Hysterical Raisins, the Movie

Kids, this is so exciting! Put on your tuxes and gowns. We’re going to a movie premiere!

One of my best blog buddies, Distributorcap, gave me a present for the 1,000 postiversary of the Raisin. He sent it to me, and knowing I was unable to post it here without shelling out 60 bucks for an upgrade, he went to the trouble of posting it to Youtube so I could share it with all the Raisinettes. He had to change the song to get through the Youtube customs office, and it’s not as sharp as the wonderful original he sent me, but I love it, and I hope you will, too. Before we get to the film, though, let’s check out the activity at the premiere.

Original image

Here’s Raisin on the red carpet. Mighty Mikk0mouse flew in for the big event. Raisin is a little cranky, because Joan and Melissa Rivers are fighting over who gets to interview him, and they both keep screaming at him about who he’s wearing.

Original image

And now, kids, grab your popcorn and soda, and get comfy. It’s time for Hysterical Raisins, the Movie!

Don’t forget to click over to DcAp’s place and show him some love!

Original image


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27 responses to “Hysterical Raisins, the Movie

  1. Friend of the court

    that is really impressive. Both nonnie’s production and DC’s presentation. Bravo!!!! I hear Oscar talk.

  2. Friend of the court

    good idea. Will you be madly busy on the coctail party circut this spring?

  3. KarenZipdrive

    D-Cap is a wonderful guy who could charm a cat off a fish truck.

    • he sure is, and he knows where all the best pizza places are, too. i wonder why he hasn’t stopped by yet. the photographers are waiting for him on the red carpet. i wonder who he’ll be wearing.

  4. Now that’s a highlight reel – nice to see the works in one place like that. Over 200 pieces in that video alone – Congratulations, Nonnie.


  5. My wife and I give the video two thumbs up!

  6. Nonnie of Hysterical Raisins “Covers” all the news…
    fit to blog.

    Keep ’em coming- because if we could not laugh, we would go insane!

  7. no applause necessary, just send money
    looks good – the posters i used were just all of them since June —
    and i had fun doing this for you

    you have an amazing body of body of work there!

    and my pleasure

  8. Encore, Encore!! πŸ™‚

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