The Same Old Song

Hey kids, I’m still feeling lousy, but I wanted to post something. I dusted this off, because it stars three senators i detest–Captain Underpants, Lindseypoo, and Joe McLiebercain (now a/k/a Joe Liebermouse). It was originally posted over at Amercian Street on April 9. 2008. Make sure to wash your hands after reading it so you don’t catch the cooties!

The Same Old Song

Hiya, kids! Did you watch the Petraeus/Crocker hearings yesterday? Me, too. Well, I watched part of it. How long do you have to listen to realize that they were saying nothing new? Well, I don’t know about you, kids, but when I get fed up with the world, I listen to music. A confession here–I am not a music aficionado. I couldn’t tell you who sang what song when, with one exception–I played my CD of the Singing Senators until it wore out. I am broken-hearted that they disbanded so abruptly. Without my Singing Senators CD, I had to look for something else to listen to. Well, guess what! There are some brand new singing senators, and they sing in so many different genres! Follow me, kids, and I will show you my new musical collection…..

If you thought The Kingston Trio was good, wait ’til you hear these guys!

In the ’60’s, there was a duet, not a trio. The pop duo’s most popular hit was I Got You, Babe, and you better believe that they still got each other!

Along the way, the duet picked up a third soulmate, and they formed a simple folk group….

They began to branch out. They tried country….

….but they quickly got bored. With new vigor and a new look, what could be better than New Wave/Pop….

….after that, they reworked the band from AA to ZZ, and they tried their hand at hard headed dumb as a rock…

As though all that was not rockin’ enough, I just got their latest CD, and it’s awesome! Who could have thought they would be able to handle Heavy Metal (no, sillies, not lead–that’s a different kind of heavy metal, the stuff China puts in kids’ toys!). They even let their best friend sit in with the band!

Wow! That’s quite a motley crew!!

What kind of music do you like?


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5 responses to “The Same Old Song

  1. writechic

    It burns!!!!!

    (Happy Birthday!)

  2. I can’t believe it, Nonnie. You had a chance to dress Lindsey-poo in drag and passed it up!

  3. Well, wel, well, not sleeping and only working finally caught up to ya huh? Have some nice chicken soup and turn in! Those asshat chumps will still be with us to kick around tomorrow. You get betta.

  4. Well, klezmer is often quite nice.


  5. Ahem, we’re gonna need to see a union card from you jokers…………Happy Bday, get well!