Where Thinking Goes to Tank


The George W. Bush Institute — the “action- oriented think tank” that is part of Bush’s Presidential Center — will co-produce a public television show hosted by its executive director, Ambassador James Glassman, in a rare convergence of public broadcasting and a partisan research organization.

“Ideas in Action” will premiere in February and will be co-produced by Andrew Walworth, who produces PBS’s “Think Tank.”

Because we all know how Chimpy always surrounds himself with geniuses.

Original DVD cover

(I think I know where Douglas Feith, Dana Perino, Alberto Gonzales, and Chimpy got their ice cream)

Glassman, the former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy under President Bush [there was public diplomacy under Chimpy? 😯 ] and one-time moderator of CNN’s “Capital Gang Sunday,” will lead a discussion on public policy issues in front of a live audience at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He will remain executive director of the Institute.

The show will be distributed by Executive Program Services (EPS) to public television stations nationwide, including many PBS affiliates.


Glassman told the Huffington Post that they’ve filmed two episodes of the new show, “Ideas in Action,” thus far. [Then they ran out of thinkin’.]

The first episode, a discussion on pay for performance in education [there should have been a pay for performance when Chimpy and his gang were in the White House], includes one panelist from the George W. Bush Institute and panelists from the Economic Policy Institute and the Progressive Policy Institute.


The Bush Institute has a special focus on education policy — along with economic growth, global health, human freedom and a women’s initative [because the Chimpy administration did such a bang-up job in those areas]– but Glassman said the shows will tackle other topics as well. The second episode, for instance, highlights the use of online tools by dissident groups, such as those active in Iran.

It is questionable to say the least for a public television station to air a show produced and moderated by the George W. Bush Institute; one could easily imagine a conservative uproar if a similar show were produced by, say, the Clinton Foundation. [Conservative uproar? Try plundering and pillaging in the streets!]

But Walworth cautioned not to jump to conclusions about the show based on the Institute’s involvement.


“The proof will be in the pudding,” he said. “When you see the shows, they’re balanced, they’re fair and Jim’s got a long track record on TV. I’ve been in this business for 25 years, I’ve had many talk shows on PBS. I think the proof will be in the pudding [Condi Rice pudding? I think I’ll pass. It’ll probably be oily].”

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28 responses to “Where Thinking Goes to Tank

  1. “Ideas in action”–the irony is killing me.

  2. writechic

    Omg, if Clinton did this through public television, they’d be crying “socialist run,” propaganda tv.

    Okay, they probably wouldn’t say propaganda cuz it’s a pretty big word, but you get the point.

    • the rethugs have no respect for public television whatsoever, but that won’t stop them from trying to take it over. if clinton dared to do this, there would teabags flying all over the place.

  3. Friend of the court

    I believe that bush would be happier with a fish tank.

  4. I’d be happier with Bush in the fish tank.
    Best of the holidays to you and yours, Nonnie.


  5. I was going to say he’s the one that wanted to cut PBS funding, now that’s the only outlet that would let him broadcast his stuff?

    I would only watch it to mock it.

    Happy Holidays to you Ms. Raisin!

    Peace on Earth (and in space)…. & all that good stuff.

  6. Our local PBS station is know for things like saving the Monty Python library from being wiped by showing first US distributed shows in 1975 and developing the hour long format of Newsroom with Jim Leher that eventually evolved into McNeil-Leher News Hour. Don’t think the guys at KERA are crazy about Monkeytime TV. SMU regents are very angry about him disgracing the Methodist faith. Locals were fenageled out of land and residences to build this travesty to learning. The Imperial Decrees signed years ago say quite clearly that no material or research will be allowed EVER. And SMU is even less enthusiastic about the right wing propaganda center. Meanwhile, the Chuckler himself resides comfortably over in Highland Park with the street closed off and a platoon of Dallas cops constantly guarding him. He only comes out when someone gives him money to speak. As Chico Marx would ask: “How much not to speak”.

    • i remember reading that a lot of smu professors were really angry about having the liberry there.

      if that collection for chimpy not speaking is ever taken up, let me know. i’d be happy to contribute if it meant never hearing his voice again.

  7. mary b


    where do you find this shit? You must read everything in sight! I know I do, read everything in sight that is, but I haven’t come across this crap until you unearthed it.

    Bravo to you!

    You think anyone not connected to this program will watch it?

    • very often, i find stuff purely by accident. i’ll be googling something else, click on a link that leads to another link, etc. you can find some interesting crap that way. the same thing when i’m looking for movies to use. it’s such a rush when you just happen to find something that works perfectly.

  8. i wonder if Dana Perino will be terrorist expert? maybe your troll CJ will spend his time spanking his monkey to Chimpy Think Tank shows

    • they should scrap this idea and think about appearing on the home shopping network instead. deadeye dick can hawk old halliburton crap, rummy can sell pharmaceuticals, and condi can be the shoe expert.

  9. Important FREDO trivia…Back in the old days before doing the USAG job of approving torture, dismissing “quaint relic” conventions and green lighting graft in general, Gonzales was Texas AG. It was his office getting in on the big tobacco lawsuit bandwagon to rectify the evil ciggies. At this time many states had reached settlements with big payouts. Well, the Big A put a dozen of his closest cronies on the case maybe involving two weeks worth of legal assistants doing cut-and-paste of the settled cases. Then it is quickly announced that a deal has been done and the case won’t go to court. Amount mentioned in the $20 billion range. And here’s the good part. The AG of the State of Texas says that “of course, standard legal fees will be applied” to those hard working friends of Fredo. Each lawyer will be paid $800,000,000.00 for all that hard, hard work!!!….There is no mention of any of this on the official state website and near as anyone can figure the money went into the general fund and disappeared. The only thing the State of Texas has done is double the price of tobacco last April……and the moral of the story Nonnie…..He was a super weasel years before the country knew who he was.

    • no breaking news that al fredo is a weasel. what’s hilarious is that all of his friends got rich, and he couldn’t even find a job! πŸ˜†