Goodbye 2009!

To the tune of My Favorite Things (music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II):

Birthers and Deathers, and all kinds of crazy,
A Twitterer quits, ’cause she’s just too damned lazy,
Rescuing banks ’cause they’re too big to fail,
Tales about the Appalachian trail.

Michele Bachmann’s nuts, at least that’s the consensus,
She thinks Steele’s da man, and won’t fill out the census,
Barbie turned 50, does not look her age,
Jindal’s mistaken for Kenneth the Page.

Fox News and radio hosts get so flustered,
They found out Obama likes burgers with mustard,
Snarling Liz Cheney is so filled with hate,
And a woman’s so fertile, she gave birth to eight.

Grab a teabag,
Have a party,
Go on,  act like jerks,
Dick Armey is back, and he’s running the show,
All paid for by Freedomworks!

Blue Dogs on health care say yes, no, and maybe,
Shadegg’s ventriloquist act with a baby,
Pawlenty goes hunting, and he wounds a deer,
Obama and Crowley and Gates have a beer.

Tiger screws everyone, ‘cept for his caddy,
While John Ensign‘s mistress gets paid by his daddy,
Renters on C Street pretend they’re all chaste,
And Roy Blunt knows where to get your hip replaced.

Saying that gay people never should marry,
Spells the demise of a bimbo named Carrie,
Cynthia Davis thinks Mickey D’s fine,
All this shit happened in Two Thousand Nine.

But it’s over,
And it’s hist’ry,
It won’t come again,
Let’s all cross our fingers, and hope for the best
Now that it’s Two Thousand Ten!


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26 responses to “Goodbye 2009!

  1. happy new year to all the raisinettes. wishing you a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous new year–you know, all of your favorite things! 😉 mmmwwahhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Bravo!
    Wonderful, lyrical lyrics
    Really, just fine
    A fantastic way to end 2009!

  3. jenn/jlms qkw

    you rock! all those republicans and teapartiers are driving me nuts! thanks for making it entertaining and helping us laugh at them.

    • hey! it’s officially the new year where you are, so i can officially wish you a happy one, jenn! the rethugs and teabaggers piss me off, too, so i laugh at them. it’s what they deserve.

  4. thanks for all you do!
    to a better 2010

  5. You know, I’m reading this right after listening to the Capitol Steps’ New Years show … keeping the laughs coming!

    Very well done.

  6. Friend of the court

    Happy New Year and Decade, nonnie. I like the yearly round-ups even better than the parade of the flower floats.

    • back atcha, fotc! this was actually a last minute desperation song. i couldn’t think of what to do or a song to use. i finally decided on this one at around 1 in the morning and just went with it.

  7. Very clever and a great way to close out the year! Happy 2010 Nons!!

  8. Happy New Year! May this year be as rich in comedy as last years. Of course, it’s an election year, so I don’t have to worry!

    • happy new year, neon vincent, to you and to inspired and your daughters. i suspect this year will be a comedy goldmine, if only because it’s an election year.

  9. JaxDem

    Your movie poster work is brilliant and as a lyricist you’re quite swell.
    But sadly, dear nonnie the music needs
    more cow bell….


    Happy New Year and here’s a toast for a hellava better decade than the last.

    Thanks and much appreciation for all the hours you devote to this fine work that brings us such good laughs. 😀

    • dammit! 😡 i took out some cowbell right before i posted! i won’t second-guess myself next year. 😉

      happy new year, jaxdem. thanks and much appreciation for laughing at my nonsense!

  10. A happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours, Nonnie.


  11. Happy New Year, a day late as usual. May this year be your funniest yet!

  12. mary b

    That was fantastic! Once again, you have outdone….Yourself!!

    This one is an instant classic. Thank you for the first laugh of the New Year!
    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to You, Ms. Nonnie! May 2010 be a great year for us all!

    • thank you, mary b! so glad you liked it. i wish you the same for the new year. let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s better than the past decade. 😀

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