Wit vs. Half-Wit

From The New York Times:

The former Alaska governor and one-time vice presidential candidate [Sarah Palin] has been traveling the country in recent weeks, promoting her book and disparaging Democrats, the Washington establishment and the media elite. Huge crowds greet her wherever the bus entourage takes her.


Well, Saturday night, if all goes to plan, Ms. Palin’s book tour will take her someplace else: the Gridiron Club’s winter dinner in Washington. For those who don’t know, the Gridiron dinners are among the most exclusive of Washington events where the city’s media elite — to borrow a phrase — share dinner, drinks and bonhomie with elected officials, political leaders and other members of the governing elite.


Ms. Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate under Senator John McCain of Arizona last year, is one of two guests speakers, who in years past were invited to provide typically humorous speeches. The other speaker this year is Representative Barney Frank, the liberal Democrat from Massachusetts.

Oh, to be a fly on one of those walls!

Original DVD cover

It’s difficult to imagine two people who have more diametrically opposed view of the world (not to mention personalities and senses of humor). All the ingredients for an absorbing evening of theater and politics.

Except these dinners are strictly off-the-record. Nothing that happens is supposed to leave the room — though with journalists being journalists, and Washington being Washington, it’s a good bet that you’ll be hearing something about this by Sunday morning. Perhaps Ms. Palin will break the news and boast of her appearance at the dinner to her Twitter followers.

That is, if Ms. Palin shows up. […] Ms. Palin has routinely missed – some might say no-showed – a few big appearances in Washington since the 2008 election. She bagged an appearance before the White House Correspondents Association, citing flooding in Alaska, where she was governor at the time. And she ended not appearing at a gala Republican fundraising event for the House and Senate Republican committee in June after at one point denying that she had ever accepted the [invitation].


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20 responses to “Wit vs. Half-Wit

  1. I wish all of her speaking engagements were strictly off the record.

  2. Wait til she figures out she can’t bar the media from this one…

  3. Barney “What planet do you live on” Frank & the Queen of Quitting together?

    Oh that’s a laugh riot in & of itself.

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  5. This is even weirder than Alan Grayson and Ron Paul both favoring auditing the Federal Reserve. Now, that’s an odd couple!

  6. i wonder if she is going to dump copies of her book on the unsuspecting crowd…

    sadly barney will be on his best behavior – the deference showed this woman is sickening

  7. KarenZipdrive

    I heard some guy hurled a tomato at her and got arrested. Though I think it was rude, I wish he’d have hurled something with a little more oomph.
    Like a small, poisonous dart.

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