It’ll take a sorcerer to repair this guy’s image


Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Rock-star wife/TV personality Sharon Osbourne. Pro wrestler/actor Goldberg. Comic Sinbad.

Toss in a couple of former athletes, Australian TV chef Curtis Stone and Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, and you have most of the season 3 cast of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Why, that’s Fantasia…I mean, fantastic!

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Donald Trump looks better, doesn’t he? I think he’s finally done something with his hair.

Donald Trump boasted that the upcoming season is the best ever and promised the star power of its cast “blows ‘Dancing With the Stars’ away.”

The show won’t debut till March 14 but threw an introductory news conference in October, with sworn-to-secrecy reporters meeting the contenders.


Maybe the most “interesting” (to use Trump’s pet adjective) is Blagojevich, booted from office a year ago and awaiting trial. Vaulted to infamy by headlines and punch lines, he’s charged with scheming to sell an appointment to fill President Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat, fund-raising abuses and other crimes.

Blagojevich “continues to receive offers and opportunities, most of which he turns down because they are not the right fit,” his spokesman said.

“The conventional thinking among a lot of traditional lawyers is that you simply don’t do these things, you don’t say anything, you hide somewhere until you have your day in court,” said Blagojevich last fall.

By contrast, his instinct is “to fight back,” he explained, which maybe helps account for his participation on the show.

“It’s a wilderness period for me,” Blagojevich acknowledged. “But sometimes real opportunities develop in your life’s journey that you can’t really see when you’re facing tumultuous times and the kind of storm that I’m facing.”


Blagojevich’s charity: the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa. It got $10,000 from his wife Patti Blagojevich’s participation in the ABC reality show “I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me out of Here!” It took that money after two other charities passed.

“Being in Tampa, Florida, we’re not really aware of what’s going on in Chicago,” spokeswoman Shannon Hannon Oliveiro said. “He hasn’t been proven guilty yet.”


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20 responses to “It’ll take a sorcerer to repair this guy’s image

  1. writechic

    OMG, I love this. I can’t stand Trump, and yes, you have improved his hair. You are obviously a goddess posing as a writer.

    So, as a goddess, school me. Blagojevich pretty much seems like a total scoundrel and a cad, but he makes me laugh. How do I keep objectivity?

  2. Its amazing what passes for intertainment on the tube. Blago can score points with the Donald teaching him how to use gold and intercouse in a sentence. Goldberg? What, Nature Boy Rick Fleer wasn’t available? Should do a series with nothing but has been raslers. I’d love to see The Texas Rattlesnake throw him through a window. Oh, and a heads up. Going to need a Sheriff Joe poster real soon!

    • the apprentice is all about making money. what’s blago going to sell? he doesn’t have any more senate seats, and i doubt he has too many people who want to admit he’s their buddy on national tv. that doesn’t matter though. the donald will keep finding excuses to keep him and get rid of the others.

      p.s. just did a sheriff joe poster a little while ago.

  3. mary b

    Who knew that if your a rich white cracker who gets indicted you can always go on the TeeVee machine and make some money?

    The networks should give a poor slob a chance. They should do a reality show and pick some brown, black and white people on parole and give them a chance to start over! (LOL)

    • they don’t get to keep the money. it goes to charity. the whole premise of the show is stupid. it all comes down to who knows the most rich people and can squeeze them for enough money. it’s really just an hour-long commercial for one of trump’s hotels or golf courses or whatever.

  4. KarenZipdrive

    Blago on The Apprentice?
    Prepare the shark for jumping!