2010: Year of the Tiger


Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) is challenging former Vice President Dick Cheney to a debate about his most recent security criticisms of the Obama administration.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Ed Show” Wednesday night, Massa said he’s had enough of former Vice President Cheney “kicking us in the shins.”

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“I don’t want the president being diverted from his mission on this, having to deal with Dick Cheney. I want Dick Cheney debate me, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. And let’s see how he stands up to the truth,” Massa said.


The New York Democrat said his party needs to be more forceful in responding to Cheney’s occasional barbs at the president.

“This man suffers from a horrible case of political Tourette’s, and it’s about time that we stand up and kick right back,” he said.


On MSNBC yesterday, Massa responded to Cheney’s statement to Politico, which criticized President Obama’s response to the Flight 253 incident and accused the president of “trying to pretend we are not at war.”


He also referenced Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who has generated some controversy for holding up Obama’s nomination to head the TSA [Transportation Security Administration]:

People like Jim DeMint, and people like Dick Cheney, need to go away so we can solve the problems that they’ve created.

Massa also said of Cheney: “It makes no difference what we do. This man suffers from political diarrhea of the mouth.”

He continued: “For the Republicans to come out swinging and make this a political issue is the height of absolute arrogance and the depth of incompetence.”



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23 responses to “2010: Year of the Tiger

  1. i wasn’t going to post tonight, but i kept thinking about this and decided an hour ago to slap something together.

  2. As recently as last year, wasn’t it treason to criticize the President during a time of war?

    Wasn’t it treason to accuse the President of being a clueless clod who was fighting the wrong enemies?

    Can we stick Cheney in Guantanamo Bay now?

    • silly wickle, the law doesn’t apply to rethuglicans.

    • hadenough

      It isn’t treason if it is true! What has he done except give very eloquent speeches? Has he started any successful business? Has he saved anyone’s life? Has he put out any fires? He is a child of privilege who has pulled the wool over the eyes of the poor and disadvantaged his whole life for self gain. When are you going to wake up!

      • mary b

        You are talking about Cheney, right? Because Cheney AND his little boy Bush have ripped off the wealthy and the poor alike their entire lives.
        Go get yourself a copy of the book, “Shrub” by Molly Ivins. It’s easy reading and full of facts. Maybe it will help you to understand what Cheney’s motive for all the bullshit is. Power and money. I hate to give Bush any kind of credit but at least he is keeping his opinions to himself (partly, anyway).

        To you, Nonnie,

        Love the poster!! Maybe it will come true?

        “Massa also said of Cheney: “It makes no difference what we do. This man suffers from political diarrhea of the mouth.”

        He continued: “For the Republicans to come out swinging and make this a political issue is the height of absolute arrogance and the depth of incompetence.””

        Finally, someone has tried to start to fight back instead of ignoring them, thinking they’ll just go away. They should have learned by now(the Dems), that ignoring them (the rethugs)only empowers them. Although, it does make them say more and more ridiculous shit, doesn’t it?

        • don’t let the trolls aggravate you, mary. i just ignore them. let them have their old tired rants. they just want attention, and i won’t give them any. they aren’t funny or interesting or entertaining enough.

  3. carl rodgers

    The damocrats should all go on an extended vacation. The nation is a safer place when the congress is on vacation

  4. hadenough

    Can the dumbocrats get a clue? They are the party of people who sit in the shadows a bite at the feet of real men. Marines, SEALs, and Special Forces who give them the freedom to criticize and live comfortably here. The majority of the dumbocrats are on government subsidies and assistance while the rest of the country slaves away to be told they are not giving enough!! Enough! If you don’t contibute, you shouldn’t have a say. Once you are off assistance, I welcome you to create policy and have an equal voice. I know that once you have to give your hard earned dollars to lazy, entitlement mentality people, you will see the errors of the dumbocrats!

    • Friend of the court

      horse feathers.

      • don’t let the idiot bother you, fotc. if s/he listened to anyone other than glenn blechhh or rushbo (those are real men, huh? 😆 ), s/he would realize that eric massa served in the navy for 24 years and is the son of a career navy man. idiots don’t allow facts to get in their way, so don’t bother trying to reason with them. just ignore them, and they’ll go away.

  5. The Dark Father is like the pro golfer. You always try to improve your lie. And just like the country club set that is his political base, he’s not adverse to cutting a hole in his pocket to drop a ball on the green.

  6. JaxDem

    Geez nonnie, aren’t you special and important to have your own – very own live hate mail apalooza!!!???!!!

    Ya know you’ve made it to the big time when the morans find you and harass you. Congratulations…I am soooo jealous.

  7. Deadeye Dick has a lot of nerve– after all those years of being holed up in his cave of undisclosed location, never speaking up or out on anything, but cutting secret deals behind closed doors.
    Dick had to come out every now & again to attend fat cat fundraisers…. but please- the nerve to now be Mr. Outspoken & critic when he spent those years, hidden like a snake, can do us a favor & STFU.

    Jeez Obama has BOTH of Cheney’s wars still going & that’s not enough to appease him

    We need more terror & fear? No.

    I like this Massa guy & really like his “political diarrhea of the mouth” remark.

    Just don’t go hunting w Cheney (re the anytime, anywhere challenge).

    • i hope the other dems learn a lesson from grayson, massa, and anthony weiner. don’t allow the rethugs to get away with all the crap they’re spewing. speak the truth, don’t cower, and when you get shit thrown at you, throw more back.

  8. jeb

    The only thing I want to hear from Deadeye is sworn testimony.

    • it would be just another rendition of the chimpy administration i don’t recall chorus while lynne and his ugly daughters sat behind him, smirking. he wouldn’t even have enough class to squirm in his seat or look uncomfortable. i would rather never hear from him again.