is in the number two spot. Otherwise, she should just “yap” away in a kitchen somewhere. Apparently, being a vice presidential running mate behind a woman is a serious challenge to Beck’s manhood.

When Newsweek ran a picture of Palin in a running outfit on its cover this month, Palin and many others criticized the magazine for being sexist. Beck joined the outrage, saying the “attack” on Palin was “dizzying” and “devastating.” He said Newsweek had reached “the highest of the lows” and added that the magazine now “sucks.”

(Transcript and audio at THINK PROGRESS link)


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30 responses to “Teabaggers Can Dream, Can’t They?

  1. davisoftheapes1

    Huckabee/Palin is the winning ticket in 12.

  2. Hopefully, these moronic, bumper-sticker-spewing boneheads and their teabag followers will all stick together and go somewhere else.

    What are *real* people angry about?


    (social satire)

  3. Bah! Palin is nowhere except with a certain small, wacky core of voters. She’s done. Imagine the debates with her up against someone who can actually form complete sentences.

    I expect that she’d quit halfway through!

    • wickle,

      i think it’s going to get interesting, because it won’t be liberals who take princess sarah down, it will be rethugs. it’s time for them to step out and try to get some attention for the 2012 run, and they have to hate that she gets all the media attention. she’s useful for fund-raising, but they’ll resent the hell out of her for stealing their thunder.

  4. Sounds like that Beck fellow was getting a little “hoot under the collar.”

    I’ll just apologize for that and leave now.

  5. braveny

    Don’t understand why Palin/Beck are so upset about the Newsweek cover. If Palin doesn’t want to be seen as a sex object she should not dress like a cup cake.

    • hi braveny!

      nice to see you over here again! 🙂

      i’m with you. remember when they bitched, because newsweek didn’t airbrush the cover photo of her? now they’re bitching, because they’re using a picture she posed for. my guess is that they’re really not going to like mad magazine! 😆

  6. I think it’s pretty well established that Glenn Beck is the batshit craziest meat puppet on Fox News.
    It’s no coincidence that Palin is drawn to him–they are two of a kind.
    But Beck was dead wrong about Palin yapping in the kitchen. She wouldn’t know a kitchen if one bit her in the ass.
    At any rate, I hope they do team up to run for Obama’s job. The only team I’d prefer over them would be Virginia Foxx for president and Rush Limbaugh for V.P.

  7. Notice how the book tour immediately turned into a Palin for Prez 2012 event?

    Something about this lady & her bad choices around TURKEY day. … (you remember last year’s slaughter interview)..

    This year she took to the jogging trail in a Washington State *Turkey Trot*… a 5K fundraising event. It said she had a doublewide stroller 1/2 with her baby & the other half with her book! Here’s the clincher– she quit 1/2 way through! Who knows what the real reason was ~ the press said she wanted to avoid a huge crowd at the finish line.

    It’s the trend here…. Sarah never made it to the finish line for her VP run, her Alaska Governorship, or the frigging Turkey Trot.

    They have photos of Sarah later, dressed to the 9’s, carrying baby Trig- ok to just slap a pair of socks on him & call it good.
    Now there’s a bright idea…. take your baby into crowds of people during the Swine flu pandemic.

    I think I have had enough turkey for this season.

    • they need to send a social worker to check on that baby. she uses the poor little thing as a prop. she carries him into her book signings, and as soon as the news cameras get a shot of them, she hands him off like a football. if she was serious about running a marathon, why did she have to announce it on twitter, and why the hell did she have to take the baby? she never had any intentions of finishing the race. she just wants to be in all the right places for her photo ops, and then she leaves.

  8. jeb

    Good to hear that the objective Fuxed Friends is encouraging them to run. Bet they’ve got some BRoll they used to show massive teabagger turnout along with an apology in the can ready to cover their “mistake” that will represent the Palin/Beck insanity tour.

  9. Neal Gabler thinks people are making a mistake making fun of Palin.

    Hate Sarah Palin? She loves that

    She might love it, but I don’t think it will be enough to get her to win.

  10. My God, we said “Delusional”? (…without “fucking” in front of it?) Bwaaahaahaaaa! There’s hope for us after all. 😉

    • i know! i couldn’t believe how restrained you guys were! actually, i try to keep profanity out of the posters for the most part, because there are idiots at photobucket who delete images they don’t find to be acceptable. 🙄 however, i’ll sneak something in once in a while.

  11. Actually, I think it’s a dream ticket. No, not “dream”. Uh, what’s the word…? Oh, yeah. Nightmare.