So much for that whole “southern gentleman” thing

From The Advocate:

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu said Friday that she is not dwelling on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s silence on the derogatory remarks leveled against her by some of his supporters.

Jindal initially publicly defended Landrieu, D-La., but that changed after conservative heavyweights began bashing her for money she got for Louisiana before voting on the controversial health-care bill.

The governor, a Republican, has refused to field media questions about whether it was inappropriate for conservatives to characterize Landrieu as a prostitute.

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Landrieu said Friday that she wishes Jindal would be more robust in his defense of her.


When asked Friday to specifically address conservative commentators calling Landrieu a prostitute, Jindal issued a statement in which he said he would refuse to join in any criticism of the state’s congressional delegation. He does not mention Landrieu by name.

Jindal, who last held a news conference Nov. 4 in Baton Rouge and has not returned more than a dozen calls from reporters the past two weeks, also said in the prepared statement: “The bill is awful, but I won’t criticize our congressional delegation for fighting to correct the flawed Medicaid formula that will unfairly cost our state hundreds of millions of dollars in health-care funding if not quickly corrected.”


Conservative commentators last week called Landrieu a prostitute for voting to allow debate on the controversial health-insurance bill after securing up to $300 million in the measure to offset losses for Louisiana’s Medicaid program.

Landrieu had been undecided on the health-care measure, which was cleared for debate Nov. 21 without a vote to spare.

In the next few days, Republican Party officials in Louisiana and nationally criticized Landrieu. Fox television talk show host Glenn Beck and conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh called Landrieu a prostitute.

“So we know you’re hookin’, but you’re just not cheap,” Beck said on his Fox News program.

Limbaugh called Landrieu the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitution.


The hole in the Medicaid funding is caused by the way the federal government calculates how much money it gives a state to treat the poor and uninsured.

Hurricane Katrina increased the state’s income, largely through insurance payments for storm damage. The temporary spike was factored into the formula, leading to an expected drop in the amount of money the federal government will pay into the state’s Medicaid program.

The state is expected to pick up more of the cost — in the neighborhood of $500 million — despite already deep budget shortfalls.

Jindal had asked Louisiana’s nine-member congressional delegation — seven of whom are Republicans — to help with the problem.


Landrieu’s proposed changes were attached to legislation that would overhaul the nation’s health-care system, a bill which Jindal and most Republicans oppose.

Landrieu said she has not decided whether to support the Senate Democrats’ health bill on final approval. She is on record as opposed to the “public option” portion to provide government-run insurance.


Jindal supported her after the Medicaid money was attached to the bill but before she announced Nov. 21 that she would vote to allow debate.

And where is Diaper David Vitter in all this? Of all the politicians in Louisiana, I think he’s the one who can definitively say whether or not Mary is a prostitute.


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16 responses to “So much for that whole “southern gentleman” thing

  1. These same two SOB’s, and the lap-dog Hannity, were up in arms about someone calling a lobbyist a “K-street whore” a couple months ago.

    You see what their principles are?

    No, me neither.

    • the only standards in d.c. are double ones. everyone huffs and puffs over things they do or say themselves. that said, is it really that difficult for little bobby to say that little mary is not a prostitute and that people should start acting like adults instead of adolescent name-callers (that’s my job!)? it’s the chivalrous thing to do, and it would put all the questions to an end. instead, he’s encouraging reporters and talking heads to keep the story going.

      • That, and Jindal doesn’t have the ba- … uhhh, … guts to go up against Limbaugh and Beck. Even if he does think that it’s out of line, he isn’t going to risk making them angry.

        • i’m trying to figure out if rushbo and glenn blechh are the pimps, and the rethugs the prostitutes, or the other way around. i guess it’s the former, because the rethugs are scared stiff of them. however, rushbo and blechhhh are ratings whores, so there’s that.

  2. you know they are members of the same club – even the dems – that is why we have the govt we have. landrieu – what morals! — she was against the public option until reid bribed her.

    at least she was upfront about her lack of ethics

  3. writechic

    I confess when I saw the deal with Landrieu, my exact thought was, “she can be bought!” and I cheered a little on the inside. I’d wheel and deal for Louisiana. (Grew up there.)

    Of course, I’d never oppose a health care public option or pretend like my constituents were businesses instead of the human beings (and that whore has. 😉 )

  4. Now, isn’t that the perfect already existing double feature–Louisiana Gal and Battle of Greed. You didn’t have to mess with the titles at all!

    As for Limbaugh calling Landrieu a prostitute, Mr. busted for Viagra should know.

    Finally, whose face in on the button Kenneth the Page is wearing?

    • neon vincent,

      sometimes i luck out and find a movie that has just the right title. with this one, it had 2. i must have stepped in poop or something.

      i’m sure mr. viagra can recognize prostitutes, but maybe not those who are of age and female.

      kenneth is wearing bobby the page. 😉

  5. If Ms. Landrieu is truly a prostitute, what can I get for $37.12? Oh, I could also throw in a few cans of green beans if it will help seal the deal.